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message 1: by Rahima (new)

Rahima Yasin | 97 comments Mirrors, mirrors
What truth they exhibit
Clear as crystals
And pure like snow
No wonder 
They make me ponder
Over the stranger 
Who stares me down
Hatred so full 
In porcelain lips
But those eyes!
Ah! The windows to the soul,
They feel like magic
A rainbow on a gloomy day 
Oh what a change they are
After the darkness made of such 
Alas! It seems like mirrors
Are the only thing
That  will never fake a lie
Its magnificent, really
No! A man can never be like that
Even in their wildest dream
And deep wishes
Its an impossible leap
But I still pray 
For a man to stop and say
Something that binds us all
To a world unknown to lies
But instead of hearts 
That radiate gaudy joys!

message 2: by Elora (new)

Elora Shore (EloreShore) | 180 comments Wow, I really liked this! Will keep an eye out for your work! I love mirrors, and the poetic qualities they have, and I thought your poem was wonderfully expressive. Good work.

message 3: by Rahima (new)

Rahima Yasin | 97 comments Aw thanks. This was my first poem that didn't rhyme well but nevertheless I am happy with it :)

message 4: by Fern (new)

Fern (FernRL) Yes! Well done!

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