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♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments Lorice walked in still holding the rifle.

message 3: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments Adabelle came in carrying Andrea.

message 4: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "What are we doing back at the estate?" Andrea asked while being carried in by Adabelle

message 5: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "So you can rest." Adabelle carefully laid her onto one of the infirmary beds. "Claudia should be here soon."

message 6: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "I'm fine look" she said as she slowly and carefully pulled back her makeshift bandaid to show the hole in her wings almost completely closed

message 7: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "Rest." Adabelle said without any hesitation.

message 8: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) Andrea sighed and took out her new iPhone she had just gotten a couple days ago and started playing Temple Run

message 9: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "Nice iPhone."

message 10: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "Thanks" she said smiling "I haven't really used it but when I have to sit and do nothing it comes in handy"

message 11: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "Good point."

message 12: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "How long do I have to be here for because I really want to help find Joshua"

message 13: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "As long as needed. Joshua can handle himself"

message 14: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) Andrea sighed then she looked up in a daze "They are coming. They are coming to destroy us ...all of us. Beware for this is only the beginning" she shivered and blinked a few times "What we're we talking about?"

message 15: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "Nothing much"

message 16: by Athena (new)

Athena (athena01) | 67 comments Kaden strolls in, "whats going on in here?" He says taking a look around.

message 17: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "I'm not sure anymore" Andrea said frowning

message 18: by Athena (new)

Athena (athena01) | 67 comments Kaden wonders whether he should be concerned, but senseing no immediate danger, "Is the doc around?"

message 19: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) Andrea shrugged then took off the make-shift bandage she had on and hopped down from where she was sitting. As her feet hit the floor she realized that she had gotten up too fast and stumbled

message 20: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments Adabelle caught her. Then she turned to Kaden. "How did you get on the estate's grounds?"

message 21: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "I'm fine now" she said going towards the counter to look for a long bandage and the ingredients to make her mom's special poltice then put it on her wing, wrapped it up, and said a quick spell

message 22: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "Okay, but you have to stay on campus."

message 23: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "I can help search now, though" she said looking at Adabelle pleadingly

message 24: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "We aren't searching anymore. We all forgot that it's Joshua that's missing. He can handle himself."

message 25: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "What if he is in trouble" she said worried

message 26: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "Then its probably on purpose

message 27: by Ashley (last edited Oct 23, 2012 06:30PM) (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "Well in case something happens to any of us I am going to step up my training" she said folding her wings back and standing tall

message 28: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "I can train you in our forest"

message 29: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) "I am trained" she said smiling "Joshua taught me a few things when we were kids and I stepped it up from there. I just want to become more advanced" Andrea said shrugging "I would love it if you came with me"

message 30: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "I would be going either way"

message 31: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) Andrea nodded and walked to the door ((ill post :-] ))

message 32: by Gio (new)

Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments Adabelle followed

message 33: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley1294) Andrea was leaning on Joshua for support when they walked into the infirmary. "Thank you for bringing me back to the estate" she said smiling while she started to unwrap the herb leaves from her wing "Hopefully my wing is in better shape. Maybe I shouldn't try to train with Adabelle she gets way too into it" she said giving a slight giggle as she mixed herbs and put it on her ankle, then wrapped it with the leaves

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Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments "It's because you kept going when she said it was over. She's always had an issue when someone didn't listen to her."

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