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Who is your favorite character?

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Michaela Mason I think my favorite character is Katniss, even though she lied to save her life. Killed a bunch of people. and killed her own president... Actually I dont think she is my favorite character. Who is yours and why?

Sandra I would have to say Katniss, afterall she is the protagonist and the things she goes through are very very well written. Next is Peeta. Because from the early start no one truely believes he can pull it off, surviving the Games. Not even his own parents/mother. Then during the Games the whole teaming up against Katness, to try n keep her alive...

I loved him throughout the book, such a gentle soul :)

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Rue, no Cinna, no Peeta, no I mean Gale, no, actually I think Katniss, or maybe Prim, or....
But I'll go with Rue. I'm sure later I'll look back at this topic and be like "WHAT?! I MEANT ______!!!" But oh well.

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Laura Peeta! I love Peeta, he is so caring and sweet.

Luna Belle Pris Foxface - funny and admirable. Katniss-highly skilled and a great strategist. And Haymitch, gotta love him for being a great mentor and out of his mind.
Then more faves -sweet Rue, and Clove - love the knife skills (especially in movie), and Thresh are fantastic too.
And Cinna for his wisdom and resistance to over accessorize.

Nichola I think I'm gonna be the under dog on this but I really liked greasy sae. I don't know what it was about her seeing as she was a minor character but I imagined her being a tough old bird who saw more than people gave her credit for and could imagine such a charather being quite rough on the outside but also quite caring deep down.

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Amy Hard decision but if i had to chose itd be between cinna, gale prim and the stylists. Maybe even effie. xx

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oh are we just talking about the 1st book? umm Madge.

Michaela Mason Thank you so much for your comments! You all have great choices!

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Tess Rue. i was sad when she died but the story couldnt develope without this unfortunate event.

Brynne I think Peeta or Cinna because they were both very caring and sweet.

Shymaa Cat wrote: "Rue, no Cinna, no Peeta, no I mean Gale, no, actually I think Katniss, or maybe Prim, or....
But I'll go with Rue. I'm sure later I'll look back at this topic and be like "WHAT?! I ..."

Just what I feel.

Rachel I love Peeta!!!! I don't think it's possible to not love him. Even when he was out of his mind I felt sorry for him, but loved him all the same. I also really loved Cinna. He was so cool and real. I hated that he was killed off.

L.E.P FINNICK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayden I don't know maybe peeta or katniss

Tabitha I LOVEEEEEE gale!!! even though he's basically responsible for Prim's death he's still so charming and agressive when he needs to be

Oakleigh Aguirre johanna mason.

Shivani I like Caeser and Finnick...

Brinlee Peeta- He is sweet, protective, and adorable!
Finnick- He is caring yet funny
Cinna- Always there, also a GREAT stylist :)

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Laura I really love Rue but I don't think I have a favourite character over all. Katniss is kind of annoying. Effie is hilarious. Cinna is a genius. Gale i want to punch in the face. Finnick I admire. Peeta I love.

Tabitha Katniss, Gale, and Peeta. Pretty much the three main characters.

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Tara Guiffredo Haymitch or Gale.

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Kate Madge (im probably the only one!)

Abbie Haymitch

Emily Peeta, Cinna, and Haymitch. Though there are many others, those three have to be my favorite.

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