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Who do you think Bella should have chosen, Jake or Edward
Alexis Alexis Sep 19, 2012 05:01PM
I think that Bella should have chosen Jake over Edward. Edward apparently left to protect her, COME ON! Who does that? Jake swooped in and saved her, and she completely blew him off. She is being a Jackel. Even though it worked out for Jake too, it was still unfair.

deleted member Oct 06, 2012 02:27PM   0 votes
Jake. But the best person for her would've been someone compatible with humans, i.e. a human. So I'm going with Mike Newton.

I would have preferred Jacob, but I like him too much to give him to someone like Bella.

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I believe the movies have influence this particular debate by putting faces to them. Thou I got to say Jacob it's so much sweeter then Edward and Bella could have grown up whit him and develop a relationship much more healthier whit him since she could be his equal.

Edward is who Bella chose, & rightly so. The forbidden love, that worked. Forbidden love, is so interesting, & dangerous. I'm a grandmother, & love vampire human love stories.My daughter & her daughters love the series as well. Don't know if she read the books, like I did though. I've also read The Vampire Diaries,all 17, of them. Now, I'm reading the Sookie Stackhouse novals. Why I read this stuff, I live in the real world, & want to read the impossible.

She chose the person she loved more, but I think Jacob was a better friend to her than Edward was, and the person you love should have their priorities as a friend first and a lover later. There was little actual friendship between Bella and Edward, only their "love".


Bella should be with who she wanted to be with, not who other people think she should be with. That was the whole point of the story.

i think that you should have developed a spine before chosing either Edward, or Jacob, my good she was one of the most pathetic character i have read, and that was in just twilight, her behavior in New Moon after Edward left her just proved to me that she was not mentally ready to be in a relationship with any guy.

I don't care which one she picked as long as i can have the other.

Team Edward all the way! He left her to protect her! Ok it didn't go as he had hoped but he was willing to give up the only female he had loved for years. For her to be safe and have a normal life! Bella's character begins to shine in BD with her transformation complete. Lets hope that the changes they have made to the film add to the book and don't leave us thinking What the Hell??

Edward.. he was so caring and protective about her. he always did what was best for her. he loved her truly without any expectations. Jacob on the other hand seemed selfish, always demanding. didnt he see dat Bella loved Edward and not him?

I loved Jacob but I feel that Bella chose right. Edward did leave her but in my opinion it was a testament to his feelings. He was willing to give up his own happiness so that she would be safe. It also served to give her the chance to be without him and try to function normally. While Jacob loves Bella, I think it was in a more childish way. I believe he loved her as a friend but couldn't determine the difference in his feelings. Bella would have had a much easier relationship with Jacob but love isn't about taking the easy way out. It's about going to distance to be happy in your relationship.


I think that she should've chosen Jake.That's what I would do but she is too much stupid to realize that Jake would do everything for her even to leave her while his heart is breaking and Edward always tried to protect her but you can't against destiny...But I'm glad that Jake get Renesmee

Jake, Jake, Jake! The plaster cast vampire Edward ruins the series.

I have always believed Bella should be with Edward. They just seem to be on the same page (pun not intended) and the same wavelength. Bella feels electricity when Edward touches her - even as a newborn vampire - doesn't that say something? She doesn't feel that with Jacob - I think they're better as friends.

She would have had a far healthier relationship with jake...

what if that was you alexis what would you do

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