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Sam/Applejack♆ Start.

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She has asked the Gym teacher if she could come after school to practice some dives. She was really bad at swimming, and couldn't do a dive, so she wanted to practce so she wouldn't be quite as mortified when it was the swimming unit. She looked up and was horrified to see some kids come in right when she going to dive. She completely messed up. She could feel her face burning up.

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((Could anyone continue this one like it happended the second you just read this?))

Sam/Applejack♆ Samantha walked in and saw a girl mess up a dive. It was hilarious, but she knew how it felt so she stayed quiet about it and did some real dives and laps.

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Nik (anxious-morality) Aisha makes sure no one is around as she runs into the locker rooms to change into her swim suit. she heard this school had a heated lake but she had never been able to see it. She finshed slipping it on and put her hair into a neat servants braid as she walked to the edge of the pool. she dove into the warm water she swam around and finally got tierd she layed on her back and closed her eyes she floated for a moment then heard footstep and swam towards the edge closest to the locker room and ran hearing voices behind her. she quickly changed and ran through the door in a rush she passed the girls not letting them see her face and ran leaving the heated lake behind

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Nik (anxious-morality) Aisha slipped into the locker room again looking around carefully she quickly put on her bathing suit and ran to the pool she froze by the edge and jumped in. it was freezing she jumped out and ran into the locker room putting on her tank top and shorts she shivered her lips blue from the water. she ran deciding to get coffee even though she had already been there.

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