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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) All done!

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Hanna-   | 219 comments thanks and yay

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Let's make our charries!

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Sorry I'm back here I'll post first

Kendle sat in the restaurant before some more people came in and took their orders. He sighed, waiting for his shift to end.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan sighed as he came home from football practice and sat his bag by the front door and went to get a water bottle and opened it but sat on the counter and sipped it and closed his eyes, his back hurt and he needed it rubbed so he went up stairs to his room and stripped and headed for the shower, wondering how Kendle's shift was.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Hanna Sixxx of bvb ARMY!!!!!!!!! wrote: "Jaydan sighed as he came home from football practice and sat his bag by the front door and went to get a water bottle and opened it but sat on the counter and sipped it and closed his eyes, his bac..."

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) ((sorry I was readin something for school))

Kendall soon had his shift end and went home, having to walk since his family didn't have a car. His mother barely ever left the house nd his father had to catch a cab every morning for work. But since his family was poor Kendall had 3 jobs. One at the restaurant, one at the cafe, and one at the local grocery store. He had been working late today so he was exhausted. When he got home, having walked 22 blocks, he went to his room and laid down on his bed. Kendall was exhausted as he held his phone in one hand and took off his shirt with the other before he took off his pants too to only leave him in his boxers.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments when Jaydan got out he went to Kendall's room and knocked, he had a towel around his lean body and was bout to go back to his room and brush his hair and get dressed "Hey kendall can i ask you a favor bro" he said, he still needed his back rubbed and his shoulders. still tense and sore and he wanted so bro time with him and guy time.

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall opened the door and groaned, rubbing his eyes as he could barely keep them open. "Yeah? What is it?" he asked tiredly, leaning against the door so he wouldn't fall over. He was that tired.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan palmed himself, "how was work?, i was wondering if you could rub my shoulders and back, they are sore thanks to practice and i was wondering if you wanted to hang out friday night, if not i am sorry bubby i see your tired, go to bed" and hugged him even though he was still wearing his towel and giving off a nice view of his body accept for his ass and cock and turned and left but waited for Kendall's answer

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall smiled slightly as he was hugged, "Work was tiring, I almost fell asleep because I was so tired. He sighed and smiled again, "And we should hang out Friday, I'm not working that day."

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "alright, friday it is and sleep bud see you tomorrow at school" Jaydan said smiling at him "night" and turned and walked back to his room and shut his door and dropped his towel and put on boxers and brushed his hair and teeth and went to bed

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall fell asleep instantly and curled up under the blankets, waking up the next morning. He got up in the morning and got in the shower, getting dressed afterwards and walking to school.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan got up and did his normal routine and also walked to school carrying his football duffel bag and sighed and then when he got to school he ignored the girls trying to score him and his cock to their beds

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall went to his locker and opened it, sighing tiredly. He grabbed his books and put them in his bag, walking down the hall.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan went to his locker and got his books and shut it and walked down the hall and hummed to himself still tired and was hungry

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall saw Jaydan and smiled slightly, but walked past him silently, not wanting to bring attention to himself. Jaydan was the jock while Kendall was the outcast.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan smiled back and walked on to class sighing and was thinking bout Kendall and about eating lunch with him, the school didn't care if he ate lunch with kendall or not

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) When it was lunch Kendall sat alone like he usually did. It never bothered him that much but for some reason it did today. He wasn't eating anything since he wasn't hungry and barely ever ate anyways. This caused him to be extremely skinny and self conscious about himself.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan got his lunch and looked around then spotted Kendall and walked over "mind if i sit and eat lunch with you and no this school doesn't care if i eat lunch with you"

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Hanna-   | 219 comments hey

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) ((sorry I was sleeping))

Kendall shrugged and still sat there silently. He then remembered it was Friday night and looked at Jaydan, "We still hanging out tonight?"

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "yes we are still hanging out" Jaydan said happily sitting down and slowly started to eat

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall smiled, "Well I at least have someone who likes me..." he murmured to himself softly.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "so what do you wanna do tonight besides playing games" Jaydan asked happily as he ate

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) "I usually just get a bit drunk and have fun with all kind of things." He said with a shrug. He usually got high and drunk on Fridays but maybe he shouldn't if he was hanging out with Jaydan.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "ahh, well games it is and eating pizza and other things of fun" Jaydan said smiling at kenall

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) "Im guessing you don't drink do you?" he asked. He was expected that if he didn't. But if he did...then Kendall would be pretty surprised.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "all the time but not really Kendall i don't really get drunk" Jaydan said and cracked his neck and smiled at a thought he had

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall grinned, "Well maybe we could tonight. My parents are still out of town and I don't have to work tomorrow either. It'd be fun don't ya think?"

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "yes, or actually we can have a party at the beach and have liquor there and bonfire and fun, and then go back home and play games?" and finished eating

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) "I got a better idea than playing games," he said with a smirk, "But it's a surprise okay? But the bonfire and stuff sounds fun. My house just happens to be on the beach so we can have the party there."

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "yea and Kendall i know where you live cause i live there to my sweet goofy brother, but yea the school will be talking bout it as the best night of their lives plus its fun pissing off the parents" Jay said with a devious grin on his face as if he could see the adults faces pissed off already

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall already couldn't wait until tonight. They were really going to have fun.

((wanna time skip to the party?))

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Hanna-   | 219 comments sure





converses and blue boxers were his look

Jaydan looked super hot and he brought a bag with his swim trunks, they had everything set up at the beach and had pizzas but wings for him and kendall and other things

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall had brought the beer and there were at least 5 dozen of them. He had them all in a cooler and also had some wine and whiskey for him and Jaydan to have later on tonight. He ran over, looking excited, "This is gonna be great!"

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "yes it is and here comes our guests right bout now" Jaydan said turning kendall and himself around and grinned as he saw a familar Black and red gt mustang and knew who it belonged to, his friend keegan and football mate, Jaydan shouted his hi's then ran "I GOT IT" as a foot ball was thrown his way but spiraling past the tables and he ran and nailed catching it and took deep breaths after running, he was hot when he was running to catch the ball or throwing it, and threw it back a perfect and flawless hail mary pass and smiled then winked at Kendall and grinned at his brother

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall blushed and was drinking a beer before a couple girls sat by the fire next to him smiling. He blushed even more beans it wasn't too long until he was making out with one, the girl sitting in his lap while he had his hands on her hips.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan was soaking wet and frowned as Kendall was making out, and catched some footballs and drank a beer after wards

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall soon had drank at least 9 beers after a while, starting to feel sick and dizzy. But he then started on his tenth beer not caring since he didn't know the consequences of drinking so much. After a few minutes he sighed and winced, doubling over as he vomited a few times, coughing and groaning as he stood there doubled over.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments "come on kendall lets get you home, should of not drank ten things of beer bud" and was eating a peice of pizza

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall shook his head, "I'm okay," he smiled slightly before he fell tithe ground as he passed out. He was breathing slowly and unevenly before he started coughing again.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan finished the party then ended it and took kendall and put him in his bed and covered him up and sighed then showered and went to bed

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) Kendall was up in the middle of the night, sitting in the bathroom as he kept on vomiting and coughing harshly. He didn't have the light on since it made his head hurt.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan was asleep and listening to his music and relaxing and was drunk but not to the throw up point

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) After a while Kendall just laid there asleep on the floor. He moaned sometimes and was shivering even though he was wearing a jacket.

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Hanna-   | 219 comments Jaydan was warm and snuggly and asleep aand dreaming and sighed

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Hanna-   | 219 comments hi

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) The next morning Kendall still laid in the bathroom with his head leaning over the toilet with pain. He coughed and groaned, hoping that he would be alone for a while.

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