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Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 28 comments Mod
here you talk about your horses if you have any.

message 2: by Miquaelia (new)

Miquaelia (horselover15) | 5 comments I have an Off the track TB :) getting another horse soon hopefully

message 3: by Devynne (new)

Devynne I own a 24year old solid paint name Blue because of his eyes. & a reg. quarter bay horse name cerlo. I soon hopefully will get another horse either a draft or a mustang!

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 28 comments Mod
o cool and what a mustang how are you going to get that are you going to train it

message 5: by Devynne (new)

Devynne yep I would train it even when we breed my bay I'll train the baby because that's what I do for now since I'm taking a break from the rodeo I train my rescue paint

message 6: by Miquaelia (new)

Miquaelia (horselover15) | 5 comments Awww thats amazing. My mare is a b**** lol she wont pick up her front feet, she kicks out when you go to pick up her hind legs and she bites when you brush her on her right side and tries to cow kick sometimes. she is slowly getting better the more i do with her though. we are getting someone out to do some work with her on the 28th. hopefully put the saddle on her and see how she goes or i could be looking for a new horse and i think that is a very llikely situation atm

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 28 comments Mod
O that's cool. Can anyone help me my horse is a tb he would put his ears down and try to run if I go to him. But I don't know why but when I am riding him he is better he will lisen to me but when I am on the ground he would try to kick me. I hit him on the butt cause we trying to run away and he kicked me. But I just don't know how to bond with him. Like if I go riding and then after I would go get him to let him eat grase and he would get mad at me. But his others owners I think drugged him before I got him and he was fine. But I just don't know what is worng with him. help pealse I do not want to lose him.

message 8: by Devynne (new)

Devynne Ok i know whats going on with your horse because blue was like that when i got him but that was because he was beaten so he had trouble trusting people but now me and him our like brother and sister and even thought we do have our fights here and there but he still loves me and works with me. What you need to do is have one week of just you and him time without the saddle because the only way to have a good realtionship in the saddle is to have one on the ground fisrt. To him when your on the ground he has the power but when the saddle on he knows you have the power now so what you need to do is spend about three hours with him a day for a whole. Groom him, take him for walks about teh pasture, give him treats here and there and just talk to him even tell him about your book. That's what i do with Blue and my old horse and that's how our bound got strong becausei showed him i don't want to contorl him i want to be his friend. You'll him start to relax a little then when the week up for the whole morning do your bounding then slowly saddle him up put one peice on at a time and rub him the whole time showing him just because the saddle on dosen't mean your going to boss him around you just want to be with him. :)

message 9: by Devynne (new)

Devynne and that advice can go to the both of yall it wasn't just for Brodie :)

message 10: by Miquaelia (new)

Miquaelia (horselover15) | 5 comments Yeah well we havnt actuallly gotten on her yet and i am the only one who touches her. around feeding times she is worse. you xant do anything with her or she will be turning her bum to you. we think she was beaten but she doesnt care about much. I just need to work out how to get through to her. She is way better then she was though

message 11: by Devynne (new)

Devynne My horse is the same around feed. For him it was because he would barly get fed so he dosen't let my other horse near him when it's feeding time so we had to speate them. He's aways groucy and lungs at her and even me sometimes because we moved him to a new place. But when he would do that again during the day i would just site in top of the fence and just watch him and wait for him to come to me because i know if i site there long enough he will get curise of me w=and want to come check me out when he dose move to me i'll just storck his face and neck and let him come and go as he please till now i can sit on that fence and he'll come stand next to me where my legs touch his side and let me pet him all over and when feed time comes he's not mad or protcetive of his food he just calls to me and walks next to me to his bucket. I really think your horse just dosen't trust you yet.How long have you had him? and really you just need to be around your horse more and do nothing just fisrt show your not going to do anything wrong to him by standing there and once he gets use to your presnet start petting him and grooming him to have him relax to your touch.

message 12: by Brodie I LOVE HORSES :) (last edited Sep 19, 2012 07:25PM) (new)

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 28 comments Mod
o are u talking to me. that is what my horse would. when i frist got him and that was in may. i would stand there when he is eating and u are not really allwoed to do that and he would put this ears down. but i just dont know he is so weird and he is a tb he fine when i am riding him and he is a tb.qh ok are they better to have. finster my horse when i was going on a trail he want to run and he did and he jumped to the side and i fell of. so just dont know what to do do i get a new horse or do i keep him. he is not really the horse that i wanted but i just had to get him, there was no sense of bad in him.

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