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Skylar (AgentSkylar) This is the entrance to the hospital that most doctors come through when they come to work. Also, non-emergancy patients will enter through here. A lot of conversttion and flirting goes on here with the doctors.

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Skylar (AgentSkylar) Dr. Jason Welsh runs a hand through his light brown hair and glances up ever so often with his blue eyes as he enter Michael E. Webster Hospital wearing black dress pants, tennis shoes, a nice a white shirt, and a black tie. It was the first day for the new set of interns and he knew it was going to be hetic but it didn't really bother him for some reason. But he was still the Chief of the Emergancy/ ICU department and had to make sure it wasn't too bad. Dr. Welsh looks up from clocking in as he hears footsteps walking towards him and he sees.....

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Skylar (AgentSkylar) Jason gave a slight smile to a taller girl with dark hair. She was pretty to him at least but he knew she was intern. He could tell by the way she was looking around and he saw the letter that Alie mailed to all new interns. It kind of made him laugh. For the past two years he probably saw the freakin' letter about 200 times.

"Need help?" Dr. Welsh asks the woman. Most of the interns did and Jason was always there to help.

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Skylar (AgentSkylar) "Just walk straight up those stairs and then take a right. You'll see her name printed on a glass door. Alie should be in there." Jason explains. He glanced at her braclet and then back at her. Though she was tall he still over powered her at 6'3. Which scared kids sometimes when they came into the ER but not his 7 year old daughter, Mia.

"I'm Dr. Jason Welsh by the way. I'm the Chief of Emergancy/ICU." he says extending his hand.

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Skylar (AgentSkylar) Jason smiles a little. "I guess we'll be seeing each other a lot then?" he states. His pager beeps and he galnces at it. Luckly it was just a hello message from one of his friends that worked in a different department.

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Skylar (AgentSkylar) "Yeah, probably don't want you to be late for your first day." Jason says with a slight smile. Maybe some of the interns weren't so bad. He hated the ones that freaked out everytime they saw blood.

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Skylar (AgentSkylar) As Jackie was walking away the only thing he could think about was her. She was pretty and seemed nice. And he was sure his daughter would have liked her.

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