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In Her Eyes (Burn & Chaos)
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Sexy, violent, forbbiden love. What else do you need?

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T.R. Jones (trjones) | 1 comments Hello, I am T.R. Jones and I have written a novel called In Her Eyes. I usually write straight thrillers, horror, and mystery, but I kept finding that all of the lesbian "thrillers" that I came across were really phoning it in on the thrilling aspect of the story. So I picked up my pen (proverbial pen, these days it's all keyboards and coffee), and I came up with a fantastic story of lesbian adventure. It has gotten mixed reviews. Most people love the book, but a few hate it. They seemed to be confused over what a "thriller" is and demanded romance. In any case if you would like to make it your book of the month I would be happy to warn you guys of when it will be cheaper. All I ask is that your remember that it is a thriller, it gets violent, and that I've never written a romance in my life and may never ever start. Cheers. Link below


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Thanks T.R sounds good.

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T (tessa_) I have had that book as a sample downloaded, but haven't gotten to check it out yet. I will now, it looks really interesting! Good job T.R. at trying your hand at the thriller plus romance!

Michelle Holmes I read it in a day. it was pretty good I even cried. by way you should totally write faster.

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Jenny | 14 comments Just bought it. Sounds interesting

Tyana Jones | 1 comments Thanks for the encouragement guys. Unfortunately I can't write faster. I have that silly day job to contend with. However I have published two more installments.
You can find book II, Gun Happy Burn here; http://www.amazon.com/Gun-Happy-Burn-...
and Pagan Love and Trouble here:

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