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kuseyo Calypso was taking a run in the garden. She wasn't tired just yet, even if it was her third lap around the garden. These were the time she enjoyed being by herself. Her feet felt propelled by a will of their own. Cal stepped over small twigs, and eventually sat on a bench on the side.

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Giulia Caleb had his hands deep in his pockets as he strolled down the gravelly path, looking at the bright sun and blooms which reflected off his pale skin and eyes.

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kuseyo Cal propped her foot on her knee, and her arms were behind her head. She stared at the empty space in fron of her as she chewed on a piece of straw. The faint footsteps caused her to glance from her periphal vision. Not many people came to the garden. She preferred the woods, but there was just too many people. The boy's presence didn't seemed to be bothering her that much. "Surprises me someone actually came here," she said.

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Giulia "Surprises me too."
Caleb answered her rhetorical as he strolled right in front of her and gazed over Cal. "I'm Caleb by the way. The fay werewolf. You?"

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kuseyo She took out the straw from her mouth and twirled it between her thumb and index finger. "Calypso. Call me Cal. The shtriga."

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Giulia "Nice to meet you. Am I disturbing anything?" he hands were still in his pockets as he looked up at the sun.

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kuseyo Cal shook her head. "Nah, not really. I was just relaxing."

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Giulia "That's good. So, are you going to tell me a bit about yourself or do I have to pry it open?" he sat down on the grass next to her, tearing up shoots.

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kuseyo "Take a good guess," she said and stuck the straw back in her mouth.

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V He appeared in the garden, gazing around. He spotted nothing of interest, as he sat down, sighing.

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Giulia "I am thinking along the lines of being bullied and ostracized in school, possibly unloving parents and a power you do not have full control of yet. Am I close?"

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V He heard two people talking, as he growled, "Don't try to pry information out of her. If she doesn't wanna tell you, fuck off."

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kuseyo Cal snickered, "The boy's gotta point. Respect the privacy."

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Giulia Caleb's eyes widened at the threat and he stood. "Excuse me then." he said smoothly "I was just trying to make conversation. And she didn't seem too bothered by it too."

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V "Yeah, well, maybe some of us are better at hiding emotions." Matt gazed at Cal, smirking, "How've you been, Cal?"

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kuseyo "Nothing really. Shit happens. All the same," she said, shrugging her shoulders.

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Giulia Caleb twisted his mouth to the side and sat back down, further from Calypso.

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V He grins, as he leans against a tree, a toothpick in his mouth, "Seems the same."

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kuseyo Cal glanced at Caleb, sensing his discomfort. "Don't mind him. He was messing with you. Am I right?"

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Giulia Caleb looked back over to Calypso and nodded lightly. "I get it."

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kuseyo She wasn't really convinced but brushed it off for the moment. "And by the way, you were kinda close. Not close enough, though."

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V He cracks his neck, growling, "Yeah, I was messing with ya kid. Just don't get on my bad side. Seems a lot of these new fuckers are getting on my bad side."

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Giulia "Aw." he snapped his fingers disappointedly but in a humorless way. "It's okay though. I understand."

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Kay (King101) | 496 comments Mod
Echo walked through the garden. The guards had given up looking for her. Her dad was gonna Shit a brick. She sighed and sat on a bench, bringing her knees to her chest.

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V Matt turned away, as he teleported away.

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Kay (King101) | 496 comments Mod
((He's always disappearing. Lol))

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kuseyo Cal nodded, and didn't really notice that he disappeared until she turned. Finally. One less person in this place.

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Giulia Caleb stayed in the grass for a moment before standing and looking at Calypso. "See you around I guess." he shrugged lightly before walking away.

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kuseyo "We'll see...." her index and middle finger were together and she gave him a small salute as a farewell. If I don't suck te life essence out of you first, she tought unenthusiastically.

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Giulia "Oh!" he stopped and turned, then started walking backwards slowly. "There's a party at the Blackwood's if you want." he shrugged. "Might be fun."

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kuseyo "I'll go I guess. But I'll be there a little late. See you there?"

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Giulia "Maybe." he shrugged before walking out.

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kuseyo She nodded and watched him leave. A party was the least thing she was expected. A sigh escaped her lips, and Cal stood up and ran--in shtriga speed--back to her dorm.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) (What she's wearing:
(view spoiler) She lost the parasol though... Perhaps he could've found it?)
Mai had been running for quite a while before she finally fell to the ground and started crying. She was in a new school, with no friends, and everyone seemed to think her manner if dressing and acting was weird. In addition, she had no idea where she was. She had been meaning to head back to her dorm, but now she seemed to be in a sort of garden. Realizing this caused her to weep harder.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Jez paused as the sound of weeping reached his ears. Odd. Females usually cry in the confinement of their rooms....She must be quite upset. Straightening from his crouch where he had been inspecting some of the roses he turned and his eyes scanned the darkened night for the source of the crying. Catching sight of pink? Yes, indeed it seemed to be pink hair. Curious Jez walked over towards the source of the girl and his brows raised slightly, she was dressed in classical victorian wear. It was as though she had walked out of another time period. Perhaps she was some sort of time traveling creature? Either way her attire seemed to match the parasol he had found while leaving the blackwood party. Granted he had only made a very brief appearance, mostly so people would stop heckling him about his antisocial tendencies.

Walking up to the girl he looked down at her and kept his hands at his sides. "What's wrong, Miss?" He asked, his voice a little horse and quite quiet from disuse but polite and tainted with the slightest touch of concern. It would have been stupid of him to ask if she was alright. By the way she was so openly sobbing, it was obvious to any organism that she was most deffinately not alright.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Mai looked up and saw a guy about her age. Suddenly she became slightly self conscious. After all, She was a bit of a mess after running for so long, and crying. wiping her tears with her handkercheif, she answered him.
"I- I'm lost," was all Mai managed to say before her emotions took over and she started weeping again. Normally she'd be espicially embarrassed that she'd dare to cry in public, and burden other people with her sorrow, but currently she was too depressed to worry about such a thing. Also no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get herself to stop... It was all the built up stress from the past few weeks, it was simply taking over. After all, she had been through a lot lately.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Jez nodded, "Are you missing a parasol by any chance?" He asked curiously. She certainly looked like her outfit was in dire need of one, well to complete the look anyway. Personally, Jez was dressed in his slacks and his black button down shirt, a swirling gold pattern on the collar. While he couldn't quite offer up a smile he did keep his tone polite which was something to say for him. Usually he sneered or spoke with disgust to people and yet to this crying mess of a girl with pink hair he was being nice. "I can escort you to wherever you need to go, if you would like." He offered up trying to be nice.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Mai heard his words and immediatly stopped crying. It was the first act of kindness that she had recieved in quite a while, espicially from a stranger. Wiping her tears she looked at the parasol, and vaguely remembering dropping it while she was running. Slightly stunned, she smiled, and it was immediatly once again visible just how beautiful she was.
"Oh could you? That could be just lovely!" she exclaimed, and hugged him withut thinking. After a second she managed to compose herself, and started blushing, suddenly realizing what she had done. Immediatly she let go of him and took a step back.
"I'm Mai Phantom," she said with a polite cursty, "could you please show me where the 11th grade girl's dormitory is?"

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Jez had frozen under the human contact and it took him a few moments before he managed to get the complete look of surprise concealed once more. Nodding he held upt a finger as if asking her to wait before turning and heading back to one of the potted flowers. Leaning against it was the parasol he had discovered and he picked it up, holding it gingerly before walking back over towards Mai and holding it out to her. "I'd be flattered to escort you back to your dormitory, Miss Phantom." He said polietely and hesitated a moment before introducing himself as well. "I'm Jez Stukely." He offered up.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jez," Mai said, gingerly taking her parasol. It was in surprisingly good condition. The few slight tears she could easily fix in her free time later. It was amazing how fast Mai had managed to from a dreadful mess to a composed, and beautiful young lady.
(Um, do you wanna put the next post at her dorm?)

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kuseyo ((No ones rping in here so I consider it clean XD Time for me to come in! I'm also lazy so I'm writing crappy sentences.))

Cal was hungry--starving. She needed an essence to drain, but she knew she would get expelled for killing someone. Or maye not. The Headmistress was understanding, and she would do anything to protect her school. Her eyes swept over her surroundings, empty. Perfect. Her primal nature started kicking in, as she felt her teeth sharpen. A total of six fangs. Like a feral vampire, only that she wasn't. Cal ran her fingers through her auburn hair in frustration and sat on the bench. She just hoped no one came and took her to the nurse. She hated hospitals, and the school nurse was technically the same to her.

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Cecilia (DrCicle) Cazlyn and Griffin flashed in the middle of the garden

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Kit Kat (Kitcastellan) Griffin staggers, "I am definitly not used to that." He says

message 45: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Caz laughs. "Not at all"

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Kit Kat (Kitcastellan) Griffin laughs and looks around. "Its beautiful," he murmurs to himself

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Cecilia (DrCicle) Caz nodded. "Very. I haven't been here before, have you?"

message 48: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (Kitcastellan) "Never," He murmurs. Looking at a flower, it reminded him of his mom's house

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Cecilia (DrCicle) She looks at a black and red flower. She has never seen one before. "Wow...."

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Kit Kat (Kitcastellan) Griffin turns around to look at the flower, he smiles, and wants to shrink down so he could run around in the garden, but that would be immature.. :P

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