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Highly Intelligent Criminals
Annelie Wendeberg Annelie Sep 19, 2012 11:44AM
Does anyone know good fiction or non-fiction books, that describe highly intelligant criminal minds in detail?
Any suggestions welcome!

Tess Gerritsen's "Surgeon" is quite nasty. I think she writes him in first person...

The whole YA series Artemis Fowl is based upon the pretext that Artemis is a highly intelligent criminal at 12 years of age. He eventually switches sides (kind of) but still thinks like and understands the intelligent criminal element. If you're looking for intelligent or high brow mysteries you can check out some of the Dan Brown books(religion/secret socities), The Scarpetta series by Cornwell (coroner) or the Tempe Brennan series by Reichs (Ossuary specialist). Like Sabrina said above...not quite sure what you're looking for but thought I'd offer an opinion.

The detectives in 'The Alienist' build a very detailed psychological profile of the criminal, but not sure if that's the type of criminal you're looking for.

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