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John (johnpsauter) | 168 comments Mod
For those of you who enjoy audio books or ebooks, here is a blog link to 22 free professionally narrated classic audio books. Amazon is featuring their new Immersion Reading and Whispersync options for Audible books, as part of their next generation Kindle Fires. However, you don't need one to access the free books.

If you first purchase the free kindle ebook, you can then purchase the professionally narrated audio book for free. Just hit the back button after purchasing the ebook or click professional narration if you already own it to purchase them for free on which also uses your Amazon ID (Caution: be sure to avoid signing up for the Audible free trial as that turns into a paid service).

I know that not everyone is interested in audio books or ebooks, but I figured it might be relevant to to the discussion of classics.

Here is the direct link to Amazon.

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John (johnpsauter) | 168 comments Mod
Here are some additional links that I posted in the ebook post.


Librivox (Classics read by volunteers, Free)

Books Should Be Free (most links to Librivox books, more visual interface).

Audible (avoid signing up for the subscription service)

Audible Daily Deal
There is no good link, but if you are logged into amazon or audible (same account) you can see it on the homepage.

Whispersync Books – (Buy the book, get the audiobook for free/cheaper).


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