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message 1: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments Please discuss The Lady Queen here. This thread is for those who have finished the book. Anyone reading this discussion should be done with The Lady Queen, so spoilers are okay :)

Also, please let us know how you rated this book (3/5 stars, etc)

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary | 44 comments I really enjoyed this book. It was nice to read about a strong intelligent woman ruling and how she could be as manipulative and cunning as the men of her times. I also still find it hard to believe the amount of torture that went on just because of loyalty to a person. It never ceases to amaze me what people would do to another person. The role of the Pope and his power was also very evident in this book.

message 3: by Robin (last edited Oct 09, 2012 01:31AM) (new)

Robin (ukamerican) | 188 comments I've finished and WOW. How tragic that after everything Joanna fought and struggled her whole life to keep hold of, it would end the way it did! Three dead husbands, more than one who tried to take over her rule, the torture and execution of some of her dearest friends, the premature deaths of all her children, the betrayal of her chosen heirs, accused of murder, constantly fighting to hold her rule in her own right, especially against Hungary (not in that order though). All to be murdered herself in the end with no one who was ever really loyal to her to take her place. She had a few well chosen allies but for much of her life, she had to hold her own too. Incredible woman, amazing story. Writing style was a little dry at times but really enjoyed it.

I give it 4/5 stars - review:

I SO wish there was a good, available novel written about Joanna of Naples. Apparently there's one by Alan Savage but I haven't heard good things about him, plus it's out of print and not available on Kindle. There's also one by Alexandre Dumas which is public domain and free on Kindle but I started reading it and didn't really like the writing style.

Come on, authors! Enough with the Tudors, this story is just waiting to be written!

message 4: by Jrockne77 (new)

Jrockne77 | 5 comments I agree, I'm so bored with the Tudors. THIS is an amazing story and I can't believe there isn't more about Joanna of Naples. The book was very detailed, but I found that's what I loved about it. I am now on a mission to read other books by Nancy Goldstone.

What a sad ending to an extraordinary woman. Just imagine if she had been born centuries later, what an even more amazing leader she would have been.

message 5: by Angelica (last edited Nov 07, 2012 06:25PM) (new)

Angelica (angelica221) It's funny whenever I told any of my friends about Joanna I, their response was always, "Who?". She was definitely an amazing woman and did many things for her areas that she ruled. The ending was really quite sad for me. It was a shame that such a remarkable woman is hardly known.

The book for me was slow at times. This could be because I prefer fiction. I gave the book four stars. I would definitely recommend it to other people. I think Joanna's story would translate into great historical fiction. While I enjoy the Tudors, I would love to read about other royalty.

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