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Hunger Games?

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Sofia Do you think that kids that are in 4th grade should read this book? People have said that the Hunger Games it too violent and should have been an R rated movie. What do you think?

Marcie Goldman I agree with Rachel. I think that Middle School students would be perfect because it could spear many other topics of conversation.

Avani I know kids in sixth grade who have read it as a school assignment, as well as fifth graders who put on a class play based on it. Maybe wait a couple years. I don't think the book is that gory, and people thought the movie should include R-rated violence, not be R-rated for the movie that it was. Anyway, a visual would be more inappropriate than a book, and there wasn't any inappropriate material in the book, anyway.

Mimi ❤ Violence should be 14+

Sofia Rachel wrote: "If the people that made THG movie put it up as R-Rated they would lose a big chunk of their audience and with that also a lot of money."

I know because most parents wouldnt let their kids watch it

Storm it really depends on the emotional stability of a child, some might be able to handle it, some might not, depends on the child

i was in a bookshop once, and a young girl pointed to the hunger games books and said thos were the books everyone was talking about, i told her how great it was, my mother told the girls mother i was a huge HG fan, they bought the trilogy, it was only when we had walked out of the store, i realized she looked about 9

that said, i know a woman who has a 6 year old (thats right, six)daughter who read the diary of anne frank and loved it

it depends on the child.

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