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Here are a few questions to ponder-warning there are spoilers so wait till you have finished Hush, Hush to respond.

1. How much of Nora and Patrick's relationship is destiny and how much of it is teen love? How is this relationship different from the relationship Patrick had in heaven?

2. Did you know that Nora's mind was being controlled before Fitzpatrick told us? Did you have your own theory for the mysterious events occurring in Nora's life? Do you think things would have been different if she had told more people about her odd issues?

3. What role does Nora's father's death play in her life? Did his death change her outlook on life?

4. Did you think Patrick had evil intentions towards Nora like Dabria suggested? Were you surprised to find out that he was is a guardian angel? Why was Patrick reluctant to become a guardian angel?

5. Do you have any predictions for Crescendo and are you counting down to the release date of Finale?

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Jody | 46 comments 1. Well I think a lot of it is teen love. Yes Patrick was sent to watch over Nora, but I don't know that anyone anticipated them falling for each other.

2. No. I had no idea. Obviously we knew something was going on since she kept having incidents that no one else seemed to be aware of. I thought that she had the ability to see the supernatural world and everyone else was unable to. I had no idea she was being controlled, but found this to be one of my favorite parts of the story. It was so unexpected and different from other teen paranormal reads. No, I don't think anything would have been different if she told others. I think they would have sent her to a therapist or something more extreme.

4. There were times when I questioned Patrick's motives, but I never fully committed to this idea. I was somewhat surprised to find out that he was a guardian angel. His personality wasn't what I had imagine for a guardian angel. He seemed more rough and tough and less perfect. However that being said, I liked that Fitzpatrick made her own mythology for guardian angels and didn't follow the passive and pure icon that is typically displayed.

5. I don't have any major predictions for Crescendo, but I am really excited to finish the series, and just in time for Finale.

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