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message 1: by Ms. Lau (new)

Ms. Lau | 1 comments Mod
What has been your favorite book so far, this year, and why?

message 2: by Katiana (new)

Katiana | 1 comments My favorite book so far this year is the Matched series. I like it because it is full of excitement. it is a futeristic-dystopian series and I would recommend it to GIRLS. I dont think guys would like it.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

My favorite book this year so far is Willow. It is very depressing but I think that most girls would enjoy this book. The author keeps repeating that life is hard its not meant to be easy. It also is a bit romantic and is a young adult book. it is also realistic and when I read it i couldn't put it down willows tone and dialogue in the book was to fabulous it made me think a lot and made me feel how she felt. Its a MUST READ!

message 4: by JOE (new)

JOE | 1 comments My favorite book this year so far was The Hunger Games. I like books that have action and adventure in them. It's all about one girl named Katniss who is chosen to participate in the hunger games where kids kill each other to win (lovely isn't it?) I would recommend this book who enjoys futuristic or dystopian books. (Like a Boss!)

message 5: by George (new)

George | 1 comments My favorite book this year so far was Maniac Magee. I like this book because it explores themes such as racism. The way the author gives a throw back to segregation is a satire itself of society and culture. This book is a must for those with interest in the topic .

message 6: by Jorge (new)

Jorge | 1 comments My favortie book so far was Diary Of a Wimpy Kid.I like this book because its funny and really interesting. I reccomend this book for people who dont like reading but trust me, while they read tis book there going to like reading a little more. I like the plot it was really good. Greg (the protagonist) is stuck in the house until the snowstorm stops. I hope someone will like the book.

message 7: by Cameron (new)

Cameron | 1 comments My favorite book so far was 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass. I liked this book because you can to relate to so many events in this book. It is about a seventh grade girl named Tara that got in trouble. For this she was sent to Willow Falls for the summer. Where her aunt Bethany lives and her cousin Emily. When her family is in Africa. She meets a mysterious old lady who wants her to find 13 random items to repay her debt. This book takes you through a journey of Tara trying to find all of these items with her new friends.

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Koh | 1 comments My favorite book so far is Yellow Star. I liked this book because this book is nonfiction and it was about war that made me concentrate on that war, and learned facts about it. The book was about this Jewish girl, writes a journal about how she survived through the rough war. From reading this book, you can feel the same way because the author writes the story very detailed.

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