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Sharon While this book gave me an incite into Charleston, SC old homes, and restoration, I found the book to be a bis disappointing. The main character, IMO, was rather unlikeable, the story could had been condensed, the romance part left something to be desired. I like books about various cultures, mystery, and history, and this just didn't do much for me.

David Freas I agree. One of the most disappointing books I have ever read.

Donna Ooh. I disagree. Loved this book as well as all the others in the Tradd series. I'm a fan of all her books but definitely thought House on Tradd Street was a five star.

Leona I agree with Gertt The House on Tradd Street was the better in the series. I read the second one and got annoyed with her and Jack. It was pitiful. I couldn't invest anymore time with this author after the second book.

Debra Doxer I really liked this book as well as other books of hers that I've read. I do agree that the rest of the series wasn't quite as good as the first book. For some reason, I found myself really liking the main character. Although, I can understand why not everyone would.

Donna Vallee I enjoyed the series, wasn't the best I've read. I do agree with Sharon and Gertt, they sum it up pretty darn good.

Karen Froeming I liked the series. Happened across the first book quite by accident. I love learning about historic homes etc. By the time I got to the last book, I was really annoyed that Melanie still turned away from Jack, but excited for another book in the series.

Patty I just finished the first book in the series, "The House on Tradd Street," and absolutely loved it. I did give it a four, but that is based on the fact that I only give a five to more in-depth novels, such as "Prince of Tides." I absolutely loved reading about the historical home and the descriptions of the architecture within the house. I have never felt the need to like a character within a book, although I do want to care about them, and Melanie being left by her mother as a child and having to grow up with an alcoholic father I feel created the standoffish person that she is. I think it had just the right mix of architectural history, humor, romance, mystery and storyline. I am not a fan of a series of books, but I am already on page 172 of, "The Girl on Legare Street," and I am finding much more humor in this book than the first, and I am also finding it a bit scarier. I wrote about the first book on my blog if you want to take a peek, at http://homeandlifestyledesign.blogspo...

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