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message 1: by Will :) (new)

Will :) | 1012 comments The Perils of Panem, 75th Annual Hunger Games

WELCOME TRIBUTES!!!!! For the Quarter Quell this year… YOU ARE GOING HOME! Well sorta ;). First some questions. Do you know your Hunger Games Districts? Do you know their exports, their dangers, their goodies? Well you might want to, because in this games you will be traveling from District 1 outward. The games gets harder as you go on farther and longer, just as Panem gets harder and dirtier as you travel outwards. As you survive longer in the games you will be more challenged and the games will become extremely difficult. Will you make it to your home district? Or will you never see home, or at least what looks like it, again?

Just a Reminder:

District 1: Luxury
District 2: Masonry/Weapons
District 3: Technology
District 4: Fishing
District 5: Power
District 6: Transportation
District 7: Lumber
District 8: Textiles
District 9: Grain
District 10: Livestock
District 11: Agriculture
District 12: Mining/Medicine

So definitely expect some of these themes to pop up.

Here is a map to the arena:



Post all non -related stuff in double parenthesis like so; ((I really love food, do you???))

Only I post in bold , I rp deaths and things in it so please NO BOLD FROM YOUS

If you don't RP your charrie for 4 or more days, I'll kill them ;P Inactivity affects us all! Unless you have a VERY impressive reason

I'm the only one who's allowed to eliminate tributes unless you have my permission or the owner of the tribute you plan to kill's permission. You cant just be like “Joe -Bob jumped out of the corner and decapitated Moe- Joe.” Also no, “Debbie flipped a switch and everyone died yay I win.”


I can organize fights between two (or more ;)) charries. I'll randomly select tributes to fight to the death, then each person must pick a number from 1-10,000, and I tell you who gets to kill who. You must do it or your charrie dies ;) The person closest to my number lives.

In terms of weapons, NO GUNS. There never were any, never will be. Also I dislike guns.

HAVE FUN and may the odds be evah in your favah

message 2: by Softreflection (last edited Sep 18, 2012 09:17PM) (new)

Softreflection | 327 comments Shrilly and Candan stood in anticipation, ready to run. They blasted off the pedestal when the gong rang. Candan ran for the colorful backpack while Shrilly picked up the black one. She also grabbed a medical kit she spotted along with a bow and arrows.
In Candan's backpack was this
(view spoiler)

Shrilly found in her backpack...(view spoiler)

((lol you only said not to use guns ;D ))

message 3: by l (last edited Sep 19, 2012 12:15AM) (new)

l Viola and Xavier sprint to each other from their pedestals as the gong rang.

"You good?" He asked her, holding her shoulders. She nodded quickly and he continued, "Ok, we need to get as much from the cornucopia as possible!"

So they ran around and grabbed the three largest backpacks, and ran to their alliance before many people could surround them.

message 4: by Will :) (new)

Will :) | 1012 comments ((VAS... you are the best.Because I would SO totally put a cheese grater in there, knowing me.))

message 5: by allison, it must be fragile if a handful of berries can bring it down (new)

allison | 897 comments Mod
Kennedy waited on a platform. Nothing was gonna get in her way. The gong sounded and she sprinter for the cornucopia. She grabbed as much as she could carry, and ran out of harms way. Looking for ger alliance.

message 6: by Zoeღ (new)

Zoeღ | 45 comments right when the gong sounded Marcy sprinted off her pedestal, tripping over her own feet. she got there just in time to grab a small pack and and a bundle of small daggers.

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 625 comments Sonya yelped in surprised and bounced towards the cornucopia scared of her own shadow. She only managed to scoop up a tiny backpack before running away in pure terror. She looked wildly around for her alliance.

message 8: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments Zo stood on the platform waiting for the gong to sound. She made eye contact with Simon who stood in a position that said he was ready to go. Zo looked around at saw a few things scattered close by that she thought she didn't quite need the good stuff was always closer. Zo heard the gong sound and ran as fast as she could toward the middle-ish area she saw a pack that had a few knifes sticking out and garbed it. Because she was so little it was heard for her to carry to much weight, if she was going to get out of there alive she was going to have to be able to run fast. She saw a deep purple pack and slung it over her shoulder.

Simon heard the gong sound and right away picked up a little green pack. He ran closer to the center and took a large blue back pack. He found a few weapons that he stuck in his pack. He still could have grabbed more but decided to head over to Zo who looked a little confused on where she was supposed to go. "Hey Zo, we should go find a spot to scope out while we wait for our alliance." Simon took her knife pack to take a little weight off Zo's load. "Lets just head that way for a while to get some distance away from here" ((Jewels where do you want to meet?))

message 9: by Softreflection (new)

Softreflection | 327 comments (( I know, I know ;) I'm amazing! hahaha, imagine the things I could do with that cheese grater... lol MAKE PIZZA! This is going to be so fun! *Eyeing the silly string with an evil grin*))

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DArBy!! :D | 611 comments Hi I'm about to make my thing and I was wondering if we have to put images of what's in our backpacks?

message 11: by DArBy!! :D (new)

DArBy!! :D | 611 comments Ok thankyou!!! :D

message 12: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments Kggelen wrote: "((Let's meet on a little grove of trees, or maybe an abandoned factory, or something.))"

((Cool Beans))
Simon stopped Zo and told her, "We've been running for a while. We've gone far enough for now."
Zo was grateful that they could take a break. Even though they had only gone about a mile, and could still see the bloody battle, she felt a lot safer. "We need to find our alliance."
Simon could tell Zo was shaken up, if there was any time that he needed to be strong it was now. For Zo. "Let's head over to that little grove of trees they will know to meet us there. Trust me..." Simon looked into Zo's eyes, took her hand and they started off toward the little grove of trees.

message 13: by Will :) (new)

Will :) | 1012 comments Ok hello my tributes! Welcome to the Perils of Panem 75th Hunger Games Arena, to begin you go from the Cornucopia with or without your alliance and you get to a giant golden, jewel encrusted gate with a big "1" on it and two groves of sparkling trees on either side. A voice boomed around the arena "Hello tributes and welcome to the start of your journey. These gates will open soon and you will all enter. Inside is an exact replica of Panem's famous District One, but with a few hidden surprises along the way. Oh how exciting! I shall wait until a few more of you appear and then I shall open these gates! May the Odds be Evah in Your Favah!"

message 14: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments ((Sorry I guess I got a little ahead of myself. So excited!!! Ignore last post...))

message 15: by Softreflection (new)

Softreflection | 327 comments Lauren ~Dobby Is a Free Elf~ wrote: "Viola and Xavier sprint to each other from their pedestals as the gong rang.

"You good?" He asked her, holding her shoulders. She nodded quickly and he continued, "Ok, we need to get as much from..."

Shrilly and Candan spot Viola and Xavier coming toward them. Skrilly rushes over and smiles while Xavier simply pulls out three rubber duckies and some hand sanitizer.
"If you ever get lost, hide in a tree." He pulled out a Mango scented hand sanitizer.
"Stay in that one spot and leave a trail of hand sanitizer, we'll know you're there if it smells like Mango."
He handed them each a hand sanitizer, and pointed at the ducks.
"If we're out scouting for berries and animals, and you suddenly see tributes that might be a threat. Squeeze the duck," The duck let out a high pitched squeal when he promptly squeezed it, "Then we'll know an enemy is near. Is that clear?"
He looked at them, waiting for their response.

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Hulou | 501 comments Simon took one last look back to make sure no one was following them and spotted Anna. Relived that he found part of his alliance. Simon taped Zo to show that he found Anna and they took a quick U back to her.

message 17: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments Simon and Zo rushed up to meet Anna. "Hey," Zo ran up and gave Anna a big hug. " So district one huh. Nice spin I might add, making us all go to our home towns; that is of course if we make it there," Simon gave Zo a look saying don't go there. "Well of course we will, jeez but I can't say for the rest, even though we can't see our families. Just peachy." Zo's voice was dripping with sarcasm.
"So how about a plan? Have you seen any of the others?" Simon asked. "How about we go find a temporary shelter, I don't like standing out here in the open..."

message 18: by DArBy!! :D (new)

DArBy!! :D | 611 comments Midas stood on the platform with confidence, winking at Anna and making eye contact with Lumon, Simon, and Zo. He stood there looking at the people he might have to kill, suddenly he started to hear 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG! He jogged over to Anna, picking up a black bag on the way! When he got to Anna he grabbed her hand and followed Zo and Simon towards a big grove of trees. They all made contact but all of the sudden they all realized they were missing something, Lumon! Midas jumped up out of the trees searching for Lumon, he finnaly spotted him and called him over Lumon was running like hell towards them. When Lumon reached the others they all decide they should walk for a while and check what they have in their backpacks.

message 19: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments "Good to see you guys" Zo gave everyone a big smile and hug. "Well I see we're all here."
"What do you think about the little twist?" Simon asked directing the question at Midas. Simon grabbed hold of Zo's waist and drew her in for a nice long kiss and continued to walk with the rest of them.

message 20: by DArBy!! :D (new)

DArBy!! :D | 611 comments Midas looked at Simon with a confused face what do you mean " the twist".
Midas then turned to face Anna he held his hand out to her she grabbed it. He then made eye contact with Lumon and made a friendly face!

message 21: by Hulou (last edited Sep 20, 2012 06:32PM) (new)

Hulou | 501 comments "I was just telling Anna about how we are in district one. I could barely hear Gamemaker Will say it over the chaos. We start at one and make our way down to tweleve. It gets longer and harder as we move forward. Let's just say these tributes aren't the only troubles we will be facing." Simon explained

message 22: by Amitykitty (new)

Amitykitty | 293 comments Lumon raced as fast as he could to the Cornicopia when he heard the gong sound. He grabbed a backpack and a bow and arrow, then looked around to try and find his alliance. He couldn't see them anywhere so he ran behind some trees. He heard branches cracking behind him and turned around. Midas was there waving him over. Lumon jogged over to his alliance. He hadn't realized before how close they all were to each other. He focused his eyes on his shoes while they got to know each other a little better.

message 23: by DArBy!! :D (new)

DArBy!! :D | 611 comments "I see I see! Thankyou Simon. So now it's time to get serious, where are we going, what are we gonna do? We don't want to lose we have to win! We need to find a place to stay what do u think Simon?". Midas eyed Anna smiling he gently kissed her on the cheek.

message 24: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments "I saw a lot of weird things at the beginning of the cornucopia. I passed by some bubbles and salt.. Did you guys get anything better than that? I haven't exactly checked yet." Zo asked.

message 25: by ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (last edited Sep 20, 2012 06:49PM) (new)

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 625 comments Sonya found herself but the gates to District 1. "Closed?" she said to no one in particular.

message 26: by Will :) (new)


message 27: by DArBy!! :D (new)

DArBy!! :D | 611 comments " In my backpack, I have a ball of elastics a dead frog, a baseball, a long neon pink rope and 2 sharp daggers. Wow this will be interesting what did you get my Love?" (Anna)

message 28: by Will :) (new)

Will :) | 1012 comments ((lol dead frog XD))

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 625 comments Will ~ ERMAHGERD DA HUNGAHR GERMAHS~ wrote: "((CHARLEY SHES NOT IN THERE YET SILLY CHARLEY SHES AT THE GATES))"


message 30: by Will :) (new)

Will :) | 1012 comments ℂᖺᗩᖇᒪἷᙓ §Gale§ wrote: "Will ~ ERMAHGERD DA HUNGAHR GERMAHS~ wrote: "((CHARLEY SHES NOT IN THERE YET SILLY CHARLEY SHES AT THE GATES))"



message 32: by Will :) (new)


message 34: by Will :) (new)

Will :) | 1012 comments ((AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *panic*))

message 35: by DArBy!! :D (new)

DArBy!! :D | 611 comments "Thats great my love" said Midas wearing his sexy smirk.

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 625 comments Will ~ ERMAHGERD DA HUNGAHR GERMAHS~ wrote: "((AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *panic*))"


message 37: by Amitykitty (new)

Amitykitty | 293 comments Lumon felt uncomfortable being with these two couples. "I have a bouncy ball, a sparkly candlestick, a piece of sea glass, and a Teddy bear in my backpack if anyone was wondering," he mumbled quietly, looking back at his feet.

message 38: by DArBy!! :D (new)

DArBy!! :D | 611 comments Midas looking at Lumon said " Lumon that's great, where do u think we should head to?" He was wearing his bad boy face now.

message 39: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments "I think we should continue to the grove. Once the gates open we can figure out a plan then. I just want to be able to conceal all of us. If only I had some paint..." Simon stated.
"Now would be the perfect time to check our bags Simon." Zo smiled.
"Okay," Simon opened his little green bag to find: A few sticks, a bag of dried jerky, some crackers, and a candle stick. Hey neatly layed out the items and opened his blue backpack to find: some army style camo face paint, Chinese finger toys, a few knifes he picked up, a long piece of rope, a couple of arrows (no bow), and a long wooden spoon. "Zo how about you?"
"Let's see" Zo opened her deep purple bag to find: Two empty water bottles with some iodine, two thermal blankets, a thing of clay, and some chemicals that were in a fancy container of its own. "Ooh La La. I got me some chemicals! What can I say I sure know how to pick 'em. Hey Simon, do you still have my knife pack?" Zo asked, her mood seemed to brighten up after opening her bag.

message 40: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments ((O_O he has his sexy smirk, he means business now!))

message 41: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments ((Night. I am going to sign off too. Goodnight tributes- post tomorrow.))

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 625 comments Sonya hid as far from the group as she could, but didnt fall asleep,

message 43: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments ((ready too))

message 44: by Lizzi721 (new)

Lizzi721 | 1218 comments Iridessa stared at the Cornucopia. "What was the point of going to the cornucopia for me?" she thought. She knew she could survive on her own and she couldnt handle a weapon at all. So when the gong rang, she sprinted as far away from the cornucopia as she could.

message 45: by Hulou (new)

Hulou | 501 comments ''okay lets go'' simon said

message 46: by Zoeღ (new)

Zoeღ | 45 comments Marcy hid at the opposite end of the gate where no one could really are her. she poked her head out of her hiding place to scout for her alliances

message 47: by Lizzi721 (new)

Lizzi721 | 1218 comments Iridessa turned around. What idiot would scream her name! Ugh. Now her cover was blown. Killing him would now be much pleasureable thanks to that. But she had to find Phoebe and Alan. Where were they? She got worried but knew she to move and leave Apollo. NOW!!!

message 48: by Lizzi721 (new)

Lizzi721 | 1218 comments ((Hi mom!))

message 49: by DArBy!! :D (new)

DArBy!! :D | 611 comments Midas was peacefully walking with Anna when he heard a loud yell ". He looked at Anna in shock she looked very angry, Midas suggested that Jewels should pick up the pace.?! "What do you think Simon, Lumon, Zo and Anna?".

message 50: by Lizzi721 (new)

Lizzi721 | 1218 comments ((Oh, he is? i thought cronos, phoebe and alan were my only alliances))

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