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This has the words Superman, Batman AND Apocalypse in it...its bloody amazing!

message 2: by Serena (new)

Serena Just gonna say the bromance between Batman and Superman...?

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Serena Supergirl?

message 5: by Serena (new)

Serena Well there is also Kypto super dog :p

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message 7: by Serena (new)

Serena ....you know I always wondered why there was no super cat....what would you name it...?

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Don't know...never thought of that...

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Really?! O.o

message 10: by rabiosas (new)

rabiosas (makingbaconpancakes) | 360 comments LOL.....Wonder Woman and Barda were BA in this! They totally handed the Furies' a**es to them!! XD

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

LOL!!!!!! Awesome!
And meh, you can swear!

message 12: by rabiosas (new)

rabiosas (makingbaconpancakes) | 360 comments YAY! but what's about the extreme ones like b*tch, f*ck and sh*t? Anyway Granny Goodness looked like a complete male rapist trying to pass off as a female!! It freaked me out O_O

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Bitch isn't technically a swear word, I don't mind about shit, and with f*ck, I think it needs to be '*'-ed out...

And wow...you remind me of a friend...

message 14: by rabiosas (new)

rabiosas (makingbaconpancakes) | 360 comments Oh ok.....so the only want us to censor is f*ck right??

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

ZatannaZ wrote: "Oh ok.....so the only want us to censor is f*ck right??"

Yep! If that's ok with you.

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Faith wrote: "Lol i only use the word when i'm sad and really angery"

Me too...or if I'm having a rant.

message 17: by rabiosas (new)

rabiosas (makingbaconpancakes) | 360 comments LOL me too..... used it when explaining my rant ON THE FAC THAT YJ IS GOINGNON ANOTHER HIATUS AND THATS WHY WE ALL SAW F*CKING DRAGONS WHEN WE TURNED ON OUR MOTHERF*CKING TV'S AND THIS JUST DOEN'T MAKE ANY F*CKING SENSE I MEAN THEY ALREADY MADE US WAIT 3 MONTHS AND THEN HERE THEY COME AND DUMP HIATUS ON US LIKE, WTF!!?! GAAHHH!! *throws wheelchair* *breathes in deeply for 5 minutes* uhhh......hmmm....umm..ok I think I'm ok now....

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rabiosas (makingbaconpancakes) | 360 comments No.....what channel is it on?

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Faith wrote: "have u guys ever seen generator rex before?
it's ba"

I LOVE GENERATOR REX!!!!!!! Not as much as YJ...*sings* make way and start a revolution, make way we're gonna have fun tonight, make way and start a revolution, SO MAKE WAY!

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Ummm...Teen Titans theme tune? YJ tune? Songs from Mulan/Tarzan?

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Oh! Lol!

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No, I'm ill :P

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*pudding explodes in Faith's stomach*

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Now that's just weird.

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I don't like him.

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I watched The Avengers cartoon with my brother, I think that made me dislike all the characters

message 38: by Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box, The other Mod (new)

Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (themadmanwithabox) | 298 comments Mod
True, and have you seen the green lantern crap on CN???? I freakin hate SGI animation it looks so weird. Oh and "Beware the Batman" is SGI animated too, and Alfred Pennyworth is a retired spy -_- (in the comics he is a retired actor and in the Intelligence Agency, it is kind of like a spy but not exactly. He joined the Wayne family as their butler because his father asked him to as his final death wish to carry on the family legacy to serve the Wayne) Oh and also "Beware the Batman" has "new and improved" villains?!?! NO MORE INSANITY WITH THE JOKER, NO MORE CHILLS WITH MR. FREEZE, NO MORE PURE DESTRUCTION WITH BANE...ETC. :'(

So they let my hopes down with the SGI animation and the new villains in "Beware the Batman". I'm just gonna have to wait until another Batman series arrives. Oh and BTW have you read The Dark Knight Returns? It's a new comic about Batman returning to the Superhero business after retirement.

Batman beats the f*ck out of Superman, I won't tell you because I might spoil the twist

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rabiosas (makingbaconpancakes) | 360 comments I'm still going to give it a chance, at least -.-

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Ok, I'll try...

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rabiosas (makingbaconpancakes) | 360 comments Good for you,Arty :D

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But I'd probably have to watch it online.

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