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Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 188 comments Mod
you know the drill. ONLY EVIL PEEPS

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 178 comments Mod
Name: Razreil
Age in Race's Terminology: 10,345 years
Age in Human Terminology: 75 years
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Army: Nightmaster

Class: Warrior/Magi
Rank: General

Appearance: [Will Edit Later]

Personality: Strong (Mentally), Devious, Cunning, Intelligent, Evil, Prideful, and Honorable.

[Dragon Form]
--Primary: None (Claws and Fangs).
[Drake Form]
--Primary: Two mithril broadswords.
-----Primary Enhancements: Swords are enhanced with the Element of Fire and Arcane Energy.
[Dragon Form]
--Primary: Has mithril scales.
[Drake Form]
--Primary: Has mithril scales and steel plate armor.
-----Primary Enhancements: Armor is enhanced with Arcane Magicks.

Powers: Commands the Element of Fire and Arcane Magicks.
[Dragon Form]
Has imense strength and an extremely high level of stamina. Has average speed, but low agility.
[Drake Form]
Has average strength and stamina. Has a very high level of speed and agility. Has a high level of intellect.

Lore: [Will Edit Later]

Other: Razreil is one of the leaders of the Nightmaster Army. He is the highest ranked of all the Generals, but is still only second-in-command to the supreme leader of the Nightmaster Army.

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Amir is a ßø≤≤ | 188 comments Mod
Name: Chase Chanek {SHA-neck}

Age: 25

Species: Seer


History: He spent his entire life using the strange battle axe named Yamakosa, that seemed to grow along with him. He jumped at the offer of becoming human general of the Nightmaster army, right under Razreil. He has been there since.

Weapons: Giant Battle axe named Yamakosa, With power over wind.

Pet: A silverfox named Niaga

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