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Rape or Honest Mistake?
((Savanha)) ((Savanha)) Sep 18, 2012 01:47PM
Ohkay so when Cara and Sean are about to have sex and last minute Cara changes her mind but Sean still does do you think he raped her or was it a honest mistake?? Personally for me Im on the fence about this. Sex without consent is rape BUT Cara did lead him on. Thoughts??

IT WAS RAPE. Cara did not lead him on she was confused about her sexuality and experimenting. She wanted to try to have sex then changed her mind. If someone changes their mind you STOP. If you continue it is RAPE.

Honest mistake my ass. He stalked her and outed her publicly after refusing to admit her raped her. He is not a good person and I do not care that his feelings were hurt; it in no way compares to the struggles Cara went through as a closeted lesbian and rape victim.

Talking about "leading someone on" is dangerously close to victim-blaming. Never, ever blame the victim for the abuse they suffer.

It was rape. No means NO!

Of course it's rape!
A woman is allowed to say "No" at any time during intercourse, even afterwards.

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She said no and he kept going anyway. Of course it's rape!


She led him on but he defiantly took it too far. Rape...

No question about it, it was truly rape.

Rape is rape. No matter when someone says stop, it means stop.

It was not an honest mistake. He heard.her say no. It is still forcing them to be sexually invovled.

It was rape, but he wasn't malicious, just stupid. The steroids weren't helping either.

It was rape. She said no and he continued anyway.

She said no. If the answer is no, its rape. Doesn't matter if she lead him on, he forced himself on her even after she told him to stop.

It was definitely rape, even if someone changes their mind a second before its going to happen, you stop.

agreed ^

Absolutely rape. She said no before he penetrated, and he wouldn't stop after. Rape is rape.

I agree with Helen. I think all the steroids clouding his brain and building up so much testosterone made it almost physically impossible for him to stop,so in that respect it was a mistake. I don't know about honest, but it was a mistake. I don't want to get jumped because I'm arguing his side, though, so I'll say that I also agree that it was rape. Hell, it was rape. But it's good to take a look at it from both angles. I hate Sean's character, I hate what he did to Cara, but in this particular situation, things got muddled. Yes, it was rape, but that wasn't his intention (no matter how misguided his intentions actually were). I in no way condone rape at all by saying this (obviously, that's completely ridiculous and terrible), but I see where Sean was coming from. It was still rape, though. Still rape.

I honestly think it was an honest mistake. Cara lead Sean to it then changed her mind when they were about to so it kind of Cara's fault.

Cat Ziman "leading on" and "sex without consent" are two completely different things. She said no, and he continued on any way. Therefore it is sex without cons ...more
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Aileen True if you look at it that way he shouldve been a gentleman and stopped
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defidently rape, she didnt want it, so it was rape

No means no means no means no, even if she was okay with it at first. If she says no and he still continues, it is without a doubt rape.

I agree with most everyone here; she did say stop, and he did acknowledge in his mind what she said. He continued anyway, and that is the definition of rape.

Yes, it was rape. She said no. She even tried to get him off of her and he continued.

Even a last minute epiphany, and the moment of saying no is sketchy. i personally think it was Rape because he kept going.

It was rape. She wasn't ready and said no. He didn't stop.

It was rape. No question about it.

I think his judgement was clouded by the steroids. It was rape no doubt but what he was feeling and thinking it wasn't rape. His actions afterwards we messed up too. Though again he was taking steroids and was not his self. I understand both point of views but it was rape.

it was rape. No means no.

I never finished the book, but I did get to this part. Yes, it was rape. It didn't help that she basically sad she was going to have sex with him, and then said NO right before the deed was about to be done. But, she did say No and made it pretty clear she didn't want it to happen.

Definitely Rape. He seems aware of what she said, she is SCREAMING in pain, yet he does it anyway. If a man really loved you and you were in pain, he would STOP regardless. Sex shouldn't come before genuinely hurting someone!

I would say it was an honest mistake on his part but that doesn't mean it wasn't rape. What happened afterwards definitely made it seem like more than a mistake even though he did make a mistake that could have happened very easily... I say it's more than just a blip on the radar, I think more than anything, it's how he treated the situation and the aftermath that dictates if it's rape or not.

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