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bolano's life story

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Jesse so after reading that article in the nytimes a few days ago; link here:


i was wondering what you guys thought about the points that the article brings up. do you think bolano was a drug addict?, was he a short lived freedom fighter in chile? like the article says the evidence for these things comes from his writing not from any verifyable source. was bolano that concerned with his image as a man that he would lie about going to chile to fight? or did he just write that story and people assumed that it was true and so he ran with it? this whole thing bothers me, because i love bolano's work, and not because of his life story, but because i think he is the most singular latin american write in the last 40 years. however these questions raised really make you ask yourself, if alot of bolano's hype is based around his life story. to me i read his work before i knew anything about his story, but i bet alot of people who went and bought 2666, bought it after hearing this fantastic story about a junkie who was dying form a liver disease and writing a novel against the clock. well i'm intersted in your guys thoughts. i knwo some of this has been discussed in the comments of emily's review; link here:


let me know what you guys think. thanks.

message 2: by Juan (new)

Juan honestly, in this case, the truth does'nt even matter a whole lot to me. i only care about the literature. Bolano, according to people that have commented on him, was known for creating stories and being, in himself, a paradox of sorts. its almost like he knew people would be having this very conversation and he created confusion to mess with us..really though i only care about the writing.and what great writing it is!

Jesse i totally agree with that; but i know that for me personally you can never completely divorce an author from his works. that's why we don't condone forgery. otherwise that guy that forged those vermeer's (having some critics say that they were vermeer's best work, when in actuality they were forgery's) would be a world famous artist. i guess that these alegations have made me second guess some themes of 2666. i thought bolano had completely gotten over the idea of literary immortality, but really a part of him wanted it and that's the part that made up stories about freedom fighting and drug abuse. but, ultimately, 2666 stands by itself as the most towering work of modern fiction since "infinite jest".

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