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Dallas | 79 comments Mod
The coldness of winter seeped into Lindsay as she walked toward the coffee shop. She was meeting her friend Dave there because they were bored. Lindsay opened the door to the shop and Dave was sitting at a table that had a top for playing checkers...

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Heather Lucas | 3 comments Dave being the good guy that he is, had ordered coffee for the two. When Lindsay had removed her jacket and set down at the table, Dave had a question for her

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"Did you hear from that skank, Sky?"

Linsday sighed. "Yeah, I heard from it."

Just then, Sky walked in.

"You didn't tell me she was coming!" Dave said.

Sky had a blonde buzzcut, a nose ring, and wore overalls with hightop Reeboks.

"Hi, Lindsay. Dave." Dave did not look up at her...

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Heather Lucas | 3 comments "What are you doing here Sky?"
"I had to see you!"
"So you are stalking me now!" " I have not talk to you in 2 weeks, I thought that I was making it clear that it was over between us."
"You are hot one minute and cold the next" " I think that you have problems!"

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Dallas | 79 comments Mod
Sky looked away from Lindsay. "You must be Dave", she said as she extended her hand to him. "I've heard a lot about you."

"I can say the same thing about you," Dave said as he shook her hand. "Wow, you have some hard calluses on your hand. How did you get those?"

"I'm a part-time mechanic," said Sky.

An awkward silence followed. Then, Lindsay pulled out a chair. "Well, I suppose you might as well have a seat."

"I'm actually on my way to work. Just saw you walk in here..."

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Heather Lucas | 3 comments "But if you want Lyndsay, we could hang out after."
Lyndsay thought for a minute, and answered...
"Look Sky, I care alot about you, but people change."
Dave had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomache
"Lindsay, I need you!" " I was a fool for letting you go!"
"Sky, this is not the time or place for all of this drama" "I will call you later"

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"Fine," said Sky. "It was nice to meet you, Dave."
"Likewise," Dave said. When Sky left, Dave said to Lindsay.

"Just happened to see you walk in, huh? She IS a stalker."
"For real", said Lindsay. "I don't know what to do. You have to help me. What can I do to cut off contact with her?"

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