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Begin here after making your charrie.Roleplay will begin when we have at the least 5 members.

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Carren stood to the side nervously looking upon the platform which would change her life from here on.She knew which faction she'd pick whatever the result was.Her mind was set and determined to face her new future.

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Skylar stood in line behind a boy named John Erick from Dauntless. She looked around the area, scanning the other 16 year olds. They all looked nervous, she could see hands shaking and eyes flickering back and forth. She knew she should be nervous but she wasn't. "Amity" Skylar whispered to herself. "You're going to be okay." Though her voice is quiet, she sounded confident. The ceremony was about to begin.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Cassie watched as a man from her fellow faction stepped up. It had been Amities turn to host the ceremony. Her stomach twisted in knots as she thought of the unspeakable thing she had been pondering in her mind for the last few months. She took a deep breath and diverted her attention to the stage.

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