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message 1: by Lilith (new)

Lilith Darville (lilithdarville) | 21 comments Hi Folks - I'm doing edits of my book Scorpio Awakens and have posted two chapters so I can get some feedback to help with the editing process. Would you mind having a read and letting me know your thoughts?

Katherine King is content with her life with husband Tim until a chance meeting with Connor, an old lover awakens her need to explore the dark side of her sexuality. True to her vows, she confesses her indiscretion to Tim. Together they devise a way to deepen their love while finding a way to awaken Katherine's repressed sexuality.

Many thanks,


message 2: by Nooniemom (new)

Nooniemom | 466 comments Where is the copy for proofreading?

message 3: by Lilith (new)

Lilith Darville (lilithdarville) | 21 comments Nooniemom - it's on Goodreads where authors post writing under the romance section. You can also find 11 chapters on my blog I look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy a great day!

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