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Justin Justin Sep 18, 2012 08:24AM
What does everyone think of free will? Is there such a thing? What are your arguments for and against it?

My issue with this idea is that although I do understand his thought process,I don't know if it can relate to everything.Does he mean that we are all programmed allready?

He mentions that the brain knows 10 sec before you think you decide something,or when he mentioned about the murders,that if he was the murderer,same genes,same everything,he would have done the same.

I think every day each experience we have,or something someone says,or something we see , changes that 10 sec comment.

What is the difference between people who have gone through hell and have gone a different route than hurting others?

I think we are a work in progress and the 10 sec idea changes all the time.

I think I just grasped what Harris meant!

Shaun, excellent Digest comment!

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Free will is analogous to free fall: there is a force, not unlike gravity, that wills us in a certain direction and we just don't have any means to resist its willing. That is free will is free from us, the willees (not willers).

I think Sam Harris is quite spot on in his little book. The whole concept of free will makes no sense at all. Think about it: "free" will...FROM WHAT exactly is my will supposed to be "free"? Causality? Laws of physics? Reality?

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Justin I am having a hard time trying to play devil's advocate. I agree with everything you are saying, Shaun I am just trying to keep this interesting and k ...more
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Shaun Arguing that free will is proven by your ability to either except or discount it is circular reasoning. It's like saying I believe in God because he e ...more
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