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message 1: by Ermisenda (last edited Feb 06, 2013 04:01AM) (new)

Ermisenda Alvarez (ermisendaalvarez) | 18 comments

Want some free book covers?

This page is where you will be able to find Ermisenda's collection of free book covers she has to offer!

free book covefree book coverfree book coverfree book cover

Ermisenda will update this page and create posts such as these previous ones post1, post2, post3 advertising her free work.

I can slip your title, your name and your quote onto the cover. You can use them for any kind of commercial use or simply blog-use. Add a funky image to your flash fiction post. For any genre of novel from crime, historical romance, drama, and to fantasy, there should be a cover that fits.

I have added a 'credit tag' at the bottom of the book covers. If you wish to remove the credit 'Cover Design: Ermisenda Alvarez' then a fee of $50 is requested. In paying this small fee, you are also entitled to request changes to be made to the cover to best suit your novel. If you would like this, specify in your email.

The photographs used in the book covers have been photographed by myself (or have been taken from a free stock site) so you don't have to worry about copyright (except crediting the book cover to yours truly, Ermisenda Alvarez.)

If you have any questions about my work (what I can do for your book, blog banner etc.) or these book covers leave a comment below or send me an email at for the quickest response. The header for Ermiliablog was also created by me, if you are interested in more complex designs.

Work by Ermisenda can be viewed on her portfolio page. I love staying busy so please send me a request! One of my most recent paid works includes Burnt Saffron Sky by Ashok Banker:
First in first served. Fill this table and post below and/or send to my email address for anything extra.

Freebie Table

Freebie of choice: Leaves/River/Hide
Author Name:

Book Title:
Quote: [keep it short]
Extras : Yes/No (If yes, state changes desired) [manipulate font, change colour, add effect etc.]
Comments: [if any]

- Ermisenda Alvarez

message 2: by Gwen (new)

Gwen Perkins (helleder) | 1 comments That's a great offer and your covers are lovely. :)

message 3: by Ermisenda (new)

Ermisenda Alvarez (ermisendaalvarez) | 18 comments Thank you, Gwen. They are still available if anyone is interested!

message 4: by Ermisenda (last edited Feb 06, 2013 04:04AM) (new)

Ermisenda Alvarez (ermisendaalvarez) | 18 comments Hola!
Want some free book covers?

I have created some more free book covers! Authors with all budgets deserve to have a winning cover representing their hard work. This is why I have created free and QUALITY book covers to share with all those writers out there. These graphics can be used for their intended purpose, as a book cover, but can also be used to introduce stories on your blogs, etc.

Visit Ermisenda's official book cover page on Ermiliablog here to see how you can grab one for your own novel.

I also create unique covers for your novel for an affordable fee, my email address is I can help with any graphic design job; book covers, website/blog banners, magazine covers, etc. Just send me an email or leave a comment below with your question or request.

Because your novel deserves to look its best. ErmisendaDESIGN.

message 5: by Virtual (new)

Virtual | 435 comments Mod
Super covers!

message 6: by Tony (new)

Tony Gilbert (tonygilbert8) Great Idea!

Freebie Table

Name: Tony Gilbert
Freebie of choice: The Path
Author Name: Tony Gilbert
Book Title:Hugo
Quote: A Quest for King Borin
Extras : No

Thank you :-)

message 7: by Ermisenda (new)

Ermisenda Alvarez (ermisendaalvarez) | 18 comments Hey Tony!

I just fixed up the cover and sent it to the email you gave me. I hope you enjoy and remember to credit me when you can (it's all I ask in exchange for a great, FREE cover.) :) Thanks and take care!


message 8: by Ermisenda (new)

Ermisenda Alvarez (ermisendaalvarez) | 18 comments Would anyone else like to spruce up their novel with a great looking cover that doesn't cost a dime? :)

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