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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana Anyone interested in a kidnapping roleplay?
I'll be the kidnappi and would love to have someone kidnap me :)

message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana Cool.
You can start.

message 3: by Diana (new)

Diana ((Okay)))

Diana was walking down the sidewalk after having just come out if work. She was having a really long day and
just wanted it to be over.

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana Diana was just walking down, looking around at how dark and empty the sidwalk was.

message 5: by Diana (new)

Diana She was distracted, too distracted to see him

message 6: by Diana (new)

Diana She looked at him and blinked. "Hi?"

message 7: by Diana (new)

Diana She frowned warily at the smile and simply nodded. "…Diana." She mumbled, taking steps back.

message 8: by Diana (new)

Diana She doesn't get a good vibe from him. "Nothing …itoo should go…"She slowly turns.

message 9: by Diana (new)

Diana She stops when he touchs her. "S…sorry...I really have to leave…" she pulls away from him.

message 10: by Diana (new)

Diana She gasps, making her inhale a big whiff. Passes out in no time.

message 11: by Diana (new)

Diana After several minutes, she begins to regain some conciousness, groggily opening her eyes.

message 12: by Diana (new)

Diana She blinked a little, still feeling kind of dizzy and sat up, blinking when she saw that she was in his car. She screamed.

message 13: by Diana (new)

Diana She swallowed hard, her screams muffled.

message 14: by Diana (new)

Diana She stops screaming, watching him, shaking slightly.

message 15: by Diana (new)

Diana She swallowed and nodded.

message 16: by Diana (new)

Diana She watched him get in. "What are you g-g-going to do…? "

message 17: by Diana (new)

Diana She took a shaky breath, staring out the window before attempting to break the window.

message 18: by Diana (new)

Diana She scowled, but didn't listen as she tried to continue to break the window or at least make some noise.

message 19: by Diana (new)

Diana She sighed, looking around for something that might help her, but not finding a thing.

message 20: by Diana (new)

Diana She watched him come to her side, but didn't make a move to get out of the car.

message 21: by Diana (new)

Diana She still doesn't move.

message 22: by Diana (new)

Diana She slowly gets out on her own, looking up at the house.

message 23: by Diana (new)

Diana She bit her lip, debating on leaving him or following. Finally decides to make a run for it, only to trip.

message 24: by Diana (new)

Diana She struggled to her feet, looking up at him. "leave me alone..."

message 25: by Diana (new)

Diana She swalllowed hard, getting back up. "I could still run..." She muttered.

message 26: by Diana (new)

Diana "What...what do you want...?" She whimpered.

message 27: by Diana (new)

Diana She stood shakily and nodded a little, following him.

message 28: by Diana (new)

Diana She followed close. "...please..."

message 29: by Diana (new)

Diana "Please....jusr leave me alone..." She decdied on staying put, not following him into the home.

message 30: by Diana (new)

Diana She yelped a little when he picked her up and carried her. She looked up at her. "...please...just please..."

message 31: by Diana (new)

Diana The edges of her eyes had little tears in them as he kept refusing her pleas. She took a shaky breath, swallowing hard. "...W-what use a-am I to y-you?"

message 32: by Diana (last edited Sep 20, 2012 06:44PM) (new)

Diana She looked at him, blinking. "...don't...." She mumbled. "Don' anything...."

((As far as you're comfortable with.))

message 33: by Diana (new)

Diana She moved to the far end of the couch, getting as far away from him as possible. Her eyes wandered to the door.

message 34: by Diana (new)

Diana She swallowed, looking around. she got up, inching closer to the door.

message 35: by Diana (new)

Diana She squeeked in surprised when he pulled her onto his lap and she struggled against his arms, trying to pull away from him.

message 36: by Diana (new)

Diana She finally stopped when she realized it was no use. "....y-you don't w-want me..."

message 37: by Diana (new)

Diana "....L-l-let m-me g-go..."

message 38: by Diana (new)

Diana "...B-but...w-why...?" She cried. "Why do you want me?" Her voice was more angry than frighten now.

message 39: by Diana (new)

Diana She didn't like the sound of that chuckle. "...because..?" She questioned.

message 40: by Diana (new)

Diana She frowned a little. "That....that doesn't answer me..."

message 41: by Diana (new)

Diana She swallowed hard, but nodded a little. "...O-okay..."

message 42: by Diana (new)

Diana She shivered, glancing at the door longingly.

message 43: by Diana (new)

Diana She tried to pull away.

message 44: by Diana (new)

Diana "...J-just t-tell me...w-what you want..."

message 45: by Diana (new)

Diana Swallows hard and tries to pull away from his kiss.

message 46: by Diana (new)

Diana She was shaking now. "...l-leave m-me..." SHe mumbled softly.

message 47: by Diana (new)

Diana Little tears form in her eyes. "...w-why me...?"

message 48: by Diana (new)

Diana She swallows again. "...Oh."

message 49: by Diana (new)

Diana She doesn't like him kissing her and tries to pull away. "Stop…"

message 50: by Diana (new)

Diana She tries to get away from his lap.

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