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Sam/Applejack♆ Delete the "." From the Html formate. And DO IT RIGHT.

<.b>Full name:<./b>

<.b> Nick Name:<./b> If any


<.b>Age:<./b> 10 through 14

<.b>Grade:<./b> 5 through 8

<.b>Gender:<./b> Female or Male

<.b>Appearance:<./b> No anime pictures please. Use a picture or link along with a nice description.

<.b>Personality: <./b> 5-8 sentences required

<.b>History:<./b> 5-8 sentences required


<.b>Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ask first



<.b>Other:<./b> Anything else you wanna add. Optional.

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Sam/Applejack♆ Full name: Samantha Elizabeth Wilkerson

Nick Name: Samantha, some of her friends call her Mantha

Birthday: March 23rd

Age: 12 and 1/2

Grade: 7

Gender: Female

Samantha is a girl of slightly above average height. She is very flat and skinny. Her legs are longer then her abdomen, giving her the figure of a runner. However, she is a swimmer, explaining her broad shoulders. Her eyes are grey hazel with a ring of gold around the pupil. She has long, brownish reddish hair of medium thickness. Her skin is paler and burns easily. She has a faint galaxy of freckles across the bridge of her nose and long eyelashes. Her legs and arms are thin, but her legs are very muscular. She has thin hips that match the rest of her body. If she bends over, her spine is clearly defined. She has shortish bangs, and her hair is wavy or curly. She always either straitens, curls, or does something to it, as she hates it normal. She has pretty facial features, and nice structure. She also has braces, which at the time the colors consist of a violet power chain across the top and pink across the bottom.

Personality: Samantha is a kind, softhearted, gentle girl for the most part. She is always making wise cracks and teasing others, but in a good natured way. If she senses she has hurt someone's feelings, she will feel really bad and apologize immediately. She is liked by a lot of people, and has a LOT of friends. She knows everyone and they all know her. She is a bit on the shyer side around some, but around her friends you wouldn't notice. She is a goody two shoes, or a goody goody as some might say. She is a bit quick to judge, but hey. Nobody's perfect. She can't say no, and always does what she believes is right. She is very sweet and kind, and soft. She is also very loyal and LOVES animals.

She is also really smart. She is a straight A student and is in accelerated math. She is in the tops of her classes, and is happy to help anybody who struggles. She doesn't need to study, her good grades just come naturally to her. She is in the enrichment program, which is a program for kids who are "special." So overall, she is very smart, nice, kind, and a great friend to anybody.

She is on the swim team, plays golf, tennis, and is going to do track as well. She is a bit slow at swimming, but one of the strongest swimmers on the team. She is good at tennis, and great at golf as well. She is good at some sports, but bad at others. She'll figure it out eventually though.

She is a fantastic artist. She can draw amazingly well, better then all of her friends. She can also sing better then any of her friends. She has an amazing voice, but doesn't show it off in public, as she has a but of stage fright. She also took piano for 5 or 6 years, but stopped because she is now taking chorus. She also takes clarinet as well.

History: Samantha has always done great in school, and probably always will. School is easy for her, and she has always gotten high grades. Her teachers have always loved her, and always will. She has had a pretty normal life for the most part, but with its upsides and down. She has gotten through everything just fine. She met Emma in preschool, and they have been best friends ever since, and still are to this day. She has some other best friends though, but Emma and her share a special bond that can never be broken.

Mother: Susan
Father: Kevin
Brother: Sean, 9

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Crush: Usually someone, but nobody at the moment.

Pets: She had a pug named Ernie, but he died. So none.

Other: She excels at any form of art.

Sam/Applejack♆ Accepted.

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Alessia (siriostars) Full name: Vienna Son

Nick Name: Vi

Birthday: December 25th

Age: 14

Grade: 8

Gender: Female


Personality: (view spoiler) Vi is a very angry, depressing and negative person. She's the exact opposite of her brother, August, who's very happy and out going. She doesn't really have any enthusiasm for anything and never really tries to do anymore. You ever heard someone say, "their smile lit up the room"? Well that's the exact opposite of Vi's. Her frown dampens the mood of the room. Her sadness is almost contagious when she's at her worst. She doesn't comfort people very easily and the only person she's close to is August right now.
~ Books
~ Unsolved Murders
~ Last Words of Famous People
~ Scary Movies

History: (view spoiler)

Family: Her brother, Augustus/August. Grandparents. Dad (In Jail) Mom (Deceased)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Crush: None at the moment and probably never. :P

Pets: She and August have a German Shepard named Luna. ((<3 love you puppy. P.S. This is my actual dog and she's awesome. ))

Other: Clockwork Bracelet her mom gave her:

August to be posted soon. I just need to go eat dinner...

Sam/Applejack♆ Accepted.

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Johns Full name: Lania de Vanca

Nick Name: Lanie

Birthday: October 31, 1999

Age: 13

Grade: 7

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue So purrrty!
Hair Color: Pale blonde
Height: 5'3"

Personality: Lanie is a very active person, always cheerful in her own way. She always looks on the brightside of things, even if there really isn't one. She has a tendency to over react and start to panic, which leads in a freak out session with ranting and raving. Talking to herself isn't uncommon with Lanie, since she built up that habit in third grade when she figured out people didn't want her as a friend. But did that tear her down? Of course not! This is Lanie Reed, basicly a guidence counsler. She isn't afraid to give out her whole opinion of things and sometimes that isn't the best thing for her. She's sarcastic and loves to cheer people up, and always is a shoulder to cry on. Seeing sad people is like the worst thing for her.

But even though she acts like a ball of energy at all times, Lanie is a very insecure person. She never really understood why she couldn't read like the other kids and that really bugged her. She thought something was wrong with her. Everyone else did too. Kids at school can be mean, I tell you, and that changed Lanisa for a long time. Her hyperactiveness deteriorated and along did her confidence. Now that she isn't fully recovered from her old self, Lanie still acts like a shy, quiet girl when she's around new people.

History: Lanie grew up in multiple places around Italy and Spain with her parents, until they died in a horrid car accident when she and her brother Lane were around five years old. They crashed on the most dangerous highway in Germany: the Autobahn. It was a dark night when the de Vanca adults were out on that road -- Lania and Lane were at their grandparents house in Venice, awaiting for the return of their parents that would never come back. Dark, cold, and snowing, all the things that were most dangerous, especially on a road with no speed limit. Mr. and Mrs. de Vanca were on their way from one German region to another, since that's what they did for a living: travel. Unfortunately, that road was one they had to get on to get to those regions. They crashed head on with a very speedy Lamborghini, killing them instantly.

When the rest of the family heard of the tradgedy, they were all completely and utterly destressted. Lanie didn't act like her normal self and Lane became closed off, not letting his new guardians -- his grandparents -- look after him and tell him what to do. He had started to become something dark. Now, that they've went through therapy, the siblings have started to act normaler. Lucklily, Lanie still acts cheerful and Lane still acts . . . not appropreitly, that's not the word . . . properly. Not that he ever did . . . .
• Bianca de Vanca - Age 59 - Alive - Grandmother
• Leonardo de Vanca - Age 63 - Alive - Grandfather
• Lane de Vanca - Age 14 - Alive - Brother

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Crush: Open

Pets: Chairman Meow, her purple cat. Yeah, she dyed him purple.

Other: As like her brother Lane, Lanie is talented in the art associasion. It's one of her best attributes. She loves artwork, especially historic ones such as the Mona Lisa or the lily pad one by Van go. ((It's sad I don't remember the name)) She's also obsessed with little objects that she says can hold great magic, which tends to make people stray away from her, thinking she's an odd one.

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Alessia (siriostars) Full name: Augustus Son

Nick Name: August

Birthday: June 31st

Age: 12

Grade: 7

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color : Dark Green
Tall, has dimples, looks like a happy person because he is a happy person... most of the time.
Personality: Bright, funny. He can light up a whole room with one joke. (Unlike Vienna) He likes it when people smile. He loves being outside during the day and he doesn’t like the dark much. August is very friendly. He likes to have a lot of friends. August is very optimistic and enthusiastic about everything.
~ Writing
~ Singing and Piano
~ Books
~ Basketball and Volleyball


History: Same as Vienna's.

Family: Same as Vienna's

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Paris

Crush: Courtney and Paris

Pets: Luna the German Shepard. Look at Vienna.

Other: Necklace he never takes off because his grandma gave it to him:
Oh and he tries to sit with Vi a lot because he knows people don't like her and yeah...
* Oh my GOD, after reading this over... I can definitely tell that this was one of my earlier RPs*

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments description


♔ ▏First Name: Cynthia
♔ ▏Middle Name: Alisa
♔ ▏Last Name: Valentine

[Pʀᴏɴᴜɴᴄɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ;] SIN-thee-uh || uh-LEE-suh || va-lin-TEA-na

[Tɪᴛʟᴇs;] Cyn ; An ; Val
[Pʀᴇғᴇʀʀᴇᴅ;] Cynthia



• thirteen years young [13]

[Bɪʀᴛʜ Dᴀᴛᴇ;]
• Day;; thirty-first
• Month;; October
• Year;; 2000
• Holiday;; Halloween

[Bɪʀᴛʜ Pʟᴀᴄᴇ;]
• City;; Manteca
• State;; California
• Country;; United States of America
• Time;; 5:08am



• Female
• Lady
• Girl
• Feminine



[Hᴀɪʀ Cᴏʟᴏʀ] light Brown
[Eʏᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ] Baby Blue
[Sᴋɪɴ Cᴏʟᴏʀ] Light Tan
[Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ] 114 pounds
[Hᴇɪɢʜᴛ] 5'3"
[Bᴏᴅʏ Bᴜɪʟᴛ] Hourglass
• Both ears pierced
• Side nose piercing
• Belly button piercing
• Thigh; Decided to wear short jean shorts while riding her horse, her horse threw her off while refusing a jump, she scraped up against the jump, the rail-holder tearing open her right thigh.
• Light freckles on cheeks
• Dimples on both cheeks
[Cᴀsᴜᴀʟ Wᴇᴀʀ]
• [Summery whether+seasons] Short jean shorts, spaghetti strap or tank top, flats, sandals, or converse [vans, DCs, Supras], maybe a snap back &/or sunglasses
• [Wintery whether+seasons] Skinny jeans, t-shirt, baggy sweater, converse [vans, DCs, Supras], maybe a beanie

• [Summery whether+seasons] Short jean shorts, spaghetti strap or tank top, riding boots or converse [vans, DCs, Supras]
• [Wintery whether+seasons] Skinny jeans, t-shirt, tight sweater, riding boots or converse [vans, DCs, Supras]
[ sometimes she wears what she would normally wear]

Special Occasions
• dresses, flats, dress jacket, maybe bow in hair
(view spoiler)



♛| Personality: Cyn is a very funny out-going type of girl. She has always been fun, was never the rude type. She loves to make new friends and is usually nice to everybody, almost everybody knows who she is. She loves to takes pictures of herself or anything else. Though, she isn't a girly girly, shes actually a tomboy. She doesn't wear dresses, skirts or anything like that, she usually wears things like skinny jeans, jean shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, really long sweatshirts or jackets, DCs, All star- converse, Vans, Flats. Shes a giggle box though, she knows a lot of guys fall for her but she ignores it, she isn't the type to go out with a lot of guys honestly. Shes very active and loves PE, her favorite sport would be football and horseback-riding, but she does like to run and is fast. Shes loves to joke around and have fun, shes the dare devil type. Though, Cyn does have a smart mouth and sharp tongue, meaning she can come back with the meanest come backs against someone else. Cyn does have those days when she not in a good mood, on those days, its best to not even mess around with cause even though she doesn't fight she can really well, she can easily knock someone out if needed. Cyn is very smart in school and has never really got a F, she was always a honored student, all the teachers loved her, but this doesn't mean Cyn in't a bady bady.
♛| Background History: Cynthina was actually born in Manteca, California, not a large and common town really. Cyn had lived a happy life with her family until the day when she was 9 years old and her parents started to argue over things, it got so bad they started to fight over stupid things. Sure enough, her parents broke up and divorced sadly. Her mother and her older sister that she always thought of a best friend, moved away to San Francisco, California. Cyn and her father stayed in Manteca, California. Cyn was spoiled by her father by this time, but she never turned into a selfish little girl, she was always loyal. This is how Cyn got all her pets and got involved with horses.



♛| Relationship Status: Single
♛| Crushes: Jake Grace
♛| Husband: Nobody
♛| Sexuality: Straight

♛| Best Female Friend: Courtney Smith
♛| Best Male Friend: Augustus Son
♛| Other Female Friends: Sakura, Paris, Lilanna
♛| Other Male Friends: Hudson, Jacob, Micheal, Trey



♛| Pets:
Newport Bey - Stallion - Newport
Ravenwood Albek Sirh - Gelding - Bek
Silent Superstar - Mare - Destiny
Blossom - She-cat
West - Female Border Collie
♛| Jobs:
• Horse trainer at different stables + her own
♛| Family:
• Alice Valentine Bond - Mother - Moved Away
• Alexander Valentine - Father -Alive
• Anja Valentine - Older Sister -Moved Away
• Joseph Valentine -Cousin -More Like Brother
♛| Sports:
• Horseback-riding [competes & trains]
• Cheerleading [Cheers for Jaguars; town team]
♛| Grade: seventh grade [7th]

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Johns Full name: Lane de Vanca

Nick Name: --

Birthday: January 6, 1999

Age: 14

Grade: 8

Gender: Male

This looks so much like my friend Devon it's not even funny. ._. Huh.
Eye Color: An odd green color with brown and gold
Hair Color: Diry blonde
Height: 5'5"

Personality: Lane, first of all, is a very joking, unserious person at all times, such as his sister. But instead of trying to cheer up people with his jokes and sarcasm, he tends to offend people. But, at times, Lane can be serious and the joking wall he puts up to hide his pain ((oh my Goddess, that sounded emo)) crumbles. Lane can be a sensitive person when he wants to be, not that he ever really chooses to act like that.

Actually, a lot of the things he ends up doing are mostly done by impulse, always doing before thinking. For instance, hitting someone when his short temper is sparked is done on impulse. He never means to hit them. But most of the times, he just chooses not to do things or not pay any attention. Lane's gained a lot of bad habits in his short fourteen years, but they're certainly worse than some.

History: Look at Lanie's.

• Bianca de Vanca - Age 59 - Alive - Grandmother
• Leonardo de Vanca - Age 63 - Alive - Grandfather
• Lane de Vanca - Age 14 - Alive - Brother

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Crush: Holly

Pets: Hatter, his white rabbit

Other: Lane, like his sister, loves the arts, only musical wise instead of using brushes and paint. He loves to play the drums and vocals, the mere thought of music excites him fully. Going to concerts isn't new for him, yet he never gets tired of them. He's been to multiple Blink-182 concerts which was how he got his lucky drumsticks, signed by the drummer.

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Sam/Applejack♆ All Accepted.

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Pari {Ridhee} (ridhee) | 5 comments Full Name: Alyssa Thompson
Nickname: Al
Birthday: 24 June
Age: 13
Grade: 8
Appearance: My picture
Personality: Alyssa can be very sweet if anyone doesnt blow her head her off. She is really short tempered. She is a tomboy and doesnt like spending time with girls. She will if she gets a really good friend and once she gets a best friend she shares all her secrets with that person.
History: Alyssa didnt like to stay with her family and so she begged her Dad to put her in hostel. He did in South Side School. She was more or less a normal girl before she came to this school. She totally changed when she shifted here.
Family: Mom and Dad
Boyfriend: Open
Crush: Open

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Sam/Applejack♆ Accepted.

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Full Name: Courtney Smith
Nickname:Court (kinda a flirty pet name.... obviously her friends don't call her that.)

Personality: Courtney is one of those bubbly peppy girls that just make you smile. She giggles contantly, even though she can diss people like she was born naturally negative. (In the teasing sorta way boys and girls do.)She doesn't ever think she is better than someone, even though she is popular. She also doesn't just randomly say HI! And start an annoying conversation that is just is uncomfortable. If she hears sarcasm that is funny, she flashes them a smile, and laughs. She will befriend anyone, and is easy to talk to. She is flexible, and is a cheerleader, but much prefers soccer and basketball. SHe is a B student, which is amazing sence she is dyslexic.
History: She has a younger brother, and younger sister, (twins) both 4. Her dad and mom are perfect together, despite her dad's grouchyness at times and sarcasm, and her mom's crazyness. Who said opposites don't attract?
Family: Younger brother and sister, mom and dad.
Pets: A Cuban dog called a Havanese. (A fluffy small furball.)
Other: SHe loves babysitting, and reflecting her own style. Yeah, she still buys brands, but that doesn't mean she won't put a twist to it to make it her own. SHe is Artsy, loves singing, painting, and drawing. She is naturally artistic. She is also athletic.

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((Sorry the picture wasn't working. Go on Google Images, and search "Strawberry Teen Girl" She is the 2nd and 3rd option. Sorry!))

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Sam/Applejack♆ Accepted.

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((i'm gonna edit MINE!!! 7th grade, still 13. I'm in seventh grade.... so ya know.))

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Full Name: Noelle McCormick
Nickname: Nelly
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Personality: Noelle is a bubbly and funny person who loves meeting new people and is great at making people feel better.
History: TBRP'd
Crush: Ashur

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Sam/Applejack♆ Accepted. . . I guess . . .

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Sam/Applejack♆ Accepted. And guys, PLEASE stop spamming!

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Full name: Asher Johnson

Birthday: July 15th


Grade: 8

Gender: Male

He pretty tall, and has brilliant eyes.
FC: Carter Jenkins

Personality: He's suuuuuuper arrogant, and is kinda athletic. He's got a lot of depth and layers.

History: Keeps it to himself.

Family: His sister is his legal gaurdian. He doesn't bring it up much.

Other: Get to know him ;)

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Full name:Sabrina Jane Elisson

Nick Name: Janey

Birthday: September 29th

Age: 12 1/2

Grade: 7

Gender: Female

She generally wears flowy clothes, and her hair is almost always straight.
FC: Ellen Marlow

Personality: She's bubbly, eccentric, and always super excited. But very little people know the real her-the sad, frustrated, self destructive girl...

History: Her parents are no where near fit, or suitable, to take care of her and her older sister. She avoids talking about life at home at all costs.

Family: Her older sister is old enough to become her legal guardian(18). Her parents do not feed them-it's her sister's job to get food. Her parents don't pay their bills; they are not fit to be suitable parents.

Crush: Mike, Asher, and Jack.

Other: She acts kind of like a diva, and is very self centered.

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Eleanor | 36 comments Full name: Taylor A. Ralue

Nick Name: None

Birthday: September 30th

Age: 11, turning twelve soon

Grade: 6th

Gender: Female


Personality: She is shy, but sweet, and daring. She can make you laugh without trying. She is very independent, but a great teammate when she's playing a sport. She will stand up for what ever shevthibks is right. She has a short temper, so don't push your luck.

History: Taylor had 4 half sisters. Her mother had just had Taylor when the police found their mom. Her mom had beaten them. So did all 5 of their fathers. One mother, 5 dads. They were adopted by a nice woman, and given a good home.
Taylor can still hear her sisters tears and their screaming, as they remember alot. They were six years old( Two of them, born 10 months apart.), four, and two. Taylor was 0.

Family: Her 4 older sisters and her adopted family.

Crush: August

Pets: Two giant huskies

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Sydney (sassysyd12) Full name: Roxanne H. Smith

Nickname: Roxy

Birthday: March 15

Age: 12 1/2

Grade: 7

Gender: Female

Appearance: Brown hair with green streaks. Blue, kind eyes. Beautiful smile.

Personality: Outgoing, smart, sweet, and definiatly funny. Loyal, devoted, friendly (most of the time), and immature (when she's funny). Determined, especially when she plays basketball.

History: Her dad has always moved from place to place because everything reminded him of his wife who'd died three years back. His dad has finally decided to stay in one place until Roxy has graduated from middle school.

Family: Three older brothers and her dad.


Crush: none

Other: Plays basketball and loves to hang out with her brothers (ex: wrestle, play rugby, football, laccrosse, etc)

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wanderer (chloemai) Full name:Sakura Mei Ling

Nick Name:N/A

Birthday:12th June




Sakura is a very small girl. She stands at only 4'11, with long willowy limbs and the stature of a dancer. Her hair is thick, long and black, the colour of a ravens wing and is cut into a choppy style. And her eyes are the lightest of browns, framed by long dark lashes and slanted due to her chinese heritage. This is also why her skin is the same shade of coffee, and is smooth and spotless. Her torso is quite long, and her legs slim and slightly shorter than her abdomen. Her features are very delicate and small, a turned up button nose, high slashing cheekbones and full lips. She has the slightest of curves in just the right places, and her hands and feet are also small.
(view spoiler)

Saying Sakura is quiet would be an understatment.Despite living in the area for a year she struggles to speak simple english although she has tried her hardest, having come from China she speaks fluent Chinese. She understands what people are saying to a certain extent, and watches their body language and the was they move to get a perspective of what kind of mood they are in but mostly she keeps quiet.Most think shes mute, when really she just cant tell what they are saying.Her smiles are few and far between, but when she does, it seems to light up the whole room.And if you manage to make her laugh..Well you should feel like a very acomplished person.
She is lonely more than anything, and hasnt found anybody else who can speak Chinese, mean its middle school, who WOULD know how to speak Chinese well enough to have a conversation with?
She often expresses herself through love of art, and is very taleted to say the least. Her teachers are aware that she cant speak english very well and although she sits through lessons all day, and doesnt understand a word. She goes home each night and completes the lessons she has had that day, but the difference is they are in Chinese so she understands, her teachers set out the lesson in her own language so she wont fall behind.
She loves pretty things, and although she wouldnt describe herself as girly, Sakura has a soft spot for nail varnish and her belly button rings. You can often find her in the library reading a chinese comic as well.
If you were bale to speak chinese and knew her how her brothers do, she is a determined strong willed girl that wont let a thing like language get in the way. She has a firey temper and is strong willed and stubborn, but is always fair and considerate. She does have a softer side, especially to animals and young children.

Sakura comes from a small Chinese town in the heart of China.Her father was a high ranking businessman, and her mother,a stay at home mum who cared for her and her 2 older brothers. Her mother,father and her and her 2 brothers were on trip to america in 2001, her father had some bussiness there and since he had connections there, as well as friends he decided to take the whole family with him.She was only 2 at the time, her brothers were 5 and 6.The family was happy,healthy and loving and Sakura absoloutly adored her parents who only had eyes for each other.She can remember entering a large building, and can distictly remember floor 23. And then a large crash, followed by the tower beginning to tip.She was involved in the 9/11 attack.Her parents grabbed her and her brothers and held her tightly, and then they fell, bricks and rubble burying the 5.Her parents died on impact,Sakura and her brothers in there arms. All 3, now orphans, survived,with a few cuts and brusies, the most serious injury being a large cut across Sakura's stomach that required 50 stitches.
After that the siblings had to go live with there grandparents, whom unfortunaly passed away throughout the years.They then had to move to where they are now,seeing as her Aunt and Uncle, her only living relatives, live there.Although she is happy with them, she still missed her parents dearly, and struggles with depression every now and then, seeing as if there bodies hadnt been wrapped around her when they fell, she wouldnt be alive today. Her brothers can talk english with ease since they had begun learning it around the time of the attack, but Sakura never managed to catch on.

Brother-Jian Hu Ling-16
Brother-Xiong Cai Ling-15
Aunt-Miranda Sydney Ling
Uncle-Tao Wei Ling

Her brother Jian...

Her brother Xiong...



Huge Alaskan Malamute called Chengdan(Cheng for short. Means Bear in Chinese)

Belly button rings..


Some of her sketches... (Her mother)

As well as painting and drawing Sakura also loves to take pictures. She is never found without a camera around her neck and loves taking pictures of everything and everyone.

Also, when she speaks in the RP just imagine its Chinese and your charrie doesnt understand, unless they talk chinese as well :3

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Full name: Amber Court

Nick Name: none

Birthday:june 4

Age:./b> 13


Gender: Female

she has wavy light brown almost blond hair. she has light brown hazel eyes and a lot of freackels and pale skin. she is about 5'2 and is not very tall. she is skinny.

Personality: She very sweet and happy. she is very nice and caring and will do anything to help someone else. she lso very happy like all the time. alot of people love her mostly guys because shes so pretty. but she s nice everyone and can be annoyingly happy sometimes.

History: She grew up in the country but moved here when she was ten. her father owns a car company and owns a horse stable. her mother trains the horses. they have a lot of money but they dont act like it they just dont really dont care that much about money.

Family: her mother and father

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: open

Crush: open

a baby jack russel named Enzo

Other: can sing very well has a country accent

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Sam/Applejack♆ All Accepted.

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Full name: Jack B. Ryans

Nick Name: Jack

Birthday: July 3rd

Age: 12

Grade: 7

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jack has coca colored skin, and brown eyes. He has very short black hair, and a nice smile. Jack is tall, and a few pounds over weight, but he has muscle to back it up. Jack has a scar running down his back.

Personality: Jack is very funny, and can make anyone laugh. He uses kindness an friendliness to hide the pain he holds inside.
Jack won't let anyone be by themselves. He'll invite them to join in the conversation. He'll make them laugh and smile, while he feels sad.

History: When Jack was 11, he only had his mother. His father had left her because of the color of Jacks skin. Jacks mom was African american, but his dad was white. His dad wanted his child to be white.
Anyway, a few months before he turned twelve, they got into a cat crash. He got his scar from it, and his mom was in a coma. She is still in a coma, to this day. He visits her, from time to time. He lives with his aunt, uncle, and older cousin.

Family:Mother(In a coma) - Dad(Missing) - Aunt - Uncle - Cousin

Boyfriend/Girlfriend:None yet

Crush: Taylor

Pets: Other

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Full Name: Michael Zachary Johnson

Nickname: Mike

Birthday: 6/12/1998

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: He is athletic, funny, and loves to read. His favorite activity is either math or writing. He likes to talk, also. He is new at SSMS.

History: During his elementary years, he had to deal with overprotective parents. Only a few of them were only eating healthy, no going out past 5 feet of the driveway, never sit in a chair without armrests, don't walk on wood, be careful when opening doors, never smell garbage, wash your hands after touching something (literally anything), don't touch animals, etc., etc., etc. Whenever he first entered middle school, they weren't as overprotective. He could go hang out with his friends, and go out past the driveway for the first time. The only overprotective thing they do now is only watch something rated G or PG. He is a fairly popular kid in school.

Family: Mother (okay), Father (has cancer, not dead), Brother (away), Sister (died at 9/11 during a business trip)

BF/GF: Amber

Crush: UP ONE

Pets: Levi (dog)

New news: Amber became Mike's girlfriend in the hospital after what everybody thought was death, was actually just a blackout. He confessed his love for Amber, then they became more than just friends.

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Full name:Trey charles

Nick Name: none
Birthday: april 6

Age: 14

Grade: 8

Gender: Male

Trey has really light brown hair that is almost blond. he has light brown hazel eyes. he has tan skin

Personality: He is a sweet and nice guy. he is really sweet and nice and is just a great guy. but he can be a jerk sometimes when he wants to. he dosent judge people and just goes with whatever life throws at him.

History: His father left him and his mom when he was eight and his mom got re married a year later. he dosent like his step father and knows that hes cheating on his mom. but he dosent want to break his mom heart. trey plays soccer and baseball and can play the guitar.

Family: his mom and step dad

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: open


Pets: a dog named lily

<.b>Other:<./b> Anything else you wanna add. Optional.

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Full Name: 維克多三分球漢森 (Wéi Kè Duō Sān Fēn Qiú Hàn Sēn)

Nickname: 漢森先生 (Mr. Hanson)

English Name: Victor Trey Hanson

Birthday: 9/25/1961

Age: 51

Grade: Teacher


Personality: He is nice and cares about his students. He is fluent in English and Chinese.

History: Whenever he was young, he would play teacher with his older brother (age 69). Ever since he played that, he wanted to be a teacher. He teaches ESL (English Second Language), and History.

Family: Mother (age 81), Father (age 84), Brother (age 69)

Wife: Lisa Jerry Hanson

Pets: Cinnamon (cat)

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Thegirlonfire wrote: "Full name:Trey charles

Nick Name: none
Birthday: april 6

Age: 14

Grade: 8

Gender: Male


((is he approved ))

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1088 comments Thegirlonfire wrote: "Thegirlonfire wrote: "Full name:Trey charles

Nick Name: none
Birthday: april 6

Age: 14

Grade: 8

Gender: Male


(( Applejack, the group leader, said your characters DON'T need to be approved by someone, sooo yes, his pretty much approved!(: ))

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((oh ok))

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wanderer (chloemai) Full name:Kang Hui

Nick Name:N/A

Birthday:November 16th




[image error]
Kang is what could be described as handsome. He has choppy dark brown hair cut into an 'in' hairstyle and his skin a slightly paler, milkier coffee. His eyes are the colour of melted chocolate and if you look at them for to long it may seem as if your falling into them. He stands at 5'5, the average height for a boy his age, although in China that would have been classed as quite tall. He is lean and slightly muscled with a hint of a six pack coming on, although its not to prominent.

Back in China Kang would have been described as your typical jock. He always had the best clothes, the nicest home and a family that always looked prim and proper. But there was more to him. Instead of the stuck up arrogence of some of his friends, Kang wasnt like that. Despite coming across as cocky and over confident at times, he is actually a really considerate person who loves to make people laugh. He is quite witty and although he is a joker, he knows when the time is called for to be serious. Suprisingly he can speak fluent Chinese and English, although he does have a few slip ups which is understandable for his age. He loves to be with people who are important to him and is the most loyal person you can find, that is if your his friend.
He loves comics and video games and is actually a really big nerd under his jock like attitude. He does excel in sports though, his best one being soccor, but basketball comes in at a close second.



Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ask first





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Full name: Shaylee Jones

Nickname: Shay

Birthday: December 7

Age: 14

Grade: 8

Gender: Female

Appearance: will add pic later. Shay has dark brown hair that falls just past her shoulders. She has fair skin and curious brown eyes. She is about 5'1 and has a petite build.

Personality: Shay is very curious and observant. She likes to watch and learn things and is a good listener. Shay has questions about everything. She is into classical things like playing the piano and cello. She also reads a lot. She lives her life through books. Shay wants to be a writer and is very good with words. She always takes a journal wherever she goes. She is a very sweet girl but doesn't have many friends because she is so quiet.

History: Shay's parents own an antiques business that has several locations. As antique dealers, they made a great living by trading with people all throughout the world. They are gone a lot on business trips and Shay has a nanny that looks after her.

Family: Parents. Her nanny Elsa who is like family.

Crush: open

Boyfriend: none

Pets: a mouse named Whitey

Other: Her favorite singer is Elton John :)

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Sam/Applejack♆ All Accepted.

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Nik (anxious-morality) Full name: Aisha Lily Cross

Nick Name: Lily

Birthday: 10/31/1997

Age: 13

Grade: 7th

Gender: Female

Appearance: (i'm not putting a pic) Black hair, gray eyes, pale skin, pretty complection, slashes on face and arms

Personality: Aisha was very popular in her old home ( Egypt ). She speaks many forms of dialect (italian, spanish, arabic, romnian and russin). She is very kind but can be a real b**** at times. She likes dark quiet places where the sun doesn't shine and people dont normslly come. She is new to town and can't speak a lot of english without her dictionary. She also works at the animal shelter. She is also very adventures.

History: Aisha was born in a small village in egypt. She came to america because her mother was offered a new job. Her father died when she was 4. her mom remarried shortly after arriving in america to a rich handsome man named Frank. Frank said Aisha could go to private school if she liked but refused wanting to be normal. She also used to work for her village's spirital elder (so she might ask her friends to come watch her rituals) so she wears a himayah necklace. She is very hard working and compatible with other. Is also willing to try anything.

Family: Cade (mother-37), Frank (stepfather-39), Calantha (sister-4), Vega (sister-15), Raja (sister-2), Hamal (brother-6)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none

Crush: none

Pets: A Dog named Maitryi, a rabbit named Carrotsticks and a cat named Bastet (also know as Bast)


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Anastacia (ana3) | 1 comments Full name: Molly Abigail West

Nick Name: Abby,Abbs but only to those she is really close with

Birthday: June 3

Age: 12

Grade: 6


Molly has long blondish brown hair that falls to her mid back. She always has her hair down. She is short for her age. Molly has blue green eyes. Her skin is noticable pale. She has a punk rock clothing style.

Personality: Molly is supportive, friendly and charming. She will often comfort or reassure her friends when they are feeling insecure or upset,protect them from harm and will help them even when it's not convenient for her. Molly sometimes has a goofy sense of humor. She doesn't like being told what to do and often points out that she's doing something because she wants to, not because someone told her to. She seems to be very calm, wise, and mature at most times.Molly is very kind, rational, laid back, level headed and seems to get along with everyone.Although she does not always get involved in drama, she's quick to help someone out.She also seems to be fairly quiet, deep, and mysterious.He claims that he isn't afraid of anything, and usually stays calm in even the worst situations.

History: Molly was born to a teen mother who didn't exactly want her and put Molly into the care of her Aunt when Molly was only 3. Molly's aunt was a bitter and judgemental woman. Her aunt hated her for no real reason and Molly had to live with that for 3 years till her father came and got her. She than moved in with her father, Her father was a workaholic that wasent around as often as her should have. Molly was raised from the time she was 6 to the time she was 9 by multiple nannys.

When Sierra was 9 her father lost his job and Molly had moved back in with her aunt. After moving in with her aunt at 9 Molly became Punk Rock. She got all new black clothes. Her aunt hated her for going punk. Molly was kicked out of her last school at 10 for beating up a kid because he made fun of her. Shortly after that Molly got her first piercing in her right eyebrow. Molly has recently found out that she was 2 younger half sisters and she is in contact with them. She stopped talking to her father though.

Family: Ava West (Aunt-51) Naomi West (Half sister-7) Noah West (Half sister-5) Darren West (Father-35)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A

Crush: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other: She never takes off the gold angel wing necklace that her Mother gave her when she was 2 years old.

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Jessica Mitchell (Fabulousness) Name: Jia Lin(one word) Mackenzie Helen
Nickname: Jiji
Birthdate: December 27, 1999
Age: 11
Grade: 6th
Gender: Female
[image error]
Personality: Jia Lin doesn't believe in lots of things. Miracles? No. Hope? Not that either. She laughs at things that aren't funny, but laughs little or not at all at things that are.
History: Adopted by a white family, she's happy at home. Her parents were both killed in a carcrash in Japan.
Family: Mom (Ivy), Dad (Tristen)
Crush: None, yet
Pets: A maltese called Nint

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Jessica Mitchell (Fabulousness) My pic didn't work! Its right here:

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Alanis | 2 comments Full name: Ruby Smith

Birthday: Halloween

Age: 13

Grade: 7

Gender: F

Appearence: Blonde hair, white skin, freckles, and brown eyes

Personality: Smart, nice, and awesome

History: She used to live in Chiago. Then she moved to a farm. Them when her parent got rich she moved to South Side Middle School. Her mom is a painter. And her dad is an inventor.

Family: Mom, Dad, and a twin brother

Pets: Has a kitten

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Gabriella | 1 comments Full name: Sammy Wade

Birthday: Christmas

Age: 13

Grade: 7th

Gender: Female

Appearence: Brown hair, green eyes, tan skin, freckles
Personality: kind, shy, and, sweet
History: Lived in Florida and moved to new york cause her dad got a new job!
Family: Mom, Dad, Twin Baby Brother and Sister

Pets: a Golden reteiver

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Alessia (siriostars) Full name: Sofia Zelda Collingwood-Freud

Nick Name: Zelda or Zel or Z or Good Old fashioned Sofia

Birthday: January 1st

Age: 13

Grade: 8

Gender: Female

Regular sort of appearance:

Personality: Random, crazy, weird. Zel is all three of those. She loves to have fun and is very reckless. Zel is a straight A student but gets detention a lot because she likes to get in trouble. She can plan the most complicated pranks that always work out in the end. She is also very artistic and loves japanese Manga, Anime. She's obsessed with everything related to Japan. Zel is a very happy person on the outside but on the inside she's probably one of the darkest most depressing people you will ever meet. She also likes singing but mostly for fun. Sofia can be a very shy person at times.

History: Zel was born in Germany and lived there for 7 years. Then her family moved to South Africa. Then to Canada then to Brazil and now the USA. There's been a bit chaos happening in her family right now. And her parent's are probably going to get a divorce soon.

Mother: Alexandria Collingwood-Freud (American) Age: 49
Father: Axel Freud (German) Age: 50
Adopted Brother: Hikaru Nishimoto (光 西本) Age: 13

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Crush: one back in Brazil.

Pets: A guinea pig named Ginny:

Other: Speaks fluent German, English and Portuguese.

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Alessia (siriostars) Full name: Hikaru Nishimoto (光 西本)

Nick Name: Hika-kan, Hika


Age: 13

Grade: 7

Gender: Male

Much like his adopted sister he's crazy, weird, artistic and loves manga/anime. He's very curious though so he can be a bit nosy. He loves art, music, drama. But especially drawing manga and Photography. More TBRP. In general he's awesome.
(view spoiler)
Adopted Mother: Alexandria Collingwood-Freud (American) Age: 49
Adopted Father: Axel Freud (German) Age: 50
Adopted Sister: Sofia Collingwood-Freud Age: 13
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Crush: Open

Pets: A cat named Persia:

Other: /

((The jerk who Bookhog wanted me to make :3))
Full name: Owen Louisville

Nick Name: /

Birthday: January 30th

Age: 14

<.b>Grade:<./b> 8

Gender: Male

Mean, in sensitive, a bit fat jerk. Typical Jock. He's not very smart so I can already guess what August's nickname for him will be ;)
He's snobby and doesn't really care about anything but himself. Very selfish. Can be sexist at times...
History: His dad used to abuse his mom before he left them. His dad being the only male role model in his life kind of left him a bit screwed... and it basically makes what his life is now.

Father: Peter Louisville
Mother: Martha Louisville
Half-Sister who doesn't live with him: Samantha Louisville

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Crush: None

Pets: None because he would probably kill it.. :/

Other: Note: I've made a very violent and mean character that I'm probably not going to rp very well XD sorry...

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Jessica wrote: "My pic didn't work! Its right here:"

Here it is, Jessica.

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Kelsey (kelsaria) Name: Maxine Costello
Age: 12 and a half.
Personality: Kind and Outgoing. I bit shy to strangers. Loves to make people laugh.
Looks: long brown hair that falls to her mid back. Stunning blue eyes, and freckles.
Boyfriend: none
Crush: open
Family: Oder brother named Brayden.
Lives with her mom and dad.
Pets: dog. (German Shepard)

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Jessica Mitchell (Fabulousness) Full name: Lace Bridges

Nick Name: Lacey

Birthday: December 28

Age:> 13

Grade: 7

Gender: Female


Personality: Lace is pretty much full of herself, since both of her parents were singers. But once she gets to know you she becomes motherly and sweet. She was born with light red hair, but dyed it darker when she got older because she thinks it make her look better. Whenever she sees something lacy in a store she dances in front of it. To be funny, of course.

History: She was dumped by a boy in the end of 6th grade and never dated since cause she is too picky about her dates.

Family: Mom(Ivy), Dad(Harold)

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open


Pets: - Mell

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Name: Jacob Steven Dawkins

Nickname: Jake

Age 15

Grade: 9 8


Personality: Mature, sympathetic, athletic

History: Jacob was born on 1/28/1993 at La Grange, Illinois. He moved to the town of South Side in 2009, whenever he was in 7th grade. He has spent 2 years at South Side Middle School.

Family: Mother, Father, Little Brother (age 5)

Crush: No one (yet)

Pets: One cat, one dog. The cat's name is Fritz and the dog's name is Levi. The cat is an Australian Mist. The dog is a Schnoodle.

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