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Post a pic and go!

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments Can it be anything?

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments OMG U HAVE TO SEE THIS ITS AHMAZING!!!!

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments Ikr?! :) ir is awesome when i first saw i was like this is so awesome a zera its so pretty!! :D

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its okay. and yah yah yah!!!

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments YEah so what do we talk about?

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Ugh... got nothing.

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments Ooo how about ways to sneak into class late without being noticed?

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Poblem- my charrie, Cal, is somewhere right now. *sigh*

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments Aww :(

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Cal walked into her room, her emotions, thoughts, and feelings all swirling around in her mind. She didn't know what to think, or even feel right now. She plopped on her bed, staring at the celing like that would solve everything confusing things in her life.

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments Estrella walked in all happy from last class, until she saw Cal's face. "What's wrong Cal?"

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((This is Cal's dorm.... let's just say she came in on accident.))
Cal didn't notice Estrella until she spoked, leading her to reality, leaving her from her smushed thoughts. "Oh.... I don't really know. Basically boy problems." She admitted, feeling ashamed she had a weakness involving love. She was tough, feelingless. Not a damsel in distress.

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments "Um okay...are you sure you do't want to tell me anything else? I'll be in my dorm if you need anything." Estrella told Cal.

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Cal shook her head. "Thanks. It was nice of you to ask, though. I'm just confused. That's all." She said.

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 19 comments "Okay,"said Estrella. "See you later." Estrella walked out of Cal's dorm. Looking back on the way out to Cal.

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Cal nodded at layed back down. Can't say I've felt like this before.... She thought.

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Cal was sleeping on her bed, laying on the bed, not it in with her clothes still on. She groggily woke up and answered the door.

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She groaned. "Hi." She knew her hair was probably a mess.

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"Maybe. Five minutes." She promised.

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Cal had pants on, and a camisole. She was putting on her shirt, and quickly pulled it down all the way when she heard him come in. "hi. Nice of you to knock." She teased. Her hair was brushed now.

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“I know, I know. So, shall we?”

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Cal grinned, and started walking. ((you post first))

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Cal's heart melted. “did you do this?”

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“ohmygosh this is awesome!”

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Cal nodded. “sorry.” She whispered.

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“What do you have?” She asked him.

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“Alright... I'll go with the classic, lemonade.” She couldn't get over how sweet this was.

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“and you made it even more perfect.”

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She layed down next to him.

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She smiled. “I can't argue with that.”

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“good. I don't wanna argue with you.”

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Cal nodded. “yes. What should we do?” ((GTG))

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"OKay." She said, and held his hand.

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“Whatever you want.”

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"No, I don;t care. You pick." She insisted.

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“Well what'd you think we'd do?”

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“ooookay...... I don't know!”

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"Agreed." she said.

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"What?" She asked curiously.

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Cal smiled. "Way better."

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"We shall." She said, taking his hand.

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Cal smiled warmly as she stood up.

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