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Don Martinez (DesertCoyote13) | 11 comments Ariel's daughter, Alanna seems to be a normal teenage girl, except for her tendency to display dragon qualities, such as her wings or her newfound ability to breathe fire. That paladin knight identity she inherited from her father doesn't help, either ...


I need some kind of advantage, but how? Might as well try to fly. I flap my wings, lifting off gently, then more sharply as the Invader tries to attack again. I flap them harder, trying to get back up to the ridge. I’m vaguely aware of orders being called out underneath me, which brings about a fresh barrage of gunfire.
Many bullets strike the armor, bouncing off. A couple hit my wings and bounce off as well, although I can feel those shots more than the others.
Then there’s a slicing pain, and my altitude starts to fail. My left wing won’t respond. I desperately try to flap, but as I look over I see there’s a large cut out of its webbing. Toward the ceiling of the cavern I can see the source: the Invader has thrown his sword at me, which cleaved right through the wing before driving itself into the rock. Just as quickly as I spot it, the sword vibrates loose and returns to the Invader’s hand.
No choice. I close my wings into my body and angle myself so that I’ll land on my feet. With the Sword’s help, I do. The Invader takes this as a sign of defenselessness, and rushes toward me, sword held high. I turn around quickly, because I see my own opening, and I’m about to swing the Sword hard into his midsection …
No! I’m yanked roughly out of harm’s way by another of Michi’s spells. I had him right there …!
The spell isn’t quite refined yet, and it flings me against a rock wall. I sheathe the Sword and shake my head: it’s killing me right now, not to mention the shearing pain in my left wing, safely tucked into my body.
“Come on, girls, let’s get out of here!” Gabe is grabbing us by our arms and dragging us out of the cave. We don’t have much choice but to follow him, his grip’s too tight. Besides that, more blueshirts are starting to climb over the ridge to pursue us.
Michi gets a look that I’ve seen hundreds of times before in her eyes. “Oh no you don’t, girl,” I warn her. “Not in here, not in closed quarters!”
“Sorry, I gotta do what I gotta do!” Her right arm is in Gabe’s grip, which frees her up to use the gauntlet. “Hellfire!”
Michi’s left arm turns into a flamethrower. A lot of blueshirts change into black ash, as they’re consumed by the flames emitting like jet exhaust from my best friend’s hand. The flames also act like jet exhaust, because suddenly I’m aware of Gabe lifting up off the ground and being propelled by the fire.
“Not much further, girls … hang on!”
Michi is looking even paler. I can only imagine how much of a cost the fire spell is taking in her blood. I think when we’re back on the road, I’ll force-feed her cans of spinach. The thought almost gets lost as we tumble out of the cave’s mouth, and Michi finally puts out the hellfire.
She’s really weak. I need to pick her up and toss her into the truck, as Gabe turns it over and slams on the gas before I’m able to close the door behind us. The blueshirts that survived the flaming cave rush outside and fire at us, but after a while we’ve left them far behind.
I’ve just realized that I’m panting. I turn around to look at Michi. “What were you doing back there?!”
She grins at me sheepishly. “Well, y’know, I thought they wouldn’t be able to escape …”
“Not the hellfire, the levitation! I had a clear shot at destroying the Invader …”
“That was my fault,” Gabe chimes in. “I told her to do it.”
Now I am really ****** off at Gabe. “I had an open torso, and I was going to cut him in half! I didn’t need rescuing!”
“If Michi hadn’t pulled you out, you would be dead.”
I feel hot. “How do you know that? You don’t! You had her yank me out before I was ******* ready, before I could do anything about it!”
Gabe is wincing slightly under my verbal assault, but holds his ground. “Alanna, the Invader has his tricks, and an uncanny ability to evade destruction at the Guardsman’s hands! What was I supposed to do, betray your parents’ trust in me and let him slaughter you?”
I’ve had enough of his sanctimonious act for tonight. The heat is overwhelming. It’s creeping up my throat …
A line of shimmering flames launches right across Gabe’s face, melting the window on his side. He panic-brakes and the truck spins out slightly. When the flames finally dissipate, both he and Michi are looking at me, with panicked and somewhat surprised expressions.
At this point, I realize that those flames just came out of my mouth.

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Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Thanks for putting this up. This series looks great!

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