Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Finnick's death, affecting annie's child?
Storm Storm (last edited Sep 19, 2012 06:45AM ) Sep 19, 2012 06:39AM
finnick dieing was the only death in all three boks i thought was a un-needed one, for three reasons:

1.the way he died, was too quick, it was rushed

2. finnick and annie's relationship provided light relief from the depression of MJ (im not saying MJ was rubbish, i loved it, but it was more weighty emotionly wise) which haymtich gave in the first two books (his light humour)

3. and this is what this discussion is about, annie is not a emotionaly stable person, so what if she, like katniss's mother, fell into depression? and her child has no sibling to turn to, what then? i highly doubt annie could move on like that, because she's emotionaly un-stable

does anyone else feel the same, or is it just me?

I agree, Finnick's death was unneeded and way too sudden, I didn't even believe he was dead right away. Especially because him and Annie had such a happy 'ending' right before they left and Annie was pregnant, which wasn't really mentioned anymore.
But what you said is probably true, we could also argue that the child is giving her a reason to live after she lost the love of her life.

I think Annie was growing stronger then you give her credit, I truly think she would rise to the occasion.

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