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I thought we could maybe re write Mockingjay so that Prim never died. Let's write it from Prim's point of view--her life story beginning from when she is one of the child guards outside the presidential building during the uprising...

My heart flutters about as I nervously push the loose fabric of my blouse into my skirt.
Katniss's words echo in my head, like she said it only yesterday: "Tuck your tail in, Little Duck." Tears form in my eyes and drip down my cheeks. Where is she? I wish she was here with me, holding my hand and singing old lullabies to me. But she's probably somewhere else, saving the rebels and fighting.
"Katniss..." I mutter, barely heard over the whimpers and drone of the constant noise from the other kids surrounding me. A boy next to me is wheezing and coughing. If Mom was here, she could help me. She'd find a way to fix his cough.
I look up at the sky, just in time too.
Two hovercrafts hover over us and drop little packages... parachutes. My heart fills with excitement as I stretch my arms up to the nearest one, which isn't very close. But before I catch it, someone else catches another and a loud BOOM makes me jump back. Near the center, smoke rises up and there's a large crater and dead bodies everywhere. They exploded. I search around frantically, desperately searching for some kind of escape. Bodies start to push at me, lost in their own weak attempts to get away. I turn my head and look at the gates. A way down the street, I see a familiar brown plait and a pair holding bows and arrows. She looks at me, mouth open, forming a 'P' with her mouth.
"Kat-!" A loud explosion pushes me back, knocking the wind out of me.
I blearily open my eyes and balance on my elbows, looking around vaguely for the great gates. I spot them, though fuzzy, and make a clumsy, frightened start. The guards had scattered, covering their heads and searching for shelter from the flying shrapnel. The gates are so close, I grab their wrought iron pillars and pull myself forward.
I haven't eaten properly in days. It's almost fortunate, It means I can slip through the bars. With effort and fear, I break from the gate but the force field burns my hand a few feet later.

Katrina its good but prim wasnt in with the kids she was outside of it and when only half the packages exsploded she went in to help the ones that were hurt and then thats when the rest of the packages exsploded thats when she dies

Katrina and there was no force field

Katrina ur pretty good at writing from prims point of veiw

Jack I like it

Erica not bad.
you should go to and write your stories there.

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mal Wow this is really good!! I liked that it was from Prim's point of view. Your should write your own book someday :)

Kelsey Jack wrote: "I like it"
Just like it?

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Thanks for your comments:)
Feel free to add some story- sorry if I got some facts wrong!

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Jack Kelsey wrote: "Jack wrote: "I like it"
Just like it?"
I enjoy this a lot, there.

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