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Janelle Dazzlepants (janelledazzlepants) | 2 comments This book is the one book that I never finished, because it was so dry and I just couldn't do it. I know it was part of a series, which is probably why most of it didn't make sense, but I'm looking to pick it up again if I can find it.

It was about a world of elves or something living in a subterranean city, and it had a weird name like Queanbeyan or something (okay so that's a town in Australia, but whatever). There were light and dark elves, and the dark elves were often described as having skin like Obsidian.

I know there was a masquerade ball, and a spider queen or something, and children were trained from an early age in...something. I obviously didn't get that far in the book. >_>

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There's a series called "War of the Spider Queen." There are six books in the series, and each of them is written by a different author.

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Janelle Dazzlepants (janelledazzlepants) | 2 comments Ahh that's it, thank you ;D

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