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Don Martinez (DesertCoyote13) | 11 comments Ariel and 37A have a linked history, which eventually leads to linked bodies and Ariel's newfound ability to grow into 37A.


My eyes had been closed for only a half hour when I sensed it. There was a voice.
It addressed me, with a voice very similar to my mother’s. Who could that have been? In my dreamlike state, I muttered toward it.
“Hello? Who are you?”
=Who are you? What do I call you?=
“My name is Ariel.”
=Ariel. What are you?=
“What am I? I am a woman, an officer. Why, what are you?”
=Find me.=
“Find you? Where could you be? The facility is closed down …”
=Follow my thoughts.=
It was not until then that I realized the voice was not being perceived in my ears … it was in my mind! My eyes quickly shot open, I leaped out of the comfortable bed and felt my way over to the barracks door.
=Follow my thoughts and you will find me.=
The voice in my head was louder now. Insistent. It wanted to know who I was. My mind’s ear directed me further down the darkened hallway, now even darker in the enclosing night.
=You are coming closer. I can sense you.=
“Where are you?”
=Follow my thoughts. You are not far.=
The hallway opened up into a wider room, what appeared to be an observation room. There were wide, shuttered picture windows on every wall, each apparently leading to its own room. I passed by each of the windows, still seeking out the source of the voice.
=You are very near. I can smell you now.=
This stopped me short. “Smell me? What exactly are you?”
=Turn to your left and come to me.=
I looked to my left side. Another picture window, as nondescript as the others, just as tightly shuttered. I looked over at one side and noticed it was designated “37A.” There was a control panel underneath the window as well: I searched along it with my fingers in the dim light until I found what appeared to be a power switch. Nervously, I tripped the switch.
The entire control panel lit up. Readouts began turning on and registering numerous stats by way of line graph and oscilloscope display. Another light began shining through the shutters of the window, as the cover began retracting.
=You have found me.=
The shutters completely retracted. The glare from the light on the other side of the window blinded me temporarily, but once my eyes had adjusted I saw my mysterious voice’s source.
On the other side of the glass was a dragon, an honest-to-God dragon like people read about in fairy tales. The creature looked to be impossibly long, and massively muscled, with a dark green and scaly hide. It had massive wings, which wrapped around it, but apparently no tail: instead, there were large fins protruding from its front legs. The creature’s head lifted up on its massive neck, quite possibly as long as a telephone pole is tall. The eyes, glowing red spheres recessed within the head, focused on me directly.
They looked sad, yet friendly.
=Hello, Ariel.=
I shook slightly. “Do you have a name?”
=I have none but what I have been given here. They call me 37A.=
I sighed in sympathy. “That’s no good. You deserve a more magnificent name than that.”
=Will you grant me a name?=
I nodded. “Give me some time to think of one that’s suitable, okay?”
=I will. We will have the chance to get to know each other.=
This made my nerves return. “Why do you say that?”
=Return to your quarters, my new friend Ariel. You will find out soon enough.=
Regrettably, I threw the switch on the control panel again. The light around 37A went dark as the shutters lowered once more. I turned away from the panel and started making my way back toward my barracks.
37A’s voice remained in my head, though. =Do not despair, my friend. I will be with you now, and protect you.=

(I realize this is probably not a very well-known dragon, hence the excerpt to explain her)

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Cole (spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Wow, this just rekindled me interest to read the next one! Thanks!

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