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Garth Do you like this website? What book recommendations does it give you that you are interested in? What book recommendations does it give you that you are NOT interested in? How is your book project going?

Shufei Pan Well, this is a great website for book readers and I think I kind of like it too. It popped up some books that I like and it's kind of in common with the books that I rate on. Well, most of the books that I liked, there's not much books that I'm not interesting in. Um... I don't like zombies, but I like scary ones... My project is going awesome... even know my drawing sucks. Anyways!!! I will Finnish, I hope, it's going to be really long...

Gentri Wendel It's okkayy I guess. It's just Facebook for books. It's not going so great. Actually I haven't started because I'm too panicked to even start. Sooooooo. . . . . Mr. G, you should let me do a smaller poem inspired by Hunger Games, not about Hunger Games. Say yes?? Thanks!

Garth Okay, but only on one condition: the poem needs to still be lengthy and reference multiple scenes in the story. Quote the text and make sure that you do a great job.

Courtney Bennett I like this website, I didn't think I would, but I do, actually like it. I really like dramatic books. I don't know exactly how to describe them. Anything by Sarah Dessen. I don't have any books that I wouldn't recommend. People should just read what they like to read, not by what others tell them too. I don't like the whole dragons and mythical creatures thing.. It just isn't my thing. Uhm.. It's going.

message 6: by Max (new) - rated it 5 stars

Max Bricco this is a good website, its easy to go through and it is really helpful. it gave me some good dystopian recommendations that i like and i might go but some of those books, it really didn't give me any recommendations that i didn't like, and my project is going pretty good i guess.

Gentri Wendel I like a few of the books, but most of them look very uniteresting. I will read a few, but not most of them. It will be very useful when I run out of books to read for the 40 book challenge. So I thank you for that.

ALEX I working on a "Graphic novel for girls" project with some friends. They are all hopeless nerds an think that all normal girls care about is hair and make-up. I used the "top 100 books for girls" list on here to show them what they liked. BTW Hunger-Games was no 1 on that list. As for recommendations it gave me divergent and the host. I need to examine to see if there are any I'm not interested in.

Julie This website is fine. I need to do a major u-haul of my pages and remove a lot of the books that I've read, and didn't like, because apparently, it's bad to rate a book and say you don't like it if you want to become a novelist, because those people might be on a panel with you some day.

I am interested in a few of the book recommendations, and they looked pretty good, like some of the older teen romance. However, 90% of what they showed me was the stuff that I liked to read 3 years ago, which consists of paranormal romance twilight-wannabe stories that I feel like I've outgrown like old shirts. I think that it's crazy how people coat tail bestsellers, and aren't willing to fork it over.

The Book Project is coming slowly. I'm reviewing still, right now, and trying to figure out what to do with Clove and her relationship with the other careers. I think it's going to be a lot of fun to write, but I need to get going on it.

I was going to write the blog post, but it can wait until tomorrow, unlike some of my other homework.

Happy Birthday to me! :)

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