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Week 3

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Carlee Terry This book starts with a key and then the key leads to a house and the house leads to a light. And it just keeps going on in this sequence. Then it back tracks and comes all the way back to the key in the beginning. It is entertaining with a unique twist of color and illustrations.

Flotsam has no text in the book at all. It is completely pictures that tell a story. It is easy to follow along and see what is happening. I think this is a cool idea because it lets the reader use their imagination and decide for themselves on what they want to take away from the story.

The Polar Express
This is a longer book that really has a detailed story. Children will enjoy this book because it is so relatable to real life. It's about a boy who doesn't believe in Santa but gets taken on a train ride to the north pole and witnesses santa and end up believing. He is given a bell that symbolizes belief. If you believe in santa the bell rings, if not you can't hear it.

Normandy I love The House in the Night. I enjoy reading this to my kids. There is a sweet and simple comfort in it.

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