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message 1: by Eddie (last edited Sep 19, 2012 12:48PM) (new)

Eddie Watkins (eddiewat) | 25 comments I have such a long history with Ashbery I can't even tell if I like him any more. I own nearly all of his books, and have read each numerous times. Granted, he's been repeating himself for years, but his erudite yet playful sensibility appeals to me so much I just keep on reading him, even though now all I see are his faults. Sounds like a marriage to me. He's now in his mid 80's and still cranking out his playfully elusive poems.

Poetry collections

Turandot and Other Poems (1953)
Some Trees (1956)
The Tennis Court Oath (1962)
Rivers and Mountains (1966)
The Double Dream of Spring (1970)
Three Poems (1972)
The Vermont Notebook (1975)
Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror (1975)
Houseboat Days (1977)
As We Know (1979)
Shadow Train (1981)
A Wave (1984)
April Galleons (1987)
Flow Chart (1991)
Hotel Lautréamont (1992)
And the Stars Were Shining (1994)
Can You Hear, Bird? (1995)
Wakefulness (1998)
Girls on the Run (1999)
Your Name Here (2000)
As Umbrellas Follow Rain (2001)
Chinese Whispers (2002)
Where Shall I Wander (2005)
A Worldly Country (2007)
Planisphere (2009)
Quick Question (forthcoming, Dec. 2012)

Collections, Prose, and Translations

Three Plays
A Nest of Ninnies, novel (with James Schuyler)
The Ice Storm (1987)
Other Traditions, 6 long essays on 6 other poets (2000)[1]
100 Multiple-Choice Questions (2000) (reprint of 1970 experimental pamphlet)
Selected Prose 1953-2003 (2005)
Martory, Pierre The Landscapist Ashbery (Tr.) Carcanet Press (2008)
Collected Poems 1956-87 (Carcanet Press) (2010), ed. Mark Ford
Reported Sightings: Art Chronicles 1957-1987
Rimbaud, Arthur Illuminations Ashbery (Tr.) W. W. Norton & Company (2011)

message 2: by MJ (new)

MJ Nicholls (mjnicholls) | 211 comments What about his book with James Schuyler, A Nest of Ninnies?

message 3: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins (eddiewat) | 25 comments Oh yeah! I read that years ago. I'll add it. Wikipedia didn't have his art writings either.

message 4: by Steve (new)

Steve Bookman (instagramcomstevebookman) | 2 comments Consider also major publications of which JA was [one of a small group of] editors:

-Locus Solus - 5 numbers
-Art in America - 12 numbers

message 5: by Steve (new)

Steve Bookman (instagramcomstevebookman) | 2 comments Definitive JA bibliography for the earlier years:

David K Kermani's John Ashbery: A comprehensive bibliography: including his art criticism and with selected notes from unpublished materials (Garland reference library of the humanities) pub. date 1976

message 6: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Watkins (eddiewat) | 25 comments He has certainly been prolific, and has had his hand in lots of projects. That pub. date for his biblio is definitely premature.

I have never even seen a copy of Locus Solus.

Do you know when he was editor of Art in America?

I have some copies of Modern Painters in which essays of his appeared. I like his writings on art and culture nearly as much as his poetry. He always sends me into new pastures...

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