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where's the ending?

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Cianna Fernandez I hate it when authors end a book at the climax of the story. Usually im ok with it because I know the author will follow it up with another book. But when the author says "That's the end for now at least" this really irritates me. I mean at least give your readers who are hooked to your story some closure or hope but there really isnt any hope in that statement!!I know I know the whole for now at least part hints at something but after reading some of the other works done by this outlook on another book coming in to answer some hanging questions does not look good. Im sorry this just really bugs me and I needed to rant about it.

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Joyce I fully agree with you. That really just...OHHHH...this is the first time I have something kinda bad to say about an author. I think she was being pretty stupid to have just left it like then not know if she wanted to make another one or not.

Cianna Fernandez Well I'm a big fan of happy endings but with this story I will take any type of ending as long as there is one. This book was really good and the ending ruined the whole story.

Michael I thought the ending left open for a sequel? I was not that disturbed about it. It make me guess on what will happen next. Actually the ending was one of my favorite parts.

Cianna Fernandez That's what I thought until I looked up her Facebook page and saw that she has no plans for another book.

Michael NO OTHER BOOK! UGH now that just kills the whole idea of the book. Now I see why the ending was not that great.

Cianna Fernandez It's really sad because that story had a lot of potential to be a great one but now to me it sucks.

Diana ❀ ☺ the ending really shocked me :(

Meenu the ending made me cry
i felt so bad for ethan

Carly S. ugh! I really hate cliffhangers unless I know that there's a sequel coming, it really mad me kinda mad.

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Matt worst ending of my 70+ books i read in 2012.

Diana ❀ ☺ Matthew wrote: "worst ending of my 70+ books i read in 2012."

i agree...

Sydney That is how she neds her books. I liked it because it is open. What if something happens that we dis;ike, so we rate if low. If you have looked at the rating, they are pretty high, and that is because Lisa refused to give a bad ending.

Katie This book was so sad!!!!!!!!! I am literally heartbroken, I just needed closure! An epilogue! 3 months later, something! I felt so terribly for Ethan/David! We don't even know his real name! Cami wasn't even in the end! WHY????

Okay, got that out of my system. I enjoyed the book. I read it in less than a day. I loved Ethan and he made my heart break. Gracie was sweet and at times Blake just seemed terrible. I know there's a huge difference between seven and sixteen, but, we really didn't have a clear run-down of how everything happened. Ethan just contacted CPS and was like, "I found my family?" And the De Wilde's just got called and they came straight away, no questions asked? And I thought a DNA test would be required? I just have so many unanswered questions, I feel like what was the point of the whole book? It was so good, but it just seemed to have no point. He was reunited with his family only to find out he's not really Ethan De Wilde and then the last words are, "And I run"????? I can't take the cliff-hanger!

Aleah I cried when I finished this book. I felt so bad for Ethan; the book was going so great, then the ending... I hated the ending so much I actually just cried the frustration out. The author did a bad job with this book. How dare she end a great book like that? And not make a sequel? I am so disappointed, and now I feel so empty. I need to know if Ethan is okay by the end in order to get closure.

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mal I sooo agree with you. I kept flipping the last page because I thought there would be like an Epilouge or something but NOOOO, it just ended!! And that made me mad. But whatever. I liked the book in general, and thought it was a pretty good story, but then the end (or should I say, nonexistent end) totally ruined what could've been a really good book.

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Kayla Wollitz i really hate cliffhangers ... it irritates me when people do tht

Medha The book ended as if it was a forced ending. like the writer was given limited words for the ending. :((
I wanted an epilogue or something with better explanation.

Kayla Green I hate when books end like this , unless it is a sequel. This book was amazing but the way it was ended was horrible

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Anna Sobczak Need 2nd book now.

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