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Sam/Applejack♆ Start.

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"Hmm..... who should I sit by?" Courtney was new, and even though she knew she stood out, she was still worried about having friends. SHe was good at making friends, but that didn't make her first day any easier. She continued to scan the lunchroom. Courtney didn't care if she sat by boys or girls- boys to flirt..... girls to giggle. Giggle a lot.

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((anyone want to eat lunch... right now?))

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((No, I am not hungry))

Mike walked into the lunchroom, since it was 1:25, his lunch time. "This day will not end," he mumbled to himself. He sat down beside Amber. "Hey," he said.

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((is both Sal and Lilac gonna be there?))

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She smiles at him "hey"

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((to nate- why doesnt he sit next to Courtney and Sal/ or Lilac))

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((bookhog.... how about whoever your role playing comes and sits by amber...))

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Courtney saw the girl she secretly called smiley. She went to sit by them. "hey. mind if i sit by you two?"

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Thegirlonfire wrote: "She smiles at him "hey""


Katie wrote: "((to nate- why doesnt he sit next to Courtney and Sal/ or Lilac))"

((Because, as said in my middle schooler profile, I have a crush on Amber. But Amber Thegirlonfire, you don't know that))

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(( i know i didnt know she was on.))

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura entered the lunch room alone. Hand rested on the strap of her bag. She was thinking about things. About her past life. How her brothers would react when she was gone. SHe decided that the answer would be that they would just go along with life. They always did. She was now wondering about how she would do it. How she would end it all. She saw Courtney and made her way over to their table.

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Courtney saw Sal and Lilac in the corner of her eyes and motioned for then to come over. "COME ON AND SIT BY ME!!!!!! "

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Noelle walked in, she got super skinny after the birth.

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Courtney saw Sakura coming over, deep in thought. "hi" she said, with a questioning look. "whatcha thinking about? "

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Courtney then saw someone who she swore looked a lot.... bigger in the stomach..... place.

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Noelle sat down, flipped her blond hair, and hoped someone would sit by her, but wasn't going to embarrass herself. She needed her rep back. She was back on the cheer squad, that was the first step.

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura snapped out of her daze.
"Nothing..Its ok. Hey could i have your number?" she asked. Courtney was probably her only friend that could talk to her. And when she suspected her brothers would go through her short phone book list and call everybody to tell them the news. She wondered if Courtney would even be fazed by her death.

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Courtney saw the girl sitting alone and asked her if she wanted to sit with them, yelling across the room to ask her.

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Noelle heard screaming from an average. She ignored, but all the jocks swarmed her

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Courtney felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around. "oh hi." She ripped some paper out of her notebook and took a pen out of her purse and scibbled her cell number to Sukira. She was still concerned for her..... she still didnt look quite as happy and aware as she should.

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Nate "Nate the Great" wrote: "Thegirlonfire wrote: "She smiles at him "hey""


Katie wrote: "((to nate- why doesnt he sit next to Courtney and Sal/ or Lilac))"

((Because, as said in my middle schooler profile, I have a ..."


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"So everyone..... what do you think my next hair color should be?"

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((why did the jocks swarm Noelle?))

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((She's single, popular, and on the cheer team again))

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"um... ya know my hairs red right now, so what should the next color be?" she felt slightly stupid that she had brought it up.

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((well why is she IGNORING them?))

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"I think it should be blonde," said Mike.

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"Purple is for rock stars, Lilac. She's too sweet to be a rock star," Mike whispered to Lilac.

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Katie wrote: "((well why is she IGNORING them?))"

((She was ignoring the girl shouting at her.))

Noelle handed her number to the cutest jock there and threw her lunch away, walking toward the courtyard.

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She gets up and skips out

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wanderer (chloemai) Katie wrote: "Courtney felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around. "oh hi." She ripped some paper out of her notebook and took a pen out of her purse and scibbled her cell number to Sakura. She was still conce..."

"Thanks." Sakura whispered stuffing the number into her pocket to add to her phonebook later.
She glanced around the room, eyes still empty, saddened, sorrowful.

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((Natalie wanna rp in the courtyard w/ Asher?))

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((Sure Primniss))

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((Thanks Bookhog))

Mike blushed harder because he knew Courtney had heard him. He quickly turned around to eat his lunch.

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((i was eating lunch, sorry.)) maybe i should do blonde. even though i have asian colored skin color...... or I could do blonde highlight, she said obvilious ((dont know how to spell)) to te whispering around her.

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"Aww... Sal. You two are two cute."

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"So... who do you have a crush on, Mike?" She then asked Sakura in chinese the same question.

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura raised an eyebrow slightly.
"I dont know, never really thought about it before." She answered. Not that it mattered. She probably wouldnt be there tomorrow anyway.

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"Sal, you seriously belong to the jocks table. why do you sit with us? not saying you shoudnt, just it really nice of you."

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"See ya! anyone here can come...... its starting in like 15 minutes at Lilacs house."

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura frowned. She had listened to each of his words but the last word, party, she notied hadnt been used so much before.
"What does the word party mean?" she asked Courtney, stuggling to actually say it.

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"oh! ok it means a lot of people are gonna get togethere and have a fun time. you can come, its a Lilacs house." she said in chinese to make sure she understood. "wanna come?"

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura thought for a few moments. Maybe she could end it there. Her brothers wouldnt be able to stop her and surely she could find some quieter place to stop her life. She nodded, deciding she would use an overdose. Quick and painless. She thought.
"Yea ill come."

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As they were walking out of the lunch room Courtney stopped Sakura. "Whats on your mind? i can tell something is up."

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura shrugged.
"Nothing important. Just thinking about things is all." She said, shrugging her off.

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"ok...." she said, not quite beleiving her. "just... please tell me if there is. I can keep a secret."

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A smile suddenly sprouted from her lips. "did you notice how Mike didnt respond when i asked him who he had a crush on? hes crushing HARD on someone." she giggled at the thought.

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura nodded knowing full well that if she told Courtney of her plans then she would stop her. And she didnt want that.

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"well, let's go party! "

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