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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy *Book is coming out February 24, 2009
*Movie is coming out 2010, starring Brad Pitt

"After stumbling upon a hidden trove of diaries, acclaimed New Yorker writer David Grann set out to solve "the greatest exploration mystery of the twentieth century: "what happened to the British explorer Percy Fawcett and his quest for the Lost City of Z?" (beginning of Goodreads synopsis)

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy It seems that Brad Pitt has left the movie and it may never be made. Bummer.

message 3: by Trisha (new)

Trisha I recently read this novel and it was actually very interesting! A little to visual about all the bugs crawling under skin and stuff...eewwww, but still a fascinating read. I think that it would make a great film, hopefully someone else will pick it up.

message 4: by Ardra (new)

Ardra | 1 comments Funny, at first I was thinking this was about the other movie Brad Pitt is doing, World War Z. I loved that book, but I hear the movie is going to be pretty different. I'll probably still see it.

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy So they've cast Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead for this movie. Now I really have to see it:

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