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message 1: by Fiona (new)

Fiona McGier | 128 comments In my next book coming out November 1, my black heroine is a brilliant neuro-biologist researching the key to intelligence in the human brain. She wants to find out how and why she was able to escape the ghetto, while others she grew up with weren't. Once she isolates the compound she wants it to be marketed world-wide, so that no one is kept back from achieving their potential by a lack of intelligence...all would seek education and a way to improve the human race.

There are also sexy vampire men (her hero is a Russian who was brought across by Rasputin), and a 5000-year old Mayan mummy vampire who hates everyone. She also isolates what causes vampirism.
Prophecy of the Undead. I don't usually write paranormal, but I had a dream in which the hero told me the reason I had writer's block was that I was giving the heroine the wrong needed to be him. Once I changed the beginning of the book to include him, it almost wrote itself!

message 2: by Michelle, Mod with the Bod (new)

Michelle Gilmore | 3396 comments Mod
I'm sitting in my 8 1/2hr human rights class which luckily is very interesting, but still..... I came across this post, and wow! When the semester calms down, I'll definitely be reading this!

message 3: by Nooniemom (new)

Nooniemom | 466 comments Sounds interesting! Where will this be available for purchase?

message 4: by Fiona (new)

Fiona McGier | 128 comments This book will be published November 1! I'll be doing some publicity stuff, offering free copies for comments. I'll keep you posted here! Goodreads won't allow authors to do give-aways of has to be paperbacks. This is a new publisher for me, and I'm not sure how long it will take to get some books to use for promo.
And thanks! I love these characters! If you want to read how I came up with them, my blog is the first page of my website, and I posted about some dreams I had that turned into this book!

message 5: by Nooniemom (new)

Nooniemom | 466 comments I'll keep a look out, thank you !

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