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Sam/Applejack♆ Post pictures and start.

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Courtney rang the doorbell, in a good mood.

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"hey!" courtney was wearing some casual skinny jeans, lace up boots, and a camisole with a bright red jean jacket.

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"so what are we gonna be doing?"

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((XD)) "what are we gonna be doin?"

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura entered after Courtney. She had her pills tucked safley away in her bag, ready to end it when she felt the time was right

(( (view spoiler) ))
^^What shes wearing :3

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"this is gonna be one heck of a party! I just hope August shows up...... He is the LIFE of a party," she said with a giggle.

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((What she gonna do with the pills..... seriously.))

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((Library at west view!!! Chloe...))

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"Hey sal" she said.

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"Jeesh, ever heard of getting TOO comfy?" she joked.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((She's gonna take to many and overdose. Fun :3))

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"your hopeless", she said, and couldn't stop giggling.

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((too many of what type of pills?))

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"one of us already did." she said, pretending to send disaproval towards Sal. "Boys" she exclaimed dramatically.

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"Wanna swim?"

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wanderer (chloemai) ((I dunno, the type that kills if you have to much :) :S :3))

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((why are you doing that))
"great. Because I just randomly brought my swim suit.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((To add more drama i guess, i want my charrie to do something.))

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"Where can we all change?" She translated to Sukira.

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She repeated her question to Sal, because Lilac left.

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura nodded glad that she had taken her brothers up on the suggestion of taking a swim suit. She had recently changed her belly button ring over as well, and it was now the silvery one with the chinese symbol on.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((Sorry guys... traffic was really bad... im still in the car on my phone... lets just say August was really late XD))

August rings the doorbell. He shifts his weight, knowing he was late.

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Sakura and COurtney left to go change into theire swimsuits.

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((Are you coming back on???? SOON???? CAN WE JUST STARY AND PRETEND YOUR HERE?))

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Courtney, now changed into her swimsuit, went to get the door for Lilac. "AUGUST! You made it!" The excitement in her voice was inmistakable.

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((OK Will you be on like, soon?))

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(The Bikinni she is wearing -

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((BOOHOO bye.))

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Alessia (siriostars) ((Ok))

August walks to the pool, crossing his arms. He was wearing his swimming trunks.

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura changed into her bikini feeling slightly self concious. SHe looked down at her belly button ring, moving it around for a few seconds before following Courtney.

(((view spoiler) ))
^^Her Bikini

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"Come on in, August!"

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Once Courtney saw Sakura in her swimsuit, SHe squeled aying "CUTE!" in chinese.

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Alessia (siriostars) Katie wrote: ""Come on in, August!""

"No." August glares at Courtney.

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"What?" SHe asked, confused. "What's wrong?"

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura nodded.
"Thanks." she said. running a hand through her hair before pulling it back into a knot on top of her head so it wouldnt get in her way.

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Alessia (siriostars) august turns his attention to Sakura. She's really pretty.... he thinks.

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((Oh no.))
"I asked you a question dude."

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Alessia (siriostars) Katie wrote: ""What?" SHe asked, confused. "What's wrong?""

"Nothing..." August acts innocent. He grins as he starts walking to the other side if the pool.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((IKR??? hehe XP))

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"What, what did you mean then when you said no...." Courtney felt confused at the sudden turn of events.

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Alessia (siriostars) Katie wrote: ""What, what did you mean then when you said no...." Courtney felt confused at the sudden turn of events."

"You asked me if I was coming in." August shrugs.

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wanderer (chloemai) Sakura looked at the 2 of them thoughtfully before following August, waiting so Courtney could catch up.

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Courtney caught up, and when they were next to the pool, a mischevious thought came to her. "Think fast!" SHe said, pushing August in the pool. He did a belly flop, a big splash coming from the air.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((:O TELL THAT TO AUGUST!!! HES INSANE XD don't worry guys hes an idiot when it comes to crushes and I bet in 5 seconds he'll have totally forgotten that he thought Sakura was pretty))

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