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wanderer (chloemai) Rory wandered out to the river, bare feet curling around the prickly grass as she entered the sandy area surrounding the water. She sat down quietly, mind now travelling back to her past, back to before she arrived at the academy. Back to her old life. Her pastel grey eyes took on a faraway look as she absentmindly ran her fingers over the bumps and dents on the skin on the inside of her forearms.

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Cal walked to the Lake, meeting Zack as she had promised.

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"thats ok." ((can we continue this tomorrow? i gotta go.))

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Cal went over and sat next to him "So you've been here since you were twelve, huh."

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"yeah..... I bet. How come you came here? to bea spy?"

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"my dad used to be a spy. Before he got old. He wanted at least one of his kids ttto be a spy.... and for some reason, he chose me. I don't know why...... I have three fit older football-playing brothers. but I think it was the right choice...... being a spy....... just seems right somehow."

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"I assume so." she said, shrugging.

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"what about yours? "

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"what do you mean you don't know? "

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"wow..... mysterious."

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"its kind of cool though. And every kid that's a spy isn't normal." she said

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"I'm more differant than others, and YOU know that." Cal said.

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"dang, I'm being competetive again!!! "

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"I AM competetive though. I would always win at everything against my brothers, just to win. It was fun, wrestling them." she said, also smirking.

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"They learned not to challenge me." she said, still smirking.

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"you think I'm competetive? " she asked pretending to be offended. "What led you to beleive that? "

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((sorry ws doing homework.))

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"oh, but you IMPLIED it mister! " she said before laughing.

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"Okay." She replied, still happy.

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"yeah..... um.... what should I say? Umm..... I got nothing."

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"so...... um..... how many missions and stuff have you gone on? to like, spy? "

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"were they exciting? "

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"oh, I bet. I can't wait till I get my first mission. At least, I hope I will. "

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"thanks..... that means a lot." she said sincerely.

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"oh..... well I'm not exactly proud of that." she said, frowning.

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Courtney smiled by Zacks remark. "And why is that?"

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Cal smiled, pleased. "Thank you." she said softly. "I've enjoyed getting to know you to."

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"sun in your eyes? I hate it when that happens."

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Cal saw a girl wandering around. "isnt that Tamina? "

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"Love sunsets......" she said with a dreamy expression.

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"I don't usually like pretty things, because I'm weird like that, but sunsets..... are different somehow."

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"more..... special." she added.

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"It is." she mumured.

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Cal smiled, feeling very..... relaxed. ((gotta go eat, then faith formation. bye.))

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((on? ))

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((Still on? I just got home from school. It's 3:00 where I live.))

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((Yay! me too))

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((You post first))

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"I hope I always remember this moment." She said.

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((No idea.))

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((uh.... no.))

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((Yeah.... hmm.....))

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((She certainly doesnt dislike him..... so yeah, I guess so.))

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Cal took his hand, smiling.

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"Yeah. We better." She said, still smiling, which was unusual for her. She barely smiled at anything.

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"Yeah. Maybe even some other classes, if I get around to it. Bye." She said, leaving. She didn't know what had just happened, but she knew it was special.

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