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Directions for Weekend Homework #20

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Vincent Harris (brainbackbend) | 3 comments Mod
Okay, let's do this again. We have spent all week in class talking, writing, and looking at student essays.

All students should now have a (very) clear idea of how to complete the essay question.

Your task this week is to redo your response from last week and write a composition answering the following: What One Piece of Modern Technology Would You Have Trouble Living Without?

Post your final composition to this group. (See the note at the bottom of page if you want to post anonymously).

DO NOT POST YOUR WEB, OUTLINE, OR ROUGH DRAFTS. ONLY POST YOUR FINAL COPY. You are to turn in your webs, outlines, drafts, etc. on Monday. Do not post them to this group. Only post your final copy. ALSO, do not include your last name in any post or User Name.

Please review the criteria below:

--You need to have a web, outline, and a rough draft (showing revising & editing) before posting your final composition to this page. Check out this site to make a web: You do not have to use the site, but you can if you want.

--On Monday, your web, outline, and rough draft is due. Without these items, your Weekend Homework assignment will not be counted.

--Your composition must have a beginning, middle, and end. the very least there will be 3 paragraphs. You can have more, but 3 paragraphs minimum. This should answer the "how long does it have to be?" question that many students ask.

--In the "end" part of your composition, please make sure you have "reflective" comments that address the prompt: What One Piece of Modern Technology Would You Have Trouble Living Without?

[reflective/reflection means: a thought or opinion resulting from careful consideration]

Your composition should elaborate on what the one piece of technology is, why it is important to you, and what your life would be like without it.


--Visit this link for a student-friendly TAKS writing rubric and to see actual TAKS compositions: Your composition will be scored using the student-friendly composition found at the above link.

--This choice of prompt was inspired by "The Veldt" and the wording was taken directly from the following website:

Fulmore students work very hard. Your teachers know this. The more writing and reading you do, the more successful you will be. The TAKS Writing test is coming up on March 3rd. This Weekend Homework is practice for TAKS and practice to help make you a more effective writer overall.

Now get going on that brainstorm and rough draft. We look forward (Ms. Garcia, Mr. Harris, and Ms. Kelly) to reading your responses.

Note: If you prefer to post your composition anonymously, you have to do 3 things:

1. Send me your composition via email, and I will post it to the group page and leave off your name.

2. In the subject heading of your email to me, please write your first name and first initial of your last name and WH #20 Post. Here is an example using my name:
Vinnie H. - WH #20 Post

3. Include your composition in the body of your email. Do not send your composition to me as an attachment.

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元琪 | 2 comments im finish brainstorm, im going to do rough draft

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NeverLoved (ShurikanLee) | 1 comments Marquis Fisher- WH #20 Post

The one piece of modern technology that I would have trouble living without is television. Without television I would be EXTREMELY BORED(most of the time). I wouldn't be able to watch televised movies or my favorite cartoons, and I'd actually have to read the newspaper to keep up with current events.

Television is basically my portal to the rest of the world. I can visit China for their New Year Festival or Africa to see their tribal dances, there's no limit to what I can watch. If my mom would let me, I would sit in my room for hours on end and think that mere minutes had passed. I am easily bored and usually play video games or watch television in my free time. If t.v. were to go "poof", I'd be playing a lot more video games!!

Another reason that I'd have trouble without television is because I couldn't watch televised MOVIES! I watch an average of 6 movies a month on t.v.. Without t.v., my average would greatly decrease because it costs too much to go to the theater nowadays. It costs around $6.50 for me without a student I.D.! Since the economy is worsening, that price is most likely going to rocket up!!! Since I don't have the money or time to do anything on my own I guess i'm stuck out.

T.V. also shows me the latest in music, games and other things thatv take a toll in my life. Without television most of those things would be gone, half the things I have' i've always seen it on t.v. or saw an ad somewhere else. Most of those things are video games and without t.v. not only would I haven't learned about them, I could'nt play them.

Those are just 3 examples of why television is so important to me. If I tried to name them all...i'll run out of charectars to type with‼ That would mess up my homework a lot‼ That's why television is the one piece of technology I would have trouble living without.☻☻☻☻☻

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Vincent Harris (brainbackbend) | 3 comments Mod

If you want this to be anonymous, you need to email it to me. Also, please remove your last name.

Thank you for your work.

Mr. Harris

Marquis wrote: "Marquis Fisher- WH #20 Post

The one piece of modern technology that I would have trouble living without is television. Without television I would be EXTREMELY BORED(most of the time). I wouldn..."

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Damon | 1 comments Damon
Language Arts

What One Peice Of Modern Technology Would You Have Trouble Living Without?

Brainstorm: Computer, T.V., Ipod

Final Draft:

Technology; by definition it means, "The use of science to produce useful things for practical purposes that improve life." However, in my opinion, that definition has a hidden definition: "life." and on that note, the one item I could not live without is my computer.

The first reason I need my computer is how would I be able to do this weekend homework? Sure, I could do this on paper, but how would I know what the assignment was? If this happened every weekend, I would have a failing grade in this class.

The second reason I need my computer is that I am able to keep in touch with my friends at a fast pace. I don't have to write letters and wait about a month for a reply when I can get replies within minutes. And when I'm instant messaging, i can get replies in seconds.

The third reason I need my computer is that I can keep up with the times with websites that have information about what's going on in the world; sites such as CNN, MSNBC, and The Weather Channel Online. I could catch up with the latest viral videos on Youtube, and see what the celebrities are up to on sites such as Yahoo's OMG and E Online.

There are many reasons why I need my computer; in fact, I could go on for a long time. But since I am only limited to a small amount of space, let me close with this: my computer IS my life.

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Sydney | 1 comments What one modern piece of technology would you have trouble living without?

To me, modern technology definitely includes things like phones and computers. But where are the finer lines? Is duct tape modern technology? Is it even technology at all? It makes it hard for me to decide then, what I would have trouble living without. Finally, I decided it would be hard to live without my glorious, wonderful stove.
At a simple glance, stoves don’t seem to play much in our lives. However, when you look closer, you realize how much they impact your life. Almost every single dinner meal you prepare involves the stove (at least, the meals that I like). Stoves are machines that burn controlled fires underneath grates (burners). You put a pot or a pan on the stove and then the fire underneath cooks the food in the pot or pan. That may not sound great and awesome, but first, you have to imagine what it would be like without your stove.
If we didn’t have stoves, we would probably end up cooking on open fires outside or in our fireplaces. Anyone who has ever made s’mores in their life knows what I am talking about. Open fires are hard to control. First, you have to find all the wood and make the wood and catch on fire, which is hard to do. Then, they’re hard to control. Open fires will catch onto grass, make lots of smoke (especially if you use green wood) and throw sparks in your face. You also have to control, at least somewhat, the temperature to be able to cook. I remember one night recently, my family wanted to have s’mores because it was cold. Unfortunately, that couldn’t happen because the fire wasn’t warm enough, it was too late to make another one and then have it cool down enough to be at the point where we wouldn’t catch our marshmallows on fire. This brings me to a second point, the heat of open fires, which is often really hot. It’s hard to get close enough to cook. And even then, where do you cook the food? Not on a burner, that’s for sure! Another problem is rain. You can’t cook outside if it’s raining and even if you have a fireplace, it’s harder to get it to start. On stoves, you press a button. A button!
Now, consider stoves. We’ve already discussed the button thing a little. Stoves are just plain easy to control (except for when they make your house burn down – sorry, had to say that). With the flip of a switch, press of a button or turn of a knob, you can turn on the stove or change the temperature. Not only that, but stoves retain heat, for the most part. You can actually get closer than three feet away from them without being burned to a crisp, blinding yourself with smoke (that’s only on open fires) and being pulverized by a spark. Stoves are also convenient because you can easily place pots and pans on it, with the handy grates they make to place on top of the fire.
Stoves, as previously stated, are used in almost every single dinner meal. They fry eggs, make soup, stir frys, pasta and (more importantly) make red-beans-and-rice (my favorite food). Although we may not realize it, stoves are a big part of our lives, and I know that I would find it difficult to live without them.


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Captain Mason (notmason) | 1 comments brainstorms: iPod, car, computer

rough draft

1. State the question and my brainstorms
a. topic sentence
b. Computer
2. why others would need it.
a. list reasons 1
b. list reasons 2
c. list reasons 3
3. why i need it. (alex's bag is a perfect example)
a. list reasons 1
b. list reasons 2
c. list reasons 3
3. everyone relies on them
a. why
b. fat faces


What is a computer? What is this object that would be VERY difficult to live without. For most people it is a source of information, a business tool, and a main mean of communication. A computer is an all-around piece of technology. If someone needed to know about a animal, they could look it up. If someone needed to know about a language or a culture, they could look it up! With a computer you can do almost anything!!!

Computers are important to almost everyone who has access to one. It is a very important business tool, for almost any business will need something done on the computer. In my family the computer is a workplace for my parents! My dad is a graphic designer and an illustrator so he uses the computer to design things. My mom, on the other hand, teaches graphic design. She uses the computer to communicate with her colleagues and student, plan agendas, and make stuff. Many people also use the computer to communicate. Email has become the way to communicate. Not a day flies by when I haven't checked my email or heard something about email. And if communication and business weren't enough... computers are libraries in themselves. Lastly, a computer is a fun thing as well as an important thing. Games and social networking is very popular and is what many kids today refer to in their spare time.

To me, a computer is very important! Without my computer, my music listening, my communication with my friends, my wikipedia reading, and my entertainment would be hindered! Music is VERY important to me and without it, I would be lost forever! For me, music=life, just like it says on a bag from the mall. Music and my friends are the things that matter most to me, and without a computer I would lose touch with both of them. Whenever I feel the need to look something up, I head to the nearest computer, type the magic "" buttons and... KA~POW!!! I can read anything I want to! Sure, it might be false but its for my own enjoyment! Oh yeah! And without a computer... I wouldn't be able to write this!

My family, my friends, and YOU, (yeah, thats you Uncle Vinnie) would have trouble living without our precious computers! Even those who may be poor or without access to one relies on them for their paycheck, their personal information, and everything else. Without a computer communication would be smothered. Without a computer business would be even harder! Without a computer so many different things that we have come to take for granted would be shoved in our spoiled fat faces!!! I am very glad that the computer is here to protect MY spoiled fat face from having stuff shoved in it!
{-_-}<--my face [0101011:]<--computer {feughwijceu}<--stuff

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mr. harris, can our rough draft be our other paper?

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Cora Correia-4th Period
Final Draft:
There are many different types of technology. So this decision was really hard. My original ideas were my cell phone,iPod,t.v. and computer. So I was sitting around trying to narrow down my choices. Automatically I eliminated cell phone because I have gone without it before. Next I took out t.v. because I actually don't watch that much t.v. I had two ideas left and and it was a really hard decision but I thought that since the computer does provide music I really could live without it.The main 3 reasons why I love my computer is because you can get music, information and entertainment from it.
I live for music! It is one of my favorite forms of entertainment, and my computer has lots of it. My computer has my iPod playlist so I can listen to the songs on my iPod. Also my computer has websites such as youtube,pandora, and more where i can express myself through music.I can watch videos and listen to the latest songs. On pandora radio you search an artist or song and you get a radio designed by your search. So basically without music my life would be nothing.
Another reason why my computer is so important because it's a great source of information. It provides all the latest news whether it is celebrity gossip or just on things relating to politics. Also whenever I do projects, sometimes I need to look up things on the internet and my computer allows me to do that. Information is very important because sometimes it's an emergency like I might have to evacuate or maybe there is just flood warnings, either way I would rather be safe then sorry.
The third reason why I would not survive without my computer is because I enjoy going online and playing games online during my free time. I can pretty much play any game I want. Lately I have been practicing my boggle skills online to get prepared for Mr. Harris's Boggle Tournament. That's not the only kind of game though I can also pull up quizzes to do as well as messaging back and forth between friends.
So I guess the computer is something I could not live without because it provides music, information and entertainment. I guess when it all comes down to it my computer is my second brain because everything I love and have ever needed to know are right the in front of me all I have to do is press the Safari button. There are many different types of computers but they all do the same thing. They are all intended to make someone's life easier and believe me, it has in many ways. Computers are very reliable. There are many different types of technology to choose from. What would you choose?

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Dominique Wheatle
8th period.


Prompt: What one piece of modern technology would you have trouble living without?
Chosen Topic: Computer.

As we can see today, many people rely on the inter and/or computer. We rely on it so much, that our whole life is on it!! The computer is becoming a mandatory asset of our life, either by lap/lab-top, or by “smart” phones. Almost everyone has a computer, and as one smart man once told me “everyone must have access to a computer.
Computers are not old for serious matters, they can be used for things to do with our own entertainment, like listening to you new favorite song, or surfing the inter net, or watching the episode of Flapjack you missed last week. As I can say for myself, I play multiple RPG [role-playing games:] that there are no gaming systems for. Such as LaTale, it’s a downloadable RPG only for Macs and or PCs. The computer constantly saves me from dying to death from boredom, whether its being able to go on the ‘net, or being able to play browser-based games. Also many people use their own computers store certain things such pictures, music, contacts, documents, and such. Many many many people use the computer for their social life either to find that special someone at websites like or eHarmony or just to keep in touch with friends at websites at Myspace, goodreads, kupika, bebo, and more.
Computers can become academic tools also!!! [how great is that?!:] As for me, I have multiple classes in which requires a computer like my two magnet classes Language Arts and Texas History. In fact, at the beginning of the yes, we have a major research project that required constant contact with a computer wither at home or at school. Like the rest of us, we all know for a fact that if we did not have contact to a computer weekly, we would not be passing half of our classes. Also, computers can be used as one of our “life” savers, by giving us an online textbook to make up make-up work or to do an assignment that we were absent for.
People commonly use the computer for communication. As for me and my family, staying in touch with relatives are important. With things like email and instant messaging my parents, sister and I can both stay in contact with relatives at a quick speed. Without the wait of a letter that we sent off about a week ago that still hasn’t reached!!! Not to mention that it costs an arm and a leg to send mail back and forth, so with the computer my parents can save a whole bunch of money for my sister and I to spend on foolishness I mean… on bills and such. ☺
Computers are used for everything from homework to communication to entertainment, it can and will be used for all a persons needs. They can make close friends seem just a mile away. Although we might see it as something we can do without, if we look at it closely, we really cant. As we can see, people set their whole lifes around the computer, whether it be academically, or for their own satisfaction, the computer is now the in thing, out with the old, in with the new.

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Felix! POOP! hehe! | 1 comments One piece of modern technology that I couldn’t live without would be the internet because there is no better way to find out about faraway places quickly without it. I like almost all things you can do on the internet, and there are lots of things that I find boring on the internet that are still useful. So, the internet is definitely something I would have trouble living without. TVs are just for entertainment, the news can be found on the internet. It’s also easy to find games and tv shows on the internet. And, of course it’s more useful than phones because of email.

My parents find news stories on the internet all the time about this or that, and sometimes, they find out stuff not told about in the newspaper that matters to them. Also, how would we find out how stupid many government officials actually are without it? The internet is also a great way to find out information about the elections, and who to vote for, but only if you look at a non biased site, or one of the candidate’s sites. Without the internet, the outcome of many important public things, like maybe even elections, could have been changed.

Entertainment. THAT REALLY MATTERS. Entertainment is an economic stimulus. Are kids going to spend their money on much else than that? Many kids play online games that you have to pay for a subscription on. Are preteens going to go to the store to buy jump ropes? I don’t think so. Also, when many kids’ parents wont take them to the music store, they simply go onto itunes, and buy a song for 99 cents, and voila! They have their music. Even adults buy many things like movies and games on the internet.
If not for the internet we would be bored fools with no connection to the rest of the world. ( I’m not saying that before the internet everybody was a bored fool, its just that we would be, because we are so used to it.)

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Kendall | 3 comments Mr. Harris---(Before you ask, I did read everything up here and on your website)I was wondering...i know that I'm supposed to turn in my brainstorming and rough draft on Monday, but since we already did this last week, do we have to brainstorm and write a rough draft all over again??? Or can we just turn in our brainstorming, etc. from last week, and just build on last week's for our final draft? I'm a bit confused and I would appreciate a response ASAP so I have time to do my homework.


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Eydie  (ajadunn) | 2 comments *Kendall*~*Rocks!*~ wrote: "Mr. Harris---(Before you ask, I did read everything up here and on your website)I was wondering...i know that I'm supposed to turn in my brainstorming and rough draft on Monday, but since we alread..."
Kendall, he replies fastest to emails. I got a reponse like a couple minutes later.

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♣Corina (sand-toes) | 2 comments This is my final draft:

Technology in the general sense is fascinating. The idea that a machine can be programmed to do anything that a human can—but in half the time—with the touch of a button, is an aspect of humanity, present, past, and future, that will always continue to amaze us. The interconnecting web of databases and management systems is constantly swelling, making technology today more endearing and complicated than ever.

To choose just one piece of this vast family can be very difficult, but the branch that is the most appealing to me is the computer, because it blends sound, entertainment and business into one.

Even before we had access to high speed, digital, wi-fi, or even Internet at all, people would gather to see just what a computer could do. Now, as we’re in the 21st century, dial-up has been almost completely obscured, and you can access almost anything of your desire within 15 seconds or less. You can capture images, watch your favorite TV show, and record and buy songs. If you have a good hard-drive, the storage could be almost endless, and you can choose the most convenient way to organize your work.

Entertainment is probably the reason why computers are popular with everyone, and not just the on-the-go-can’t-stop-to-talk businessman/woman. With its lit up screen and colorful icons, the computer just says, “Play with me!” to anybody. Since webcams and microphones tend to be bulky and a hassle to carry around and plug in, most computers have built them into the monitors for easy access to systems like Skype that let you see and talk to your friends from the privacy of your own home. With programs like Photobooth, you can take pictures of yourself and friends in different distortions, lighting and artistic frames. But visual fun is only the half of it. Applications such as GarageBand let you record your voice, synthesize and create a whole track of your taste, and iTunes loads your CDs into files for your Mp3 players in a snap, while letting you browse through and purchase the top hits in the music world.

Then, of course, there are the more work-efficient gadgets and gizmos of the computer. Microsoft Office is a package that includes PowerPoint, FrontPage, Excel and Word. And what do you do when your desktop is full of junk? Your computer can organize your items by alphabetical order, date created or file size. A perfectionists dream!

In the near future, just as in The Veldt, computers could and probably will run our lives, cooking, hemming and cleaning. By then, we may be wary of them, but in the present day, this is the way I live. The computer lets me express my words, art and sounds, and explores my interests with virtually no limits.

Whether its doing research, chatting up my friends, buying a pair of shoes or watching my favorite television show, the computer does it all.

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* jordan * (jmoon) | 1 comments Weekend Homework #20

To pick one modern technology would be hard, for there is so many out there. America keeps getting bored and makes something to do, then gets bored and makes another, than another, than another. So I think of the one piece of technology I touch the most, use the most, see the most, and conclude that it would probably be the computer.

When I was first picking out a technology, I knew it had to be able to play music, because music is my life. So I looked at the record player, the tape player, the CD player, the radio, the ipod, then it struck me, the computer. The computer can download your music or go to the online music store and get a song or album for cheap prices. Then, if you're ever feeling creative, you can go onto Garage Band and create your own music by either playing it on the computer piano or putting cool interment sounds together. i think i pretty much got the music part of the computer down.

The main reason the computer is known is because of the internet. On the internet you can communicate with people all over the world in a couple seconds, that's cool. Then you can also find all the information you need and more, with just a click of a button, or in this case, most likely a mouse. I personally use the internet to check my email and chat and communicate with my friends. We've scheduled a lot of get togethers over email. Another thing I use the internet for, is to get information, like i said earlier, I can find what i need and more. All you need to do is click.

You might think I'm done talking about the computer, and that all it is is music and internet, you might of even thought the computer was only internet, but I'm not done yet! I think the computer is one of the only you'll need, for there is entertainment and communication, and if you need it, information. The computer can be a lot of different electronics. It can be a game system, a T.V. and more! Why waste? Just get it all in one.

I've shown you the ways I use a computer and how it is special to me. You may use it differently, because I'm just a rock n' roll teenager that uses her computer to communicate with her friends and watch and occasional YouTube video. Without the computer I wouldn't be able to communicate with my friends over holidays and long weekends to get together. I also wouldn't be able to do several projects or home works like this one. The computer is a working student and social teenager's best friend.

P.S. it says that i spelled get togethers wrong
isn't it a word?
the plural of get together?
i've tried everything

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Dr. McNippy (holy_moly) | 1 comments Clara G.
Period 4

Mr. Harris, I was under the impression on Friday that you wanted us to only post our final draft and turn in our web and rough draft into you on Monday. I hope I'm not making a big mistake in assuming things like last week.

Final Draft:

When the average person thinks of modern technology, the first thing that comes to mind wourl be a computer. With good reason, the computer is a big deal, it's got everything you could ever want from a digital device. Or so you think. People take essential technology for granted. They're all caught up with their material possessions they forget about the things they need to survive. There are children who, while sitting at the dinner table eating a family meal, are texting under the table cloth. The youth, particularly adolescents, are too caught up in the digital world. Why? What is so appealing about the digital devices? Well I believe I have the answer. Teens have always been social butterflies, even before this new-fangled technology, but now that we do have computers and whatnot, it's another way to connect with friends and be social even when you're not in the same place. Even the unsocial type of teenagers can get engrossed in digital technology. With things like "ipods" they can be alone and listen to Death Cab For Cutie all they want without their parents screaming at them to turn it down, that nobody else wants to listen to that *&$@#! The thing is, every generations has it's fad. The '50's were all about Elvis and greased duck tailed hair, the 60's were the flower children, the 70's discomania, the 80's underground punk music and semi-disgusting pop. Now it's time for the Digital age, with computers, IM systems, cell phones, advanced video games, the works!
But there's more to modern technology than computers and phones., what about the almighty "electricity"? Without it, there would be non of your beloved computers to save you from your boredom. Sometimes I worry about how this generation will grow up to be, when we're older are we still going to spend 5-10 hours a day on the internet like the sorry javalenas we are today? What will happen next? Digital BIRTHDAY PARTIES held in chat rooms? Or will the whole world be sucked into the internet so that there will be no such thing as reality anymore?
As I stated above, while the computer might be a life essential for sum, it is not fore me. Me, I'd much rather have working lightbulbs over my head and a place to plug in my stove and toaster. Electricity is something that most take for granted. They think the internet is so important, but what they don't realize is that without electricity they wouldn't be able to plug in their computer! Electricity is like the mother of most technology, without it we wouldn't have microwaves, stoves, fridges, or places to plug in cell phones, hair dryers, and night lights.(tee hee) I would find it hard to live in a house where we had to use candlelight to read and get a drink of water at midnight instead of flipping a switch.
If there wasn't electricity, we wouldn't have alarm clocks. How would we know to get up for school and work? We would wake up at 8:30 am when school starts at 8:00 am! Everyone would be late for very important engagements because they slept to late!
Without electricity we wouldn't have the News on TV and we'd have to go to town to get the newspaper. But little did we know that there was crazy cereal killers raiding the town and we'd DIE trying to read the warnings in the paper!
There are so many more reasons why electricity is one of the most important parts of modern technology, and why it shouldn't be taken for granted, but if I try to list them all your would be sitting, reading my paper for another ten years and your beard would grow to the floor! I'd like to see the digital generation try to live without electricity for a couple of days and see if the internet's the priority NOW.

The End.

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Eydie  (ajadunn) | 2 comments What piece of modern technology can you not live without? For some people, it might be cellular phones, a PSP, their television, an MP3 player and so on. One piece of modern technology that I couldn’t live without is the computer. I choose a computer over these electronics because the computer is already a phone, PSP, television and MP3 player. I rely on my computer for many reasons, such as completing homework, connecting with friends and family, getting updates on news and weather, entertaining myself and much more! Without a computer, my life would be incomplete!
One way that I rely on my computer is by using it to complete homework. I must have a computer so I can complete Mr. Harris’s weekend homework. From time to time I have to do research for projects and other homework. One big project that I definitely needed the computer for was NHD. I had to use the internet to find information to create a website for my project. Even when I am not doing a research project, I need to use the computer for everyday homework. Without a computer, I would have to stay after school to do my computer needed homework then. Clearly, the computer is a must so that I can keep my grades up.
My computer allows me to connect with friends and family. I chat with my friends all the time on Gmail. I have to keep up with my friends to know when the latest concert is, or when we’re all meeting on Congress for First Thursday, or where to go for a friend’s birthday party. I probably shouldn’t chat while homework’s on the line. Also, it is not so easy to send letters to friends and family members, so I use the internet to e-mail them. I also use the computer to communicate with my teachers. Why, just last week I used the computer to ask Mr. Harris a question about Weekend Homework #19.
Another way I rely on my computer is to get updates on news, and weather and events. Without a computer, I’d just have to rely on hearing news from my parental units or by watching it on TV, but I get very bored watching the weather and news on television. When I get up in the morning, I have to check to see how warm or cold it will be to determine what I should wear. My iGoogle homepage tells me the weather for the whole week. I also use the computer to see when it gets so cold that AISD gets closed for a bad weather day. I don’t want to go to school on a day that the school is closed! With my computer and the internet, I can find out information and news from all over the world. For example, I learned that yesterday was National Popcorn Day.
Entertaining myself is another way that I rely on my computer. I love to take pictures, and I need to store my photographs on my computer for my blossoming photography career. I also need to send photos to my friends and edit them. I mean, you just can’t keep every picture you take in your camera forever! I also play games on the internet all the time! The computer is a great alternative to television. I get quite bored sometimes when I am just staring at the idiot box for a couple hours. In addition to photos, I even use my computer to store all of my music on iTunes and in files. Entertainment is probably the biggest reason of why I use my computer.
It’s amazing how people rely on electronics, such as computers these days. Some people rely on them even more than me. It is unbelievable how quickly people such as myself can become so dependent on modern technology! The computer is definitely the hardest thing for me to live without. Seeing that I use the computer for homework, communication with friends and family, updates on news and weather and for entertainment, it is hard to imagine what I would do without it. What’s even more amazing is that I can do all of these things at the same time! The computer is like the synonym for multi-tasking. Our generation is very lucky to be able to possess and control these mechanical works of art.


message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Final Draft

If there was one piece of modern technology I couldn’t live without I would probably have to pick the computer. The computer is most of modern technology all bundled into one. In my opinion I belive that it is more important than an I Pod, TV, Radio, or a Cell phone. On most computers it has some sort of those four, the computer has everything.

One big reason I couldn’t live without a computer is how versatile it is. If you think of it computers can have cell phones on them, an e mail can communicate to friends similar to how a cell phone can. Some computers can have TV on them to, depending on you’re computer you could watch the same exact thing from TV on the computer. It also has music, opposed to having an I Pod you can go right onto I Tunes and listen to you’re favorite music from there. And opposed waiting for the news to appear on TV, you can go strait to a news website and find it instantly there. It can do (almost) anything.

To me a computer is like chugging an large espresso coffee. When you need something to get you going, that can really burst you. When I am bored I get on the computer so that I can have fun.

Another reason I couldn’t live without a computer is I need it for school work, and older people need it for business work. If I didn’t have a computer than I wouldn’t be dong weekend Homework right now. If business men didn’t have a computer than they could not get things scheduled or planed, or write reports or get things that they need to get done. I need it for big projects, and without it I would have to hand edit my reports. That would be pretty hard, but with a computer I would be able to click spell check and fix my mistakes easily.

The computer is also an ultimate source of entertainment. Wether it is Music, TV, Radio, E Mail, you name it, the computer has it. If you are tired of you’re boring old homework and you need a beak and feel like laughing, you can go to Youtube and watch hilarious videos. Or if you are in the mood for music you can go onto I Tunes and listen to what you want on there. The entertainment possibilities are practically endless I could go on and on forever about them and it would never end.

When I get home from school I always get on the computer it is a daily routine for me. Wether it is for homework or not I have learned that life wouldn’t be the same without a computer.

AJ Lionberger
8th Period

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Adriana (Adriana_rambo) | 3 comments glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>glitch>

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mr harris is going to be mad......

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Dominick (awesome) | 2 comments Weekend homework #20

Modern Technology

What One Piece of Modern Technology Would You Have Trouble Living Without?

One reason why modern Technology is crucial to our everyday habits, I personally think it would be hard to live without the internet and computer. The internet is something that connects us to the world. It is your own personal phone to unlimited information. I have family all over the world and without the internet the project would be extremely cost effective and difficult. This is the very tool that responds to the most important calls to scientists. They have enhanced the power of the internet to the point where they are able to view and speak to people/things all over our solar system. Not the internet per say, but it’s range of power and connection.

Scientists have been able to send camera’s and people into space by the strong digital connections of computers. They have been used to connect and communicate with anyone they choose. Recently with in two decades they have experimented on how far they can take it before they reach their limit (so far not there). It can be used for instant message of alert or contact information to any important global issue or to a friend down the street. They have figured with the new world it is the fastest and safest way to send a message to anyone anywhere. It would be impossible for any plane, rocket or even jet to fly in a safe direction without the internet because of satellite navigation. The air would be the most deadly place for anyone flying from lack direction. It is not only to find where the vehicle is supposed to go and end up, but to make sure you do not hit any other aircraft in the air at that moment.

The internet is also used not only for big shot scientists but for the everyday rich and middle class people now in this time and place. Everyday people are able to check world issues from there very homes. Without the internet, finding out about world issues would be an insanely hard matter request. First you have to write a request for receiving world issues and after you will have to receive a notice due date of when the paper will come to you and usually out of date or no longer valid to the issue you were wondering about. The internet can make a three month wait into a three minute waiting period from anywhere around the world. Before it was expensive to see a video of any source to anyone across the world without mailing it and waiting at least a month to receive it, with the internet you have instant access to whatever video you wish. With the internet is pretty much anything is in your grasp but in the days without it, anything took more work and effort to receive or send.

People anywhere on earth have benefitted from the internet computer. With the internet we have had the easiest time with work while using the internet. It is to the point where people are having trouble doing the simplest of plans difficult. As helpful as the internet is I personally believe it is making the average person lazy. Without it yes, it made life hard to communicate with people anywhere in the world, but it made us stay in shape while taking the extra energy to do the job. Personally, I believe that if we used the internet computer less it would be better for our health. The internet computer is definitely the best improvement for this sort of problem but like every invention, there are and will always be faults in it.

And these are the reasons why I picked the internet computer to be my opinion the modern tech. That would be hard to live without.

Created and written by:

Dominick Edeker

message 22: by Marissa (new)

Marissa | 2 comments Technology is everywhere, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, even in the walls! Technology has made such an adjustment in our lives, humans would have have a hard time adapting without it. For me the one piece of technology I couldn't live without would be my computer. My computer allows me to do my homework more efficiently, chat with my friends, and order a new pair of Doc Martens all at once. I can also color my new pictures on the computer, print my homework, and listen to my favorite songs on Dizzler. The computer is almost like an extra brain for me as it helps me multitask. I know for me, I would have a very hard time adapting without my computer.

When you ask your average teenager why they use the computer you might hear several answers, but most of the time the one answer you will always hear is to chat with and e-mail their friends. Ever since e-mail was introduced in the early 1980's, people of all ages have been using it world wide to contact friends, family, co-workers, businesses, and anyone they please. E-mail later evolved into chat, another device in which you can "chat" or "talk" to another user simultaneously. Social Networks have also become extremely popular with teenagers and young adults as a way to connect and communicate with their friends and other users on the web. A social network is an online network where you can communicate with other users on the web or around the globe. MySpace and Facebook are prime examples of social networks, and many people enjoy being in a social network because not only do you communicate with fellow users but it is a way to express yourself. Most social networks allow you to have a "page" or an avatar, and I also enjoy personalizing my "user". Socializing is a major part of our daily lives, whether you are talking during lunch or chatting with your best friend online on MySpace.

Another answer to the question, "Why do you use a computer" is the work or business aspect. Over time companies such as Microsoft and Google have created software and special applications that allow you to create documents, data tables, graphs, slide shows, newspapers, and more. It is much easier to type a thousand word paper on computers than it is to write it by hand. It is also easier to create a graph or data table on the computer than it is with pencil and paper, and it looks more professional. A lot of documents today, for homework AND business, are required to be typed. In today's advancing society, computers are becoming more important and documents are typed using a keyboard. To prepare today's youth for this expectation of work is very important, as their generation will depend on technology. One thing is for sure, computers make work a lot more easier.

One of the greatest inventions created by mankind is the Internet, as the Internet gives you access to everything on the world wide web. One of the greatest uses of the Internet are the search engines such as Google or Wikipedia. These search engines allow you to look up articles, websites, and information on a selected topic or subject. The Internet also allows you to order products online without the stress of driving to a store. You can schedule an appointment with the hair salon or order that new shampoo all on the Internet. This is what makes the Internet one of the greatest uses of the computer, being able to do so much with so much range in one click of a button.

I think most people in general also use the computer because its a lot of fun to use. The computer allows you to play great games like The Sims or even flash games on the web. Certain websites on the web, such as, allow you to watch your favorite TV Shows and movies with the click of a mouse. Some computer applications such as Garage Band allow you to create and publish your own music and there are websites which let you print out your own sheet music so you can create the music on your own. Free online music players such as Dizzler and Napster allow you to listen to songs by your favorite artists and bands, which is the best option if you don't own an iPod or MP3 player. People like me use the computer as an art medium, and use applications such as Paint to draw, color, and create pieces of art. I own a Wacom Bamboo Tablet, a device which allows you to draw on the computer using a touch-pad and a pen, which allows me to draw on the computer with a lot more ease. Some computers have touch screens so you can draw on the screen for easier convenience, and products such as scanners can help upload your artwork onto the computer for easy access and editing. The computer allows a large variety of recreational activity, which is just another factor for the reason why people use it so much.

A lot of the devices we take for granted wouldn't work without the computer, such as the printer or iPod. The printer allows us to print photos and documents, without it we wouldn't be able to print our homework or photos to put in our family albums. The Scanner and camera allows us to upload our photos for editing on the computer, and the iPod allows us to listen to our favorite music on the go. Whatever it is, a lot of devices hook up to and work with the computer, making the computer more convenient.

In conclusion, what would life be like without a computer? For one, my life would be more difficult. My time would be taken up by homework as it would all be done manually by hand, I would have no calculator to help solve my math problems, I would have no search engines to help me finish that big project but only books, there would be no way to communicate with my friends over the weekend, and no way for me to color my art. If your computer were to suddenly disappear, wouldn't that make your life harder, too? No more MySpace, YouTube, Microsoft Word, no e-mail, nothing! You would have to write your NHD project by hand, and find books as your sources. Life would become a lot more bland and challenging, and personally I wouldn't enjoy is as much easier. Life without a computer would be definitely more challenging.


message 23: by Marissa (new)

Marissa | 2 comments Wow, I honestly didn't realize my paper would be this long! :) lol.

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[[*_SLiDe_*]] (iluvzya) | 1 comments An electronic devise that I couldn't live without would definitely be my computer. With a computer, you can not only research things, you can also entertain your self. By playing games, listening to music, watching videos and checking out many social networks. Computers aren't just for entertainment. They are also for business purposes. There are many applications that you can download to the computer. Like Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and many more.

The internet is a big part of a computer. Without internet, your variety of things to do is cut very short. Internet opens the doors to anything you want to do. And now the internet has gotten very advanced. There are different versions of the internet, like "Google Chrome", "Internet Explorer", and "Safari" etc.

Some people say that the internet can be addicting. It can be true, but if you think about it, you constantly want to be on the internet, because every time you get on, you learn something new. Like the saying "You learn something new everyday". The same rule applies to the internet. But if you abuse the internet, there are major consequences. Your computer can get either a virus, hackers, or even get arrested. There are many traps in the internet. The police are always catching people that illegally download something.

Computers are fun to have and to have fun on. But when things get serious you can't fool around on the internet.

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Kendall | 3 comments Eydie wrote: "*Kendall*~*Rocks!*~ wrote: "Mr. Harris---(Before you ask, I did read everything up here and on your website)I was wondering...i know that I'm supposed to turn in my brainstorming and rough draft on..."

OK, I emailed him a few minutes ago, I hope I get a response soon.

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wait whats mr.harris's e mail because i need to e mail my homework

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JeAnAi | 1 comments One piece of modern techology that you can't live without.
Final Draft

The one piece of modern techology i would have trouble living without would have to be my cell phone.I choose my cell phone because if you need help you can call somebody to come help you.Also becaus emy phone helps me stay in touch with my mom.if my mom needs to tell me something really important she could just text it to me. but if i didnt have my phone she would have to call the school and have them send me a message in class. Which i probably would forget and throw away. My life without my phone would be lonely, boring and exposed. I say my life would be lonely because my phone is the only way i can talk to my friends who go to a different school. I say it would be boring because i wouldn't have anything to do when i'm at home. But with my phone i can text people when i get bored. I say exposed because if i didnt have my phone i would have to tell people secrets out loud and someone else might hearme and tell the whole school. But with my phone i could just text it to that person. These are all the reasons why the piece of modern techology i can't live without is my phone.

message 28: by Kyle (new)

Kyle | 1 comments Kyle Period 4

So we were supposed to post our final draft but not our rough draft…….got it!

What One Piece of Modern Technology Would You Have Trouble Living Without?

Final Draft:

For some people it might be cell phones, Mp3s, I pods, XBOX 360 or maybe it is just something so weird… it is just weird. My technology that I couldn’t stand not to have would be a computer. I chose this because we use them every day to get on gradespeed or MySpace, Facebook, etc… So let’s say that I am driving to work and I am a cop and the police station just told me that there is a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed down blank blank. So id say to myself where be blank blank then the police station tells me that I should look on my computer screen and I go CoMpUtEr ScReEn? The answer would be that there is no such thing as computer screens because there are no computers therefore there is not computer screen! 2nd example your at work and you job is to fix computers there are none so now you have no job fixing computers. If I really had no computer I couldn’t get on my MySpace to check mail chat with my friends see what events are going on.
Just today I was on my yahoo checking my mail and so about 30 minutes later I sign off and I see on my webpage that it says something about video games and if I see something about video games you know that I am going to click on it so I do and I see the 4 most played stations in the US. In 1st place was Xbox 360, then is 2nd place was PSP, and then in third place was PS3 last but not least was PS2. I pretty glad so to reward myself I played 2 whole hours of video games. I guess since I am talking so much about video games this will bring me into my 2nd piece of technology.
Video games is another thing I would miss very much because I get to battle friends online and even get to chat to one another. Plus I can lose weight by some kind off wii fit game that you play you can lose a whole lot of weight. It even tells you how far you ran like today I ran like 13.? Miles my legs heart and after this my fingers will hurt. We some time go to our cousin on the weekends and play wii bowling tournament you put in 10$ and if you win and there is like 10 people you get 100$ dollars I won and got a lot of game. Just kidding my dad won and paid taxes with the money he won from the tournament which really sucked.
If I didn’t have any computers or video games to play Id be like this kid in gym eating a piece of pizza while feeling lonely.

The End

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♣Corina (sand-toes) | 2 comments AJ wrote: "wait whats mr.harris's e mail because i need to e mail my homework "

message 30: by ßilly (new)

ßilly (btak12) | 1 comments Brainstorm: IPODs, Cars, computers, running water, XB360, HDTVs.

Rough Draft: There are a lot of gadgets, devices, machines, and tools. These things are technology.
Technology plays a big role in life, but I thing the one piece of technology I could not live without would be my computer. Entertainment, news, communication, and much more all in one machine!.

With computers we would not need phones, TV, or video games systems. Because computers could do anything they can, and muck more. The capabilities of the PC have changed greatly since the introduction of electronic computers. By the early 1970s, people in academic or research institutions had the opportunity for single-person use of a computer systems in interactive mode, although these systems would still have been too expensive to be owned by a single person.

In 2001 125 million personal computers were shipped in comparison to 48 thousand in 1977. More than 500 million PCs were in use in 2002 and one billion personal computers had been sold worldwide since1970s until this time.
That just proves that computes are important, and play a big role in life.

There are different types of operating systems, but the most common one is Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac. I like to use Windows because I can use it better and I have a Windows at home.

I would die without my computer, and it has became an addiction for me, but my parents give me limits. I have to use it 2 hours a day or less.

Final Draft:

There are a lot of gadgets, devices, machines, and tools. These things are technology.
Technology plays a big role in life, but I thing the one piece of technology I could not live without would be my computer. Entertainment, news, communication, and much more all in one machine!.

With computers we would not need phones, TV, or video games systems. Because computers could do anything they can, and muck more. The capabilities of the PC have changed greatly since the introduction of electronic computers. By the early 1970s, people in academic or research institutions had the opportunity for single-person use of a computer systems in interactive mode, although these systems would still have been too expensive to be owned by a single person.

In 2001 125 million personal computers were shipped in comparison to 48 thousand in 1977. More than 500 million PCs were in use in 2002 and one billion personal computers had been sold worldwide since1970s until this time.
That just proves that computes are important, and play a big role in life.

There are different types of operating systems, but the most common one is Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac. I like to use Windows because I can use it better and I have a Windows at home, and I would die without my computer.

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Dominick (awesome) | 2 comments Hi people, My final draft is small but awesome...(hopefully)
Cool paper Missa!
Bleach, yours was also decent!

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Schmitty (tastygreenjelly) | 1 comments erina 6th 2/8/09

Final Draft:

Our world is filled with a variety of technologies, but life would be most challenging without automobiles.

In case you didn't know, automobiles are four wheeled passenger vehicles with their own power source. There are several types of automobiles; jeeps, trucks, and mainly cars. Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota are a few of the most popular brands of automobiles.

Automobiles are one of the most common means of transportation, however, the birth of the automobile is undetermined. Many believe Leonardo Da Vinci to be the creator of the automobile, because of sketches, blueprints, and models of transport vehicles found. But, others argue that the first automobile was actually constructed in 1885 or 1886 by Karl Friederich Benz, in Germany. Numerous candidates have been suggested, but the true creator of the automobile will most likely remain an enigma.

In today's world, automobiles are of great importance due to many reasons. Automobiles are faster, more convenient, and make transportation possible. Automobiles replace the hassle of walking long distances, and even, in some cases, replaces the need to fly in airplanes. With the help of automobiles, a ten mile walk to the grocery store becomes a ten minute, air conditioned ride. Instead of relying on airplanes for cross-country treks, you could save thousands of dollars just by driving your automobile instead.

Automobiles aren't just for trips to the store, but also for activities such as off-roading. Automobiles like jeeps and trucks, or basically any vehicle with four-wheel-drive, are commonly used for handling the tough terrrain of the outdoors. To many, hopping muddy hills, and speeding through rocky roads, is great fun that couldn't be accomplished without their trusty, versatile automobile.

However, automobiles are not only a means of transportation or entertainment, but also, quite possibly, a cozy "roof over your head", when times are tough. You get divorced, and your wife takes the house, don't worry, you could always curl up on the backseat! You lose your job, and all of your stocks, don't worry, your tiny car will be comfy! Because of these reasons, automobiles serve an important purpose in the world. Automobiles have become so common in the world, that automobiles have almost become crucial to everyday life.

Since the introduction of the Ford Model T, the first truly affordable peoples' car, in 1907, the number of automobiles driven has increased dramatically. "There are over 600 million motor vehicles in the world today. If present trends continue, the number of cars on Earth will double in the next 30 years."- Cars Emit Carbon Dioxide, Global Warming, Focus On The Future, 1997. As the number of automobiles increases, so does the level of difficulty of life without automobiles. Because automobiles are so prevalent in society, life without cars would be extremely challenging. I'm just a kid, and even I can see how much we rely on automobiles, I rely on automobiles heavily myself. Honestly, my life would really suck if I couldn't get hauled around in my dad's car to where ever i needed to go. I'm just extremely lazy, and I despise doing anything that requires effort. Walking or riding a bicycle are two activities that require way too much effort. So I prefer to sit in my dad's air conditioned VW Beetle, than ride bicycle, in Texas, where most of the time, it's 95 degrees in the shade.

Cars make transportation quick, easy and possible, and because of this, automobiles are everywhere. Automobiles are an ever present trend that continues to grow. Automobiles make life simple, and, in my opinion, automobiles aren't a luxury but a necessity.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

man bleach, come on

message 34: by Madison Brooke (new)

Madison Brooke (austincupcake) | 1 comments Final Composition:
As the question is asked of what type of technology we couldn’t live without, I personally couldn’t live without electricity. Throughout all of the complex information holding, knowledgeable, entertaining things in our world most of them wouldn’t run without electricity. Electricity is so important to our everyday lives; we couldn’t do so many things without it.
We use electricity in many ways. We use it in lights for homes, warehouses, buildings, stores, restaurants, shelters, and many other facilities. It is also provides power for our computers, televisions, phones, i-pods, air conditioning, cooking food, cars, airplanes, buses, and many other things. Anything that has a battery uses electricity, anything you must charge uses electricity, and anything that is being paid for to run in your facility uses electricity. So as you can see it’s very important.
Life without electricity would be very hard; we wouldn’t be able to turn lights on to see, have any form of transportation, cook certain foods that are fried or cooked in a oven or stove( like one of my favorite foods pizza), nor would we be able to create medicine without it being extremely difficult. Electricity would be very hard to live with out its almost unimaginable.
But, There are some forms of electricity that we possible could live without, but personally I don’t think it would make our everyday lives fun! For example, computers we could live without but we wouldn’t be able to find information with one click, neither would able to type up this paper for weekend homework right now! I –pods aren’t a necessity either because we don’t have to listen to music it’s just a form of entertainment. Also GPS’s aren’t as important because we have paper maps that are still usable just harder to figure out. Our cell phones are something everyone in this world, called Earth, and could live without. We all know its nice to know where someone is at a point and time ,call up friends to have a meal or to chat, or even to talk to a loved one that is suffering far away but we could defiantly live without them. I mean look at people before we had cell phones they look okay. :) Anyway, electricity is something a lot of humans use in this world and its growing every single day.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

Weekend Homework #20

Devices of transportation.What could we do without them? This is the one piece of modern technology I would have trouble living without because they help us get around.There are many different devices of transportation such as cars,motorcycles,buses and airplanes.Before many people had to travel by foot and ride horses everywhere, but now that our society has grown more complex we have better ways of getting around.
One form of transportation that is very common are cars but motorcycles are pretty common and save more gasoline. I don't drive yet but cars and motorcycles help many of us get to different places like friend's homes, our homes, stores, etc. If we had no cars or motorcycles we would have to walk everywhere, personally I wouldn't want to walk because it would take too long and I would probably get tired depending on the destination. Now, what if the weather was bad? Cars also have a form of shelter, for when you want to get somewhere even with the bad weather. Most cars have air conditioning, a heater, and a hood so bad weather wouldn't be a problem.
Another type of transportation device that is a little more friendly to the planet would be a bus. There are many types of buses like city buses, school buses, charter buses and many others. Buses help our planet because the more people who ride them, the less need of cars and the less burning of fossil fuels which means less pollution to our ozone.
Buses don't only help our planet but they also help us as well, they help us save money! Who doesn't like to save money? I know I do. Using the bus means you don't have to waste your money in buying a car, paying for gas and its insurance it means more money in your pocket for the things you want. Buses help people who can't afford cars too, they don't cost much and it helps them to get around.
There are many other types of transportation but my most favorite and last that I will mention are AIRPLANES!!! They help travelers like me get to places we want to visit. Airplanes can get us long distances in short periods of time. When your on a plane you can do almost anything, if you bring what you need. I love riding in planes and in my opinion the view is great! Planes also help to get yourself or items across seas faster than boats.
Now imagine having to walk or ride horses everywhere, that would be exhausting! I'm so grateful we have all these different types of transportation devices now. They are really helpful and I would have lots of trouble living without them.

message 36: by Santana (new)

Santana Gutierrez | 1 comments santana g.

Out of all the technology we have today, the one that I would be the most difficult to live without would be the computer. At first I thought it would be an iPod but really thinking about how much I need and use the computer made me decide on it. I use the computer for multiple things but the three main reasons are entertainment, school, and communication.
When I sat down and thought about it an iPod would be useless without a computer, you need a computer to download music. I use my computer to do just that or sometimes I just listen to it straight off my computer. Another thing I do is use my computer to watch movies. Since I don’t have a DVD player or a TV in my room it makes it hard to watch movies there, but wait! The computer can easily play them. There are a lot of things a computer could do to keep someone entertained like online games and videos but those are the two main ones I use.
Another big thing I use the computer for is school. Even though I don’t enjoy it I have to do my homework to keep up good grades. The computer makes that a lot easier. The computer also comes in handy when I have to do research for big projects like nhd. I don’t know what I would of done if I didn’t have a computer when I had to do nhd.
I’m constantly talking to friends and the computer helps me with that. I usually use my phone but sometime I don’t have it are one of my friends doesn’t own a phone. I can than just email them through Gmail, MySpace, good reads, or any other place that provides email. Because of the computer it is so much easier to stay in touch with friends and family who I can’t communicate with in person.
There are a lot of uses that the computer has, and lots of people use them daily. The computer can make school work, communication, or even just entertainment a lot easier. And that’s why I think it would be hard to live without a computer.

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♫♥ashylynlyn♥♫ (goodreadscomprofileashlyne) | 1 comments Ashlyn E.
8th Period

Final draft

The question ‘What modern piece of technology would you have trouble living without?’ brings many things to mind. Well, my cell phone is important but not essential, my iPod provides music which I love but I could listen to it on the computer, although electricity runs the world, in my mind, it isn’t new, TVs have information that I could access anywhere, but the computer, oh, the computer. My love. The computer provides everything you could need or want all in one small, portable box.

Though homework is not my favorite thing in the world, it is still very important. Everyday I use the computer for various assignments. Whether to research a topic for a story I am doing in Journalism or to complete Mr. Harris’ weekend homework, which requires a computer, the computer expands my knowledge.

I also use the computer for big research projects. Without the computer, my research would be limited to books and not much else.

Communication through the computer is also important to me. I use the computer almost everyday to chat with friends on gmail and send emails to friends. The computer allows me to communicate with people anywhere in the world. I can send an email and it will arrive in minutes as opposed to writing a letter, putting it in the mail, waiting a few days for it to go through all the sorting, either flying or driving to the destination and then, finally, the letter arriving.

With a computer I can go on any news station’s website and look at the weather. I can also access news articles. Sometimes I see a story on TV and want to learn more about it. With the computer I can go online to do that.

Without the computer I would be very bored. On a day when I have nothing else to do because, I am done with my homework, have no books to read, or just feel like getting away for a little while I can go on a game website. I can also watch any TV shows that I missed that week.

Computers are everything, a music player, a book, a homework source, anything. I don’t know what I would do without them.

message 38: by Kendall (last edited Feb 08, 2009 05:35PM) (new)

Kendall | 3 comments Kendall G.
Per. 8
Weekend Homework #20
What One Piece of Modern Technology Would You Have Trouble Living Without?

Final Draft: (I made quite a few additions/changes to my old Final Draft, just FYI)

The one piece of modern technology I cannot live without would have to be, overwhelmingly, the computer. I could not live without my computer for several reasons. My computer provides me with entertainment, information, a means of communication faster than others, and connects me to the world in a way that no previous piece of technology has ever succeeded in doing.

I’ll start with entertainment. Whenever I am bored, I can hop on my computer to read newspaper articles, blogs, books and other writings; watch videos; hear music; look at pictures; play games; and more. What other piece of technology can supply all of that? Sure, you can play games and watch movies on a TV, but can you surf the ‘Net or chat to a friend on a TV? Not the last time I checked. Another important aspect of a computer is communication. With email, you can send and receive letters faster. With Instant Messaging and Chat, you can have a conversation even faster than with email. And with applications such as Skype, you can see and hear the person you are talking to! The computer has opened up ways of communication that people 75 years ago would never have imagined. Entertainment and communication is just half of what a computer provides. With the World Wide Web, otherwise known as the Internet, you can find information on just about any subject in the world. Granted, you must be wary of the sites not to be trusted and of the bias that can be found in personal websites and blogs, but once you are experienced , you can find a lot of true and reliable information on the Internet. And not only that, but once you have gotten your information, you can put it into graphs, charts, slideshows, Power Points, and documents with certain applications. With a computer, you could, in actuality, do a whole project. Finally, with the aforementioned ways and more, my computer connects me to the world. When I am on the Internet, I feel like I am in the know, because on the Internet, you can find news faster than with any other news source. With newspapers, radios, televisions, and other sources of news, you often have to wait a day or at least hours after an event to hear what happened, but on the computer, you can find out just minutes after it happened. The Internet connects me to the rest of the world with websites such as MySpace, Facebook, and yes, GoodReads. This is not to say I use these websites (I obviously use GoodReads), but those who do use those websites can talk to anyone, find the latest happenings, connect with other people, are, indeed, connected to the world, or at least those others who use those websites. Although the Internet has many shortcomings (such as it can be slow, it is killing newspapers, it introduced cyberbullying, there is much bias and slander and stupidity, etc.), the majority of these shortcomings are due to the users of the Internet, not the creators or the Internet itself.

Computers have everything you could possibly want, from videos to email, social networking sites to documents, photos to calculators, music to books. With a computer, you can buy almost anything, play games, read things, hear music, interviews, recordings, and radio, and even draw. As you can see, there are billions of things computers can be used for, and that is why, in my opinion, I cannot live without my computer and internet.

message 39: by raul (last edited Feb 08, 2009 07:01PM) (new)

raul (zakumi) | 1 comments Raul N.
8th Period
Final Draft

The one piece o technology that I probably couldn’t live without is the computer. The computer is a very important item in the lives of many people. It can do so many things at once, making it very useful. Without computers I would have a hard time because I rely on it so much.

One of the many uses of the computer/ internet is to provide the user with information. You could see what’s happening in Iraq or China within a matter of seconds. The internet/ computer can also provide you with your local weather so you can know how badly or good the weather is going to be.

Homework is also possible to do in the computer. You can use Microsoft Word and the internet to complete essays, reports, and projects. The computer also lets you correct any spelling mistakes or grammar errors so a well written paper is sure to come.

My favorite way to use the computer is of course to entertain myself. I could play a variety of games for hours without getting the slightest bored. With the computer I could also listen to music with iTunes or Windows Media Player. I could be listening to my favorite songs and doing anything else at the same time.

As you can see the computer has many other uses than the ones listed above. I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t use the computer. It has become part of my daily life and taking it out would be very difficult.

message 40: by ♫miguel♫ (new)

♫miguel♫ (miguelposadas) | 1 comments I love technology so much. It is hard for me to just choose one. If I did have to choose one, I would choose my computer. You can do many things on a computer like listen to music, do homework, play video games, and many more that I do not know.

Music is a huge part of my life. I can’t imagine the universe with out music. Even aliens have to listen to something. On a computer you can buy music of places like itunes or just watch music videos on Youtube. So a computer is just like an ipod except bigger and a lot better. One of the better things is the sound. It is a lot clearer and louder. This is just one of the tree main purposes to why I chose my computer.

With a computer you can also use it for research for some sort of project. Whether it is big or small. I know I’ve used it for this reason a lot. One of the times I’ve used my computer for research is for NHD. NHD required a computer a lot. I used my computer so much that it started to hate me because I literally hit the keyboard too hard like I am right now. A computer is like a library turned into a small little box.

Once in a while I also use my computer to chill out and play video games. Some of the games can be really boring. Shocker the computer has a fault. But some of the games are packed with excitement. I can’t imagine life without the thrill a computer video game has to offer. That pretty much takes care of the whole video game console problem.

As you can see there are many things that you can do on a computer. I know Mr. Harris is attached to his computer and so is the rest of the world. So in the end life without a computer is possible, it would be hard, but it’s possible.

message 41: by Janie (new)

Janie | 1 comments Final Copy-

One piece of modern technology I would have a hard time living without is light. Light does many things for us, like produces heat, lights are way, and sometimes even entertains us. Light is very useful and we are lucky to have a main source of it (the sun).

Light gives us heat. A fire or even a simple desk lamp can give us heat. The desk lamp’s heat would not keep you alive, but it is still heat. The heat from a camp fire can be very helpful. Especially when you are camping, and you need to cook food over it or stay warm over night.

Light can also lead you through places. Most people use light every day. You use it while you are walking down the hall at school. Right now it is lighting the computer screen so you can see what I wrote and am writing.

At night clubs and parties people use flashy lights and disco balls to keep people entertained. I know that if I walk past a room that has flashing lights it draws my attention. Flashing lights not only draw my attention but for a short time they keep me entertained.

What an object, lights help people in so many ways. It lights your way, heats up your food and keeps you entertained. Can a computer or a car feed you.... No. So for me, light is definitely my favorite and most used piece of technology I would have trouble living without it.

message 42: by Mims (new)

Mims | 1 comments Terae 2/8/09
8th Harris

What peice of modern technology would I have trouble living without? I have to give gratitude to six peices of modern technology. They are the cellphone,computer,television,the light bulb,stove,and the refrigerator. But I think that the computer would be hardest to live without.You can type documents or papers with Microsoft Word,save the work you did. Most of all,you can use the internet! It can keep you entertained 24/7.
For example, you can stay in touch with friends on such sites as Myspace,and Goodreads! You can also play millions of games. Computers have their ups and downs though. Like cyberbullying and computer hacking. But you can find out the latest information abou the world! And if you don't have a radio or Ipod just listen to music on the internet. Finding out history isn't hard either. Plus, we have search engines like Google!
Computers have all the resources you need. All the resources you will ever need! They're like an all in one package. Just not in a book, and a lot more entertaining to look at! So what peice of modern technology would I have trouble living without you ask? The computer would be my number one choice.

message 43: by Ricardo (new)


Well… first we need to think… what is technology. Technology- the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.

I would have trouble living without a lot of things, but the one thing that I would have the most trouble living without is probably the mother/father of technology itself…the… light bulb. Even thou the light bulb was crated in the late 1800s it is still needed all around the world, everywhere! There are a lot of reasons why we need the light bulb. For example, the most basic reason is so we could see. Yeah candles are good and everything but the light bulb is a much faster, easier and safer way to get light. Another reason is we could even use it as a heat instrument. light creates to keep us warm .so without light our houses would probably be all cold and everything. My third and final reason is that light is basically used to make almost any piece of modern technology. For example, TV, computer, cell phone, ipod and much more. so basically… light bulb = light = heat, entertainment, technology, all equals up to happiness.

There are endless possibilities of things we can do with light bulbs. But lets just say this… In conclusion, without light life would suck.=)

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Vincent Harris (brainbackbend) | 3 comments Mod
Some of you are still posting to Weekend Homework #19. You need to post to this one, Weekend Homework #20.

message 45: by ✿☆♥Skylar June♥☆✿ (last edited Feb 08, 2009 07:56PM) (new)

✿☆♥Skylar June♥☆✿ (skylarjune) | 1 comments What piece of modern technology could i not live without? Well, that is a really hard question for me to answer. I think so many people are dependent on technology that it would be hard for anyone to say what they would give up and what they would keep. But if i were forced to choose just one i would have to say my computer. I would choose my computer because it has everything I could ever need. It has communication (email&chat rooms), it has music (online radios and itunes), it has your favorite t.v. shows (youtube) and it had writing apps. for homework and other things. And it has all of this in one compact little machine.

The other pieces of technology I had to choose between were my cellphone, my ipod, my t.v. and my radio. I didn't choose my cellphone because I have communication on my computer and i lived 12 long years without a cellphone and I didnt perish (I've had my computer FOREVER!). My ipod and my radio... well a radio come on and my ipod it just stores music I can simply type in and search the song i want to here and there it is right in front of my face. The t.v. yes it might might take a bit more effort to find shows on the computer but they are still in there somewhere.

When I think about life without my computer it makes me pretty upset. I keep up with so many of my friends and family members through email and Facebook. I can talk with my friends Alexandra, Elizabeth and Henry from England through Facebook. I also keep in touch with my cousin Drew through email and i never get to see him because he spent 3 years living in China and now lives in Minnesota. And without my computer i would never get to talk to him.

I think as humans we are dependent on modern technology. If we had to pick just one we couldn't live without we would have a very hard time. when I first heard the question the thought "where do you draw the line between what is modern technology and what isn't?" ran through my head. So where do you draw the line? But anyway for the reasons listed in my previous paragraphs the modern technology I couldn't live without is my computer...

message 46: by 元琪 (new)

元琪 | 2 comments Yuan-Chi
4th period

Weekend Homework #20

Since the 21 century, more and more technology devices have been invented. People rely more on them. For example, my mom could not know how to drive without a GPS and me. She relies on GPS and lost her own orientation ability.

To say the one piece of modern technology I would have trouble living without it would be computer. There are so many reasons. Like I can go check/do my homework, email friends, check my grade, and entertain myself!!

The first reason is that I often go check and do my homework with computer. I'll go to teacher's website to see whats my homework. Or when i have a project, is much easier to search for the information I need, instead of look through the books. I can type in my topic or keywords and it shows up a lot of information that I can choose from. Sometime when there is TX History homework that require a textbook, there is online textbook available for me to read, So I don't need to carried a heavy textbook home! School work is so much easier when you have a computer at home.

Also I would have trouble live without computer is beucase that i can email my friends to said hello, or if there is any fun event coming up. It is fast ot get hold of people in this way, I can email them, and tell them to come! or I can email my family in China, then they can get it right away. we can video chat, that we could talk and see each others faces! instead of just call them and can't see their face! my friends and I can chat through email or on GoodReads, FaceBook! That way we don't need to wait untill school and tell them.

Escpecially I can have FUN with my computer. I can watch Chinese cartoon/comic online. when I have free time, I can get on the internet, and watch Chinese cartoon or comic. We can not pay Chinese TV show in U.S.A. I can read some Chineses comic to give me some idea for what to draw. Not only can I watch Chinese cartoon/comic, I can watch English cartoon, too. I could go to YouTube to serach for it, such as "The Suit Life of Zack and Cody." "Family Guy". I can also go to to read english version of comic, in that way I can learn more English. I can also listen to Chinese songs on my computer right away! instead of let Dad help me buy a CD in Taiwan and ship to here 3~5 days later. When i runout of drawing paper, i don't need to buy another one, i could even draw it online! I can go to to draw, or i can look at other peoples drawings.

In a word, if i don't have a computer, my life would like a plain paper. because without a computer, i can not check/do my homework, neither can i watch Chinese TV show/ comic, nor email my friends!!!! I rely on computer so much like computer is part of my body that I needed every single day!!! A day without a computer will be a DISASTER!~

message 47: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (ajrobinson) | 1 comments Audrey R. 4th period

I suppose if I had to choose then I would choose the computer. I would find myself troubled if I didn’t have it. The computer gives you access to the internet with which you can find useful and enjoyable sites. Also the computer is used for communication found on sites like AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, ect. With such sites as these and entertainment programs and downloads, there are many conveniences of a computer.

My everyday life involves a computer at sometime or other, so because of that my life gets easier then if I had no computer access. A computer is like having a library, filing, a music store, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and more in one compact box. I can do my research much faster on a computer than through an actual book, but I also can receive hundreds of entertainment sites too.

I think that the reason losing a computer, DS, PS3, TV, cell phone, or whatever it is you’d have trouble doing without is because people are getting more and more dependent on technology. I feel that I am getting really attached to my computer, so much so that it has become a necessity for my everyday lifestyle. I know people who will never go anywhere without there blackberries, cell phones, or iPods. The better the technology is, then the better the chances of becoming inseparable from that piece of technology.

Computers are already placed in schools and businesses and used as a tool there. In school we use them to complete assignments such as this one, and in businesses they’re used for basically the same idea only more challenging assignments. A computer is used almost anywhere you look. What with modern technology progressing so fast people will feel it harder to leave theirs alone.

message 48: by Connor (new)

Connor Barr (conno1996) | 1 comments Connor Barr
4th P.d

There have been many technological advancements in the last century. Some of these technologies, in today’s modern world, would be impossible to live without. Among these are the computer.
The computer is like the lifestyle of every middleclass or higher person in the world. It is the center of communication, entertainment, news and gossip. In the near future a lot of people think the computer will replace the TV. I think this is highly likely because now on the computer you can watch your favorite shows for free on sites like Hulu or Youtube. With sites like these there no need to worry about what time it starts or how much space you have left on the Tivo, you just need to sit down in front of the computer and pick which show you want to watch.
The internet is also a major place for communicating with friends. With sites like Gmail or Yahoo, you can talk to your friends without picking up a phone. You can use this too set up dates to meet them in real life.
As most people already know you can go onto the internet to find out the latest news or gossip. This eliminates the need for newspapers. You just have to open up a browser and normally on your homepage there should be a major headline. Simple as that!
The computer is obviously one piece of equipment you can’t live without in the coming years. No matter where you go there will always be a need for a computer.

message 49: by Kenda Kat (new)

Kenda Kat (kendamusic) | 1 comments Kenda's FINAL DRAFT!

I could not live without a refrigerator and a freezer. They both contribute a lot to my life. Many people today would say that computers, cell phones and television contribute a lot to their daily life. Many totally rely on that technology daily. It's like their life.

When I first thought about this question, the first thing that came to mind was a computer. But then when I thought more thoroughly about it, I came to realize that technology may generally be thought of as electronics. But that's not always true. Technology pretty much is anything that has been created by us humans. (Some may disagree.)

So for me, the refrigerator at home is one of the most biggest things I couldn't live without. Refrigerators keep food cold. I (like many people) like certain foods to be cold. There are different food that just tastes better once it's been chilled. A big reason fridges are needed, is because they keep food fresh. Many foods like eggs, milk, deli meats, cheeses etc, will go bad if left out of the refrigerator for too long.

Without a refrigerator, I would have to eat all my food either warm, or from cans. I would have to eat everything warm. And on hot days, it would come in handy having cold water or juice to drink. So aside from eating from cans, I would have to eat less fresh stuff. Which means more chips or dry cracker type things. When the food you eat is not fresh, it's usually not as healthy!

A freezer is another piece of technology I couldn't live without. A freezer keeps certain things frozen. Items like ice cream, steaks and fish, ice cubes etc. I wouldn't have the opportunity to enjoy them. A freezer can also make food last longer.

Without a freezer, I couldn't enjoy certain cool and sweet desserts. Ice cream would just melt, and you would have not ice to out inside your drinks to make them cold.

A refrigerator and freezer are very important in my life. They keep my food cold, and from going bad. And life without them, would not be impossible, but very hard for me. I enjoy having the possibilities of having my food cold, or enjoying ice cream.

message 50: by Adriana (new)

Adriana (Adriana_rambo) | 3 comments Final Product by Adriana

Ugh! Everyone chose Computer!!! That makes me mad!>:(

Ok then, here I go, the refrigerator is very important to me and I could not live without it because I love food! The frige is the basic need in a household, everyone has it(or at least anyone with electricity). Notice that more people have refrigerators than computers, TVs, or any other popular modern piece of technology.
First of all it is great for organizing where your different foods should go depending on how cold it needs to be. The frige is composed of five main parts: the very bottom(and please know that this all is based on my frige life), where all the fruits and veggies go; the second shelf where the eggs, cheeses, and other various things lay; the third is where all my leftovers and other stuff is; the fourth level is where the juice, salsa(mmm), milk, and syrup goes. Oh and not to mention the little shelves on the side where the salad dressings, the ketchup, and mayonnaise go. Then, at the very top, the coldest of them all, comes the freezer!!! This usually contains things like ice, ice-cream, meats, microwaveable things, waffles, and whatever else you wanna freeze, like the roses that your boyfriend bought you(or a hamster! Muahahaha!).
Next is obviously because you need to refrigerate the main things you eat. I mean imagine is you didn’t have one(come on, imagine!), you woudnt have ready to eat things or be able to make a beer cold, OMG! Also, you would have to eat things right away, which means more trips to the store, which means more gas, which means more GLOBAL WARMING!!!! You see! You would not have thought of that one! You would also probably have to plan out what to eat every month, week, day, and meal ugh! I hate planning. We might even all have little farms to have fresh meat and veggies. Gosh that sounds horrid! Having to tend the garden, and clean up after the animals! Haha, also what if you cut a finger or a toe off, I mean it would like rot if you didn’t put it in the frige eeewwwwwwwie! Man, I guess writing about the Refrigerator wasn’t that bad at all. Ha! Beat that!

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