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Cal was walking in the forest, much preferring to walk in the forest than on a treadmill. she heard a twig snap, and turned to look behind her. ((anyone wanna be the person she heard?))

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"Hi!" (( barely anyone is rp......))

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regan Ashlyn walked around the forest, a scowl on her face.

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Cal saw a girl she didn't recognize. She figured she would say Hi, if not to be friends but to have an ally.
"hi. You new here too?"

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regan ((Sorry for late response))

Ash shook her head and looked around. "How do they decide to pick for this?" she asked

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"Don't really know. My dad was a spy...... so I guess I was an obvious pick. It kimda made me made that he forced me to go here.... even if I DID wanna come. Seriously. They should make an advetisement like this: do you like punching people in the face? Do you have anger issues? If you do, Spying is the right choice for youuuuuu."

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regan Ash smirked, the only sign of any expression so far. "I haven't had a friend since I was 10." she said. "Guess loners fit in that advertisement."

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regan ((Am I allowed to make my own dorm?))

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"guess so. I'm not the friendliest of people, either. people don't like my attitude. Teachers and kids both don't like that I use fists to respond to bullying. Kid probably mostly because the didn't think a girl could beat them up."

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((I don't think so. Just the pics and stuff. you request it.))

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regan ((K, thanks!))

Ash smirked again. "I get you. I'm the same way."

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"yeah, its like they're asking for it when they call me carrots. oh, yeah, they said they didn't mean it. Then why did the open their mouths in the first place? "

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regan Ash nodded, her mouth a straight line. "So have you been to any classes yet?" she asked leaning against a tree with her arms crossed.

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"Not really. I've been working out a lot in the gym, mostly."

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regan "Aw, I see." Ash said. "they better not underestimate us. Id have to show them what they're judging."

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"i know right. Just because were girls don't meam we can't fight. PLUS most girls are smarter, too."

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regan "Infinetly. Boys...act before they think," Ash said.

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"exactly. and that's our advantage."

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regan Ash nodded. "Do we have to be anywhere here? Like, do we have certain times for certain places?"

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"I don't really know myself." she said with a shrug. "I just think were required to do math and stuff twice a week."

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regan Ash smirked. "I haven't done actual math in years."

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"you skipped? "

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regan ((Sorry, was eating dinner))

Ash laughed slightly. "Skipped? No, I ran away when I was 11."

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" really? " she was now interested. "then you're one tough girl." she said with a grin.

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regan She shrugged. "I lived in Washington D.C. I lived in some pretty nice national monuments." she said with a smirk.

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"nice." she said, impressed. you'll fit in here, I think. Well, that is, if I fit in. If everyone is radically different than me, I have a feeling you would too."

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regan Ashlyn nodded. "I don't know...fitting in...I don't know how to. I haven't really had a conversation like this...for years. I guess you could say I'm a little unused to being social."

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"Oh, same here." SHe said, reassuring her "How you fit in here is by acting like anyone at the other schools would to NOT fit in."

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regan "Ok, I think i could manage I guess. It's just...strange suddenly being around a bunch of people." Ash said

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"i know..... even stranger to have things in common with them."

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regan Ashlyn nodded, "But I guess that could be a good thing."

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"it is a good thing." she said firmly. "just takes some getting used to..... not being different and all." she said with a small smile.

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regan "Definetly. I wonder if everyone else feels this way. Maybe it's a stage or something." Ashlyn said.

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"maybe..... for our kind anyways." she said with a smile.

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regan "Yeah," Ash agreed. "Our 'species' or whatever they decide to categorize us as compared to the normal daily 'citizens'"

((sorry, parents took away Internet!))

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Cal laughed. "disturbingly true." ((that's okay))

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regan "I know, right? Soceity always has a category for every flippin' thing." Ashlyn said with a note of disgust in her voice. "It's always the 'loner' or 'freak'. Never anything kind."

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"And that's why I like it here." she concluded.

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regan "Agreed. They recognize us for us." she said with a smirk.

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"yeah. Not some phyco person who beats them up with a brae fist in like, ten seconds." she said, also smirking.

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regan "Ten seconds...or maybe less. It all depends on thy situation and who wants to flippin mess with us," she said, wanting to laugh.

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Cal laughed. "so true. The best part is seeing thier reactions! "

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regan Ash laughed for the first time in a long while. "You should've been there when this 'tough' kid tried to mug me. I judo kicked him soo bad and the look on his face! Oh he just ran with this look of disbelief!"

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"oh I know! They think they're such a badass and stuff and I'm like think again! riht before I kick their BUTT!
" she said, laughing also.

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regan "THAT is exactly what they are thinking!!! They go around, 'Oh, some chick has got notin on meh. I'll kick them up real good' Then they get their faces planted right wear they belong; under my boot." She said cracking up.

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Cal laughed some more, not able to hold it in. She hadn't laughed for a long time.

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regan Ash wanted to fall over laughing but kept herself stable. "i hope we don't have to be somewhere because I'm having WAY too much fun out here!"

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regan ((g2g :( bye! ))

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((KK :( Bye))
"I know!"

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