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What Kind of Reader are You?

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Saxton B. Little Staff | 120 comments Mod
Heard about this great article on Books on the Nightstand, podcast #197. In this episode, Ann tells about an article she read in The Atlantic, a diagnostic guide to determine the type of reader you are.

I think I'm a combo of many of these but like a term Ann used later. "Reading as a Lifestyle" that says it all for me.

How about you? Read the article and see if any of the descriptions are your image.

message 2: by Doreen (new)

Doreen (nanascurse) | 35 comments The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader...after reading the article, I think this one applies to me. I always have at least one book within reach! Yes, I'm the woman reading while standing in a long line at the bank/market/wherever. I'm the woman who can't just sit and watch a tv program...I must be reading a book at the same time. I love reading books and I am always surrounded by them. I work at a library! Did I step in serious poo-poo, or what? I about my perfect job!! And at home...books everywhere! Some are lined up attractively on bookshelves, while others are stacked on tables, perched on stools/chairs, casually strewn across the kitchen table/counters, etc. You'll find more in closets, cabinets, on shelves in the basement, and in totes hung on the backs of doors and in cubbies. I love the way books look, smell, feel...and not having them would be the death of me, for sure! And I never, ever, EVER dog-ear pages or leave a book spread open upon its pages! For me, that is equivalent to the sound of nails being dragged down a chalkboard! Abusing a book makes my skin crawl!

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Saxton B. Little Staff | 120 comments Mod
Doreen commented in part "Did I step in serious poo-poo, or what?".

If you did I'll leap in right after you. I love your description of he All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader. You are my kind of woman/reader!

Another of your comments hits close to home, "not having them would be the death of me". I think about this often. What would I do if I couldn't read? We are fortunate that we could listen these days but I think I'd still miss the book. I had a friend who in later life was on a very restricted diet. She thought this was the last straw in a long line of losses. I think a major loss for me would be the inability to read. Long live my eyesight and my mind!

message 4: by Doreen (new)

Doreen (nanascurse) | 35 comments I agree. No reading? The heart palpitations have begun!

I give a lot of thought to what I would be willing to give up, especially on those nights when insomnia strikes. For me, it would be my hearing. Yes, I love music, but I could always still 'hear' it in my mind if necessary. I could always 'feel' the music (vibrations) the way some hearing-impaired people 'hear' and appreciate music, yes? And I would miss the voices of my sons and their wives, as well as those of future grandchildren. Still, I could learn to read lips, right? I could still 'hear' their laughter by seeing the smiles on their faces.

And I enjoy all varieties (except sushi)of food. Of course that includes a love of chocolate, yet I would do without it, if I had to. Heck, I would rather exist on water and minimal, bland, smelly foods, than lose my eyesight!

If the choice was to lose my eyesight or to lose my hearing/tastebuds/hair on my head/fingernails/big toes/great sense of style (HA!), then I would give up just about anything in order to keep my eyesight.

Wow...not being able to read a book. Oh great, now I'm having chest pains!!!

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Doreen (nanascurse) | 35 comments P.S. I'm sorry about your friend and the restricted diet. I was just being silly. I certainly did not intend to trivialize or minimize the impact of her situation! Sometimes I'm just not sure exactly how the comment 'sounds'. Please know that no offense was intended.:)

Saxton B. Little Staff | 120 comments Mod
Oh Doreen, No offense taken at all! I was just talking and thinking. You're right, though, that conversations such as these online are often misinterpreted or taken out of context.

I'm glad you have taken the time to stop by and chat and share opinions and thoughts on the love of reading!

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