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Jaclyn Harrison | 35 comments Any thoughts on this book? I finished it last week and still can't quite figure out how I feel about it.

Mmeeske | 6 comments You are not alone! I finished this book several years ago and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Every once in a while something will remind me of the book, and I will think about it for a while, and still walk away a little bewildered. I think there is a lot of truth to the experiences of a foster child like her, but there is this dissociated, almost fantasyish feel to the writing. I don't know maybe that is the point, and how she survives. The movie does ok but leaves out 2 of the houses for time constraints. If nothing else the book makes you think...

Jaclyn Harrison | 35 comments Yes - I like how you described that, "dissociated, almost fantasyish feel". I wanted to be horrified, but at times it was almost like she wouldn't let me be. I felt the same way about the mom, Ingrid. I wanted to hate her, but as a character, I thought she was well written and I found her intriguing. Ugh, it's pulling me in too many directions! I will have to watch the movie.

Emma Elizabeth (emmaeliza) | 4 comments I love this book! I had mixed feelings about Ingrid, mostly disliked her though, this was one of my fav books

╟ ♫ Tima ♪ ╣ ♥ (tsunanisaurus) I haven't read this book since shortly after it came out but I read it twice in a row then. I remember being enthralled by it, it was so original to what I had ever read previously. It was very dream like, like Mmeeske mentioned. In the most fascinating of ways, I just felt entirely captivated by the narration and story. I bought a copy recently and plan to re-read it for 2013.

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