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Lee Donoghue (lee_d) | 11 comments Hi everyone

I have always enjoyed the idea of fantasy worlds, where unlimited possibilities collide with human strengths and frailties; where anything can happen as much by the determination of those who live there, as by a spark of magic. From those early days of reading Lord of the Rings before it became Hollywood blockbusters, and taking part in play-by-mail gaming before email, I have never looked back.

When not reading, writing or indulging in photography, I am employed to help people reach their full potential in the real world - where stories of determination and courage are just as prevalent and touching as in any fantasy landscape.

A main concept behind the Eald Cearo fantasy series is that everyone is more closely connected to each other than we realise. Our actions and their consequences can reach far beyond our predictions.

Each short story can stand alone, but gradually over time will build upon others. While each story currently features new and different characters, they will impact on further stories down the line, as the idea of 'six degrees of separation' plays out through their deeds.

Already released stories can be found here:

And a blog for further supporting information is here:

I'd love to hear from you. All the best,


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Lee Donoghue (lee_d) | 11 comments Vampyric Requiem is now free between 25 - 27 September.

Vampyric Requiem (Eald Cearo Fantasy Short Stories) by Lee Donoghue ‘Be true to others and love deeply. Life will not give up on you.’

Markus Yahne, Lord of Tabacon, has always believed in this ideal. Yet now the evil of desperate circumstances threatens him. A vampire knight torments him by taking away the love of his wife and offering him a choice which strikes at the very heart of who he is: give up everything that remains to him in order to get back all he has lost.

An unholy bargain with his vampyric host gives him hope and teaches him more than he expects about life and love, but also hate. Time is short, and horror tells his story.

Will love or hate win through?

You can get it here (UK):
You can get it here (US):


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Lee Donoghue (lee_d) | 11 comments Faith Of Fools is now free between 12 - 16 November.

Faith Of Fools by Lee Donoghue ‘I will save their souls, for they will recant their blasphemies.’

Inais Montia has always considered himself a good man, a man of true faith. So when he sets out to save the heathen clans from their graven idolatry, he believes he is casting light about the dark. And how could he fail with right and the truth of gods on his side?

Yet in the remote heart of nature, he encounters spirits both seductive and perilous, and finds that it is he who needs saving. The lessons they offer teach him about love and hate, but they are not without price: Inais must make choices which will change him for eternity.

Does the divine or the damned await?

You can get it here (UK):
You can get it here (US):


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