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Sam/Applejack♆ Shoot.

Sam/Applejack♆ Well we are actually just going to let you guys just rp the teachers as random whenever you need them

message 3: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) okay!! thats good to know ^_^

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Hm, I think in the outside of the school.. you should make a park thread with a large field. Because Cynthina is a cheerleader for the Jaguars... so they need somewhere to pratice. Usually, where I live, theres cheer/football teams & they practice at a park or a school then have their games at highschools. I mean, Cynthina can practice at the school if you make a field, or a park, it doesnt matter where ^^...

Sam/Applejack♆ Kk. So would a "Cheer Practice" thread work?

message 6: by shay arabella (new)

shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Yes it would, thanks(:

message 7: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) Different places around town? Like a coffee shop..? Deli Store..? Book store. Music Store. Etc.

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Yeah, I'm glad you added the deli shop and stuff. Thanks! Maybe, like, a water park or something? Mall of America?? lol.

message 9: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) lol yeah i kinda just added that quickly because Vi was going to those places.
I was gonna wait for the mod... to add more...

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The White House


message 12: by Sam/Applejack♆ (new)

Sam/Applejack♆ Uh why?

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